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Residual Income Opportunities

residual income opportunities

Residual Income Opportunities That Won’t Leave You In the Dark!

Residual income opportunities are why Pure Residuals was initially established. Residual income is a great way for any affiliate marketer or Internet marketing to begin building long term wealth and create a financially stable future. This is the type of income that is passive, recurring and requires little effort or time to maintain.

Residual Income Opportunities are KING in Affiliate Marketing!

There are many ways to earn residual income, such as rental properties, stock dividends, running an “absentee owner” business, or owning a website. All of these things can bring you continuous income for years with little to no action required on your part. All the work is done up front, and then the money rolls in continuously over time. residual income opportunitiesThis is a great way to save for and keep earning in retirement.

Unfortunately, most of these things that exist online require a large upfront investment to begin with – MLM (Multi-Level Marketing is a prime example.) That also includes a lot of risk in some cases. You can start a business and pay others to run it for you, but that requires a lot of time and money to start up, and there is always the risk of failing and being left totally broke. Believe us, we’ve been there!If you build a large stock portfolio and earn money off dividends or capital gains, you’ll require a large amount of money to put down, and there is risk of losing value.  This can make it very hard to sleep at night.

That leads us back to the internet and how to create the ultimate KING of residual income opportunities. The internet is a great place to earn additional money in your spare time, and can lead in many cases to a full time income, with very little work required to maintain it.  The initial step for most seeking to work from home is affiliate marketing. For a more in-depth conversation on What is Affiliate Marketing, click here.

Residual Income Opportunities – Taking Affiliate Marketing to the Next Level

What I’m talking about again is passive residual income. If you’re able to build a successful website, or many successful websites, you’ll earn money from advertisements based on how much traffic you receive. This can be done in any number of ways, and many times it costs little to nothing to get started. Some examples would be a blog, a ‘How To’ site, or a review site.

The real trick is building up traffic to your website and maintaining it with fresh content; this is Internet Marketing combined with Content Marketing. Fortunately, this process can be automated using new software scripts that send you related content every day for your site.   But, automation can cost money upfront as well. Regardless, this lets you keep your visitors entertained with new information and keeps the traffic and money flowing in automatically! Best of all, this can all be done without writing any code. You can now build large, dynamic websites without any programming experience using simple software programs. So what are you waiting for? Learn How to Start a Blog today!

WordPress Amazon Store How to

Amazon is one of the best ways to create your own online store complete with products and descriptions that are automatically populated by Amazon.  The API for the online store provided by Amazon pulls in keyword rich descriptions that the search engines love.  Also, it can be set to update your new Amazon store automatically.

You can discover step-by-step how to start a blog and then use the newly released Fresh Store Builder to have your Amazing Amazon Store online in minutes.

Realistically, you can have your first sale by the end of the day!  Then, just keep building web traffic to your Amazon store and you’ll have successfully built your first (of many, I hope) residual income businesses online.

Yes, it will actually earn you money from home, day in and day out, even while you’re asleep or on vacation.  

The Internet is worldwide and thereby, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I have found that my biggest sales days are Sundays, when most people are home relaxing and perhaps shopping on the web.  Sundays are typically followed by another good sales day on Saturday and then Friday evenings.  You can do it too!

Other Residual Income Opportunities

One of my favorite residual income opportunities that costs next to nothing to setup is Google Adsense.  Adsense is the partner to Google Adwords in which companies pay Google for advertising spots all over the Internet.  This is known as PPC or Pay-to-Click.  The most commonly recognized form of PPC is within the Google Search Results Pages (SERPs) like this:

What is Google Adwords

These companies “bid” for the top slots on the Google search results pages.  Depending on the topic the bids can be pennies or even hundreds of dollars for each click that a web visitor clicks on.  The company pays Google to advertise and they are able to bid for the top slot.  It’s actually an ingenious setup.  Other lesser known search engines (Bing, Ask, etc.) do the same, but no one is better at it than Google.

The next level is Adsense in which Google can “sense” what a website is built around (topic and content) and serve up advertisements related to the topic.  The webmaster joins Adsense and then decides where on his/her website for Google to display the ads.  Then, again, depending on the bidding, each time a web visitor view the website and clicks on the ad, the webmaster gets paid (for each click).

top 2 Google Adsense Revenue Sharing sites

I’ve made some good money with Adsense, but I do have a lot of websites.  Also, Google is very strict about what your website contains and can whack your account quickly.  So, be sure to follow their policies and procedures closely.

Don’t have your own website?  No worries.

Here are a few websites that do Google Adsense Revenue Sharing.  Basically, they host the website and allow writers to join and create unique content (not copied, but written by you and checked for plagiarism) and they host the articles.  So, when any web visitor comes to the site and clicks on an advertisement, they split the Google payment with you.  Thereby, you it costs you nothing!  You simply write for pay!  I have done this on many websites to create myself as an authority on a topic.  Also, I just happen to be fairly adept at research and writing essays on just about anything that interests me.

The TOP 3 Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Websites:


Answer Questions - Make Money


best reviewer Google Adsense



Affiliate Marketing Tips Choose topics that are trending and getting a lot of attention or “buzz” on the Internet.  This will draw much more traffic.

More on Residual Income Business Opportunities

Clickbank and CJ Affiliate (formerly known as Commission Junction) are the two largest affiliate marketing networks on the Internet today.  They both have differing product lists – Clickbank specializes in digital downloads, fast setup time and huge commissions – averaging 60-70%.  CJ Affiliate on the other hand handles much larger companies such as Tiger Direct, Dell, IBM, Overstock, etc. But, the commissions are very low – more like 2-3%, so you will have to sell a LOT and drive some massive traffic to your advertisements.

Most of the items in both of these two major players are one-time commissions, but if you filter your searches for “subscription” or “recurring” payments, you’ll discover some nice niche-based residual income business opportunities.  Some webmasters have literally made small fortunes doing this.  It can be quite competitive though.  Be sure to check your keyword research thoroughly.  This is crucial in making your decision on what to build your website around.  I use two keyword tools.  Once to help me determine the best keywords and the other to spy on the competition: SEMRush

The Best of ALL Residual Income Business Opportunities

Up until now, you basically had to know how to build a website, monetize it with affiliate links (advertisements) and then market your website.  This is what affiliate marketing is all about.  This can be daunting at first.  Building a website can be taught quite quickly actually.

With Bluehost OR Dreamhost, you can get a hosting account and practically a One-Click install of WordPress – a free CMS (Content Management System) automatically tuned for search engine optimization.  And then, BOOM, you have your first website up and running in mere minutes. These are the TOP 2 website hosting companies on the Net with outstanding support and web servers optimized for WordPress – fast and inexpensive.  I highly recommend choosing one of their dedicated WordPress packages over a “shared” package.  I have had tons of problems with their shared systems.

A “Shared” website hosting package basically means your business website is shared on the same web server as a bunch of other affiliate marketers.  When your website starts getting some decent traffic, this single server environment will come to a screeching halt.  (This is also known as “neighbor pollution”.)  I eventually moved all my websites to WordPress optimized packages.

Think about it – it’s your business and eventually your full-time income!

Now, what do we consider the BEST of all the residual income business opportunities out there?  Easy – Wealthy Affiliate – it’s a no-brainer response for me these days.

residual income business opportunities number 1

See our Wealthy Affiliate Review or simply read on!

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) has been around over a decade and is not only going strong, but improving with new proprietary features (that no one else has) all the time.  Not only will you get to immediately gain access from six figure earners, but you’ll receive FREE training right out of the gate.

free training

Put Your Credit Card Away!  You Won’t Need it!

Immediately upon sign-up, you’ll begin training for your Entrepreneur Certificate – a foundation of knowledge that will put you above and beyond all the rest.  Check out all the major affiliate marketing forums, if you wish.  You’ll not find a negative thing about Wealthy Affiliate, because they don’t do needless hype filled with empty promises.  This is the epitome of training and a solid foundation and what we believe is the best of all the residual income business opportunities online.

Earn and Learn Free

With WA, there are only TWO memberships – Free and Premium.  With the free subscription, you won’t need to spend one cent.  You will receive training, Live support, two fully functional affiliate websites and the knowledge and capability to build your first successful online passive-income business before you upgrade!

You don’t need to promote! Just Learn and Earn – Absolutely Free!

You are not even required to promote Wealthy Affiliate. Nope, not at all.  You’re not even pushed to do so.  You can build your business around whatever topic interests you and then are trained how to market your new web presence.  They even will pay for the hosting!

The only thing you need to bring is an eagerness to learn.  This isn’t a get-rich quick scheme or some fly-by-night “program” that is here today and gone tomorrow.  Others are doing it and living the life of financial freedom.  And, the joy I get is seeing people just like you succeed!  So, what are you waiting for?

Start Your first Online Business

See you on the inside!

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