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SEO Mistakes You Should Never Make

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has turned out to be one of the ultimate and crucial marketing disciplines that every business is struggling to have in our millennial age. With very high technological advancements characterizing this digital world, your business is doomed to fold up if it lacks visibility over the internet.
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In a bid to be visible by Google, many business persons have made critical blunders that have ruined the reputation of their business. Instead of the business reaching its target audience, it turns out that it has been penalized or flagged to inappropriate by Google. These are the same mistakes you should never make in optimizing your business. Here they are:

1. Ignoring page titles or/and Meta description

This is one area which most upcoming businesses overlook mostly due to ignorance. Most of them don’t know how that Meta description is important in Google ranking. “Home” should not be your page title on your website; be more creative and fix them.

2. Writing crucial text inside an image

You need to understand that search algorithms in Google usually focus on the text written on your page, not in your image. You may have heard many SEO experts saying, “Content is King”. That means you should have quality content written on your web page for indexing purposes.
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3. Lack of quality content

Content is one thing that can make or collapse your site. If you are the kind that doesn’t have any new blog or content that gets your customers excited and informed, then you may not succeed much. Have a great keyword balance and FAQs section where you interact with your customers effectively.

4. Sticking to the Obsolete SEO strategies

This digital world is ever evolving and very dynamic in nature. SEO marketing discipline and strategies keep on changing and remaining at the status quo will ruin your business website effectively. Some SEO experts based in London like Summon Digital are great in on-page SEO and anything to do with SEO can be of great help to you.

5. Viewing SEO as a one-time exercise

Whenever you view SEO strategies as a one-time activity, you will never be able to enjoy the benefits of having an update SEO website. Technical optimizations cannot cater to your SEO needs all through; you need to keep improving and leveraging your site to accommodate more information about your services and products.

6. Keyword stuffing

Any SEO expert like Summon Digital based in London will tell you to always write content to your target audience, not for sake of Google ranking. Some businesses try to fix unnecessary and unfitting keywords in certain content. If you have relevant and well-crafted content, SEO will find its way in.

7. Failing to claim your location

Google is continually in need of small businesses to claim their location, answer various questions that come in, and give all the information needed by their customers.

8. Overlooking off-site SEO

Although on-site strategies are great in coming up with an optimized site, you need to do some quality content for other sites and link the work to your website.


SEO is such a broad category and art that needs time and constant training. Summon Digital basically divides it into SEO consultancy, Link Building, On-Page SEO, and Technical SEO. With their 12 years of experience in SEO, you can be sure they have what your business needs to scale up.

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