Residual Income Ideas

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Residual Income Ideas That Work
Any affiliate marketing newbie will eventually begin seeking residual income ideas. Residual Income is where you make the sale once and get paid on a passive, recurring basis.  Residual income is the KING for many six figure affiliate marketing experts.

Today, finding a great residual income business opportunities can bring you many advantages. Even if you are not convinced that a residual income business is what you need, you might change your mind as soon as you find out the benefits this type of activity could bring you.

Residual Income Ideas :  

Top Benefits of the Residual Income Businesses

The following discussion will hopefully enlighten you the fantastic benefits of the current residual income business model. All you have to do now is to read below and then decide whether these businesses are appropriate for you or not.

Extra Income Source: These small business opportunities offer anyone the chance to pay off debts, enjoy life, and have fewer worries. This is mostly because they ensure extra money, which provide a steady income source that can easily handle any supplementary expenses.

Better Quality of Life: Having an additional income source greatly affects the quality of life you live, providing you the chance to enjoy nicer things, relaxing more and feeling more secure with regard to your finances.

Becoming Your Own Boss: If you can develop a proper business structure, you are able to enjoy a full-time living one or more of the residual income business ideas you like below. This may very well give you the chance to give up your job and become your own boss.

Help and Support: In case that you feel are a little bit scared of starting a residual income business by your own, there are many that will give you the ability to find great help and support. There are many successful entrepreneurs ready to sell their strategies. Of course that they will not offer these services for free, as similar to you, they also want to earn some money.

Quick Start: In general, a residual income business can be set up and implemented in only a few days. This thing actually gives you the chance to get some great return on investment business opportunities very soon. This aspect is definitely important, especially if you are that type of person who loses interest when no progress is seen soon.

Freedom:Several of the residual income business ideas below ensures more freedom than any other opportunity. This way, you do not have to stay in front of your computer day and night. Your business is running smoothly whether you are at home or on vacation.

Multiply Your Earnings: As soon as your business starts functioning effectively, you can easily multiply it. This thing is going to bring you even more money, giving you the chance to extend your business. However, you have to make sure that you apply the same winning formula to all your websites, by successfully using the same blueprint.

No Risks: Unlike other businesses, the residual income business ideas do not present any risk. The only thing that can go wrong is to lose out on time as there is always a bit of a learning curve.  These aren’t get-rich quick schemes, but residual income ideas that have been vetted and proven to work. Pure Residuals uses many of these to make extra money, or even as one of our primary sources of passive monthly income.

You have to admit that all of the above factors are outstanding benefits which cannot be delivered by any other job or business. Apart from these advantages, having your own, successful business is definitely priceless.  Now lets get to the meat of why you’re here.

The Top 5 Residual Income Ideas



Clickbank is likely the oldest affiliate marketing network on the internet.  They specialize in digital products such as eBooks.  This is where many of us first made our imprint on the Net and our initial sale.  They have created millionaires with digital downloads.  The great thing about Clickbank is that if you know how to setup a website (or mini-website) you can get started very quickly.  Also, they now offer an educational program to help new affiliate marketers setup a website and market any of there over 5,000 products – see my Clickbank University Review.

CJ Affiliate – formerly Commission Junction

cj affiliate

As far as affiliate marketing networks, Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate) is likely the largest out there.  As with Clickbank, many millionaires have been created via CJ.  There are two major differences though.  CJ is involved with some major companies such as Dell, eBay, GoDaddy, Yahoo, Disney and more.  The negative about CJ though is the commission percentage – average 3-5%.  Whereas Clickbank averages 60%.  Much of this has to do with overhead.  Clickbank, as aforementioned handles digital downloads, almost exclusively.  Obviously, CJ Affiliate handles more products and services.  With both, you need to filter for “Recurring” or “Subscription” billing.


shareasale residual income ideas

Shareasale is a bit different than Clickbank or CJ Affiliate – it’s more of a split between the two.  You will have to describe how you plan to promote their products or services, but the vendors (companies seeking affiliates to work with) apparently pay up front first.  So, that’s a good thing.  Some of the vendors creatives (marketing tools, banners, text anchors, eBooks) are lacking.  But, this can still be one of the great residual income ideas if you’re handy with graphic design and can build your own.  The competition is much lower.  Again, you’ll have to filter your product search for recurring payments or subscriptions.  Shareasale is a solid company and has also been around a long time.  Their reports are stellar and will give you the opportunity to see which vendor is actively working the marketing platform.

JV Zoo

jvzoo affiliate marketing residual income

JVZoo is also a strong contender and one of the other places we have made a good bit of money.  Like Clickbank, they mainly focus on digital products, but also have many services like SEO, Video Marketing Training, Content Marketing and so on that pay residuals.  Decent reporting functions and a nice interface to help you market your own product or service and seek an affiliate army of our  own to help you sell (highly recommended).  Clickbank provides the same, but there is a setup fee.  (Less than $75 when last we checked.)

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Adsense works in conjunction with Google Adwords.  For the most part, you need to have a website already with decent content.  Many companies work with Google Adwords PPC (Pay-per-click) and their ads will get published on your website depending on topic and when someone clicks on the ads, you get paid by the PPC amount the company budgeted for.  Google makes money, the company makes a sale and you get some pocket money for serving up the advertisement.  These are also the advertisements we see down the right-hand side of the Google Search results pages listed as “Sponsored Ads”.

We make some serious pocket cash with Google Adsense earnings.  But, I’ll warn you, you have to be totally “white hat”, because Google is very strict about advertising policies and protecting their Adwords clients.

If you don’t have a website, there are a few free-to-join places you can earn Adsense income by simply providing unique content and connecting your Adsense accounts:


Answer Questions - Make Money


best reviewer Google Adsense



So, if you like to write – or know someone that does, you can create UNIQUE content on just about any topic out there and post them to these websites that get a lot of web traffic and gain residual passive income paid to you by Google themselves.  I have to admit, it’s a pretty cool thing receiving an actual paper check monthly from Google themselves!

Earn Cash with Zero Investment

Website Hosting

Dreamhost Residual Income

In the world of website hosting, you can make some MAJOR cash upfront – Generally in the $100 per sale range.  This isn’t initially recurring income.  But, you can hunt around for a few website hosting companies that will pay recurring commissions.  CJ Affiliate will list most of them for you.  Simply do a search for “hosting” and filter for recurring payments or subscriptions.  Dreamhost is fantastic because they offer a 2-Tier program.  You’ll make commission off each initial sale and you’ll also gain commission for any sale that from a webmaster that you refer to them.  Pretty, nice huh?

The Best of the Best Residual Income Ideas

Wealthy Affiliate

Best Residual Income Ideas

Okay, in our opinion, we save the best of all the residual income ideas for last – Wealthy Affiliate.  The Pure Residuals team has been around the block a few times  We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars checking out “programs” and so-called “businesses” online that promise the world and generally fail to deliver.

Affiliate marketing can be tough without a good affiliate marketing coach or an exact blueprint on how to proceed.  Still, it would be nice to get some guidance when one step of that blueprint just isn’t making perfect sense.  Wealthy Affiliate has been in business over a decade and doesn’t make any empty promises and doesn’t hype up their promotions with crap.  This business is a solid Learn as you Earn business with zero investment.  Yes, you can earn residual passive income without spending one dime.

Wait! What? A Residual Income Business Opportunity that is Free?

Yes, exactly that.  It’s all about the training and LIVE support with Wealthy Affiliate (WA).  They want to help educate folks on the correct way to build a website around what you’re interested in and market your new virtual real estate (website) just like so many successful affiliate marketers are doing.

On top of that, you don’t even need to upgrade or promote Wealthy Affiliate, ever!  You can, if you wish, just like I’m doing now.  But, it’s not a requirement.

There are only two memberships with WA, Free or Premium and the major difference is twice the commission for Premium members.  That being said, I joined first, got inside and fully checked it out.  Made a wee bit of commission and then upgraded – this is the process we recommend.

Wealthy Affiliate isn’t for everyone.  But, if you’re looking to make some serious residual income via the best training system on the Net, then this is something you definitely need to check out!  If you have the willingness to learn the foundations from successful online marketers, Wealthy Affiliate should be your very next stop:

Getting Started - Residual Income Ideas



See my Wealthy Affiliate Review for the best of all the Residual Income Ideas and I’ll see you on the inside!

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