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SEO Copywriting Tips: 6 Advanced Techniques to Increase Your Rank

SEO Copywriting

I am sure when you are searching for SEO Copywriting Tips that you will have most likely seen tips like:

  • Make sure that you use a meta description
  • Write long-form content
  • Use a keyword tool
  • etc.

Don’t get me wrong those are great tips. However, those are great tips for people who don’t know much about SEO.

In this article, you will learn some more advanced SEO copywriting techniques that large marketers like Brian Clark (Founder of CopyBlogger) & Derek Halpern (Owner of Social Triggers) use on you right now.

As I mentioned just now, it’s always good to keep reminding yourself of the basics. However, what about people who already know this stuff?

There are a whole bunch of advanced techniques that fly by people who even have 6 figure incomes each year.

Now let’s jump right in!

Become A Better Writer by Basing Your Content of Online Courses

I have a confession to make.

I took this idea from Backlinko. I feel that this idea is way too underrated. Have you ever wondered to yourself, how can I shape my content so that people who are willing to pay for it?

Well, the answer has been sitting in front of you all this time.

Online Courses.

Sites like Alison or UDemy have courses on most topics out there, and people pay for it. I’ll use SEO in this example to make things easier.

If you go to UDemy and search for SEO Copywriting, here is what you see:

SEO Copywriting Tips

These are guides that people pay to gain access. Now here is how you can take advantage of that.

While searching through their directory, I found this course:

SEO Copywriting Search Results

That is the best-selling course for the search term “SEO Copywriting.” In fact, it beats out all the other free classes for this term even from companies like Moz.

If you go through this course, you will slowly pick on small things as to why people a throwing their money at this guy to learn SEO. By incorporating some of the techniques you see in this course, your content will become better.

Extra Tip:

It doesn’t matter what he is teaching, that isn’t why over 12,000 people have reviewed this course. Focus on how he teaches.

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Write Efficiently by Using a Content Pattern

Most of you are thinking “What the hell is a content pattern?”

The biggest mistake that even advanced marketers make is not restricting their content. The structure of your content is just as important as the words themselves.

Remember as a Copywriter; your job is to deliver the right words at the right time.

If you want to learn more, you can skim through my short guide on content writing.

But wait.

How do you benefit from using a content pattern?

If you’re like me, then you struggle to write content from a blank screen with no preparation. Your mind starts to wonder and then before you know it…

Advanced SEO Copywriting Tips

You’re distracted.

Using a pattern eliminates two major issues. They remove the problem of getting distracted & the problem of talking rubbish.

I have read a lot of articles where I couldn’t understand what the author was thinking at the time because his write goes everywhere. That’s how content patterns benefit you.

How about your audience.

They benefit because it allows them to read your content however they want.

Meaning if your audience wanted to skim through to read the important bits without missing any of the important bits they can. They could even just read the headlines and get a general idea of your article.

2 Examples of Using a Content Pattern

The first example is me.

Here is an image of one of my blogs.

Notice how I have an introduction, then I talk about my main points (with a key points box at the end) and then a conclusion is rounding off the article & asking my readers a question.

In fact, you will notice that same pattern in this article. Seriously, skim through the article now & you will notice.

Next is Thrive Themes.

To fasten things up, I have embedded their video on this topic below for you to watch:

Make Google’s Job Easier By Using LSI Keywords

Latent Semantic Index or LSI keywords are keywords that are related to your main keyword. For example; the main keyword for this blog is SEO Copywriting Tips. Some LSI terms for that would be “blogging” or “digital marketing.”

So, how does this help Google, Bing & Yahoo’s job easier?

Search engines usually crawl through your page looking for your keyword, links etc. to get a rough idea of what the topic of your page is.

By using LSI keywords, you are giving the search engines a magnifying glass & telling them where to look to get an idea of what the primary purpose of your page is.

That’s not all. There are more benefits than just pleasing the search engines.

Related keywords also make your content seem more natural meaning it can increase the average time spent on your page. Another benefit is that if you have created content based on that keyword, it gives you the perfect anchor text to link off to that article.

The biggest benefit is one that you wouldn’t notice yourself. LSI keywords allow you to continue using keywords without you “keyword stuffing.

Example of LSI Keywords in Use

In my previous article written for PJ, I talked about actionable tips to boost your SEO. In that article, I used my headlines as the gateway for my related keywords.

For example; Why Outbound Links Are Important & Responsive Websites Rank Higher.

Those are related terms to the main keyword which was boosting your SEO.

Using Emotional Triggers

Using emotional triggers is probably the most advanced copywriting technique on this list.

Using emotional triggers in a marketing sense means using certain words that will envoke a reaction out of people.

Social Triggers does this well in their headlines.

SEO Copywriting Emotional Triggers

If you were scrolling through Facebook and you saw this headline, How would you feel towards it?

I’d personally be quite curious. I was which is why I clicked on the blog. I didn’t end up reading it (because my cats were jumping around like kangaroos) but his headline got the job done by getting me to click on the blog.

The reason why it’s important to envoke a reaction out of people is that they are becoming desensitized to blogs.

Did you know that out of 10 people, only 2 of them are going to read your post?

That is the importance of Emotional Triggers.

Brian Dean from Backlinko called this “Bucket Brigades.”

The best way to add them in is by reading your content. If you feel that you’re getting bored of what you’re reading, add a bucket brigade.

Doing this will arouse your reader’s curiosity which will help decrease your bounce rate.

Get Your Point Across Quickly

Most copywriters who went to college need to listen here.

In college, you usually have to write for your professor who most likely has a long attention span. Also, his knowledge probably surpasses the average person.

Once you start writing for the majority of businesses out there. That changes.

Sure if you’re in a niche that suits having content suited for college-level then write in that way. However, most people don’t have a long attention span or know what certain words mean.

It’s accepted by most writers to write for the 6th-grade level.

To capture people’s attention, you have to get their attention quickly, meaning you need to explain the main point of the article at the start. Remember the content pattern that we covered?

Here is how you should layout your article:

  • Introduction: Who the article is for & why they should care
  • Main Point
  • The rest of your points (From most to least important)
  • Conclusion: Roundup the article with a Call to Action

Use The RIGHT Keywords

As a copywriter, keywords are your best friend right?

Everybody knows that you need to use keywords, but how many of you know what type of keywords you should use?

A lot of copywriters that I have spoken actually to use Google Keyword Planner to find their keywords. Though GKP is not bad, regarding finding those golden keywords, it sucks.

So, what are these golden keywords?

Longtail keywords

SEO Copywriting Tips Longtail Keywords

Here are two keywords tools I like to use for finding the best longtail keywords.


Pretty much known as the best keyword tool out there, SEMRush gives you a lot of detail on keywords & competing sites. Though it’s a bit more expensive, it’s worth every penny.


Jaaxy isn’t known throughout the keyword tool world unless you’re a member of Wealthy Affiliate and for a good reason to. It used to be pretty bad & confusing to use. However, after rebranding their business, I highly suggest you give Jaaxy a go.


What technique did you like this most? Personally, I need to improve on using social/emotional triggers. If you have any questions about the article or any of the techniques mentioned then feel free to comment down below and PJ or I will get back to you.

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