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free online keyword researchThe ONLY Three Questions Your Keyword Research Needs to Answer…

free advanced keyword research tool

The ability to identify good Domain names and to break down niches quickly, to identify Keywords with the lowest search results to achieve the highest rankings, carry out value based research at the fastest speeds possible and conduct comprehensive advanced keyword research.

These are all invaluable tools for the Affiliate and Internet Marketer. Jaaxy, the World’s most advanced keyword research tool for Internet and Affiliate Marketers, brings all of these abilities together in one, easy to use package.

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The Advanced Keyword Research tool Vs Traditional Keyword Research Tools

Because of the deficiencies of Google’s Keyword Planner in providing accurate and concise Keyword search statistics, it’s possible that many find it too difficult to use and so miss out on the opportunities to improve their market position that a better research tool, such as Jaaxy, can provide.

Additionally, there is a huge misconception (in my humble opinion, after having ranked several page 1 keywords in Google) about how to do keyword research effectively.  The misconception revolves around “Broad” or “Exact Match” keywords.  By default, the Google Keyword Planner (as well as many other online tools) will produce broad match results.  So, you get a huge influx of keywords returned that may or may not have anything to do with your niche topic.

But, consider this: What if you had 100 solid exact match terms with a minimum of 100 searches (on average) per month ?

This takes the “longtail” keyword research method to the next level.

By cleaning up the search engine results, accurately reporting competition figures for each word and providing the information in a simple, concise format, Jaaxy opens the door to many more businesses and individuals to access the benefits of well-informed Internet or Affiliate Marketing techniques.

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How does this help you?

free online keyword researchThe ONLY Three Questions Your Keyword Research Needs to Answer:

  1. How much competition does the keyword have
  2. Does it get enough traffic
  3. Does it make sense to a human

average search volume

In the photo above, you’ll notice the statistic for the Average number of searches that the keyword receives each month – EXACT match.

To the right of that, you’ll see the visits to YOUR website you will receive each month if you rank on Google Search Engine Results (SERPs) Page 1.

Then, you will see the QSR value:

quality search results

The QSR reveals the number of competing websites indexed in the Google Search engine for this keyword.

Then, you will also discover the KQI which gives you a quick “Quality Indicator” for your keyword.  GREEN is good!  Yellow is possible. Red is going to be very tough to rank.

But, here’s the icing on the cake:

advanced seo keyword research

The SEO score is a calculation based on competing websites, average traffic and the quality of the keyword.  The higher the number, the easier you will rank on Page 1 of Google for this term.

free online keyword researchHow Much Easier Could Advanced Keyword Research Be ?

For the uninitiated, what Jaaxy does is identify keywords in search results with low competition, meaning that the keyword is only used in a limited number of websites. That figure on a Google search that says 10 search results on view of 15,000 found, that second number, 15,000, is the competition for whatever keyword you used in the search: that’s how many other sites are competing to be found containing that keyword.

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So the lower that number is, the fewer websites will be found in the search. In order to maximise a website’s profile in search engines then, the ideal is to use keywords with these low competition ratings. Jaaxy identifies those keywords with the least competition for Internet Marketers to use to promote their businesses.

seo web hosting testimonialThat’s not all Jaaxy does, however.

It can be used to identify domains which have a high search volume, but low competition statistics.  These are domains that can earn owners a lot of money!

This is because of the very fast Niche Research capabilities of Jaaxy which break down Niches in order to find Domain names can identify major market leaders who have domains associated with their websites that are not used.

Do you Need EMD? – What is EMD?

EMD – Exact Match Domain names!  Yes, this is a off-page/on-page Search Engine Factor STILL to this day!  Having your keywords in your domain name WILL definitely play a role in your search engine results and ranking your page above the competition.  Jaaxy gives you the available exact match domain names right outta the gate.  SEO experts will debate this to no end, but wouldn’t you want to simply seize every advantage you can?  Cut your research time down with this SINGLE tool!

More on Exact Match Domain names:

Immediately see which EMDs are available and jump on the domain name instantly:

Exact Match Domain Names

Another Feature of this Advanced Keyword Research Tool

The association of the unused Domain with the market leader’s Domain draws a lot of results for that business name thereby providing heightened traffic to the unused Domain. (This is HUGE for search engine optimization.) These Domains are available to be bought at low cost. They can be adapted and sold on to other parties for profit. This process is known as Domain Flipping.

Along with Jaaxy itself the product’s website has comprehensive explanations of how to get the best results from the research tool. The product has an excellent reputation and could be the gateway to much greater profitability for any business or Internet Marketing organization.

Advanced Keyword Research Tool Free Trial Bonuses:

Bonus #1:  List of the Best High Traffic Low Competition Keywords

Free to download, the top 1,000 hand-picked keywords that are already optimized for SEO and a surge of organic website traffic

Bonus #2:  Keyword Success Niches

Free to download – Niche Discovery Free Bonus that will reveal how to use Jaaxy to uncover hot niches in minutes.  The ultimate niche research guide for a successful online business..

Bonus #3:  Domain Name Research Riches

Quickly learn the secrets to uncover low-cost domain names and sell them for huge profits.  Jaaxy makes it easy to learn “Domain Flipping”.

free advanced keyword research tool

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