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Professional Blog Writing Tips To Write Quality Blogs For An e-Commerce Website

As time passes, new fields keep on evolving. There was a time marketing was done solely from newspapers and magazines. However, with the improvement of media and other devices, marketing can figuratively be done in one’s sleep. To perform commerce via electronic media is called E commercing. There are many e-commerce blog ideas with professional blogging tips. And this is not a new concept. In the years of 2002 all the way to 2007, the USA had a dramatic increase in their online sales. By the end of 2009, it was estimated that about 204 billion dollars were earned solely based on e-commerce. The number was then expected to rise up to 300 billion by the end of 2012. Now you must be wondering.

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How to create a blog for an e-commerce website, and if e-commerce really is that beneficial to a marketer, why ever not have we heard of it? The answer: you probably have, but only you weren’t paying attention. Chances are you must have been exposed to e-commerce about a hundred times each day at least, yet you did not entirely recognize it. This is probably the reason why your e-commerce site should have a blog of its own. To a layman, e-commerce is everything you see on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or any other social media platform. Every time you view an ad, the same trailer, every time you see an actor using a specific brand of smartphones or clothing, they are in essence taking part in e-commerce.

However, social media websites only come secondary to e-commerce. The primary method to perform commerce electronically is to write a blog about it. The blogs are read and shared like hotcakes! And the readers do not even realize that they are taking part in secondary marketing. The blog will include all the products you want to do business with. But the cool thing about blogging is that it engages the reader. Nowadays, blogs are vibrant. They are defined as attractive and are viewed during leisure activities.

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If you are an entrepreneur and are looking forward to launching your brand to wider audiences. An e-commerce blog is precisely what you require. The blog will represent you, kind of like a manager. It will display you attractively towards masses of people. It will tell people exactly why you are worthy of their time and attention. But it will be your originality that will engage the viewer to keep on revisiting your blog. E commencing, if done right, will help you generate billions of dollars of the revenue! Here are a few things to keep in mind while blogging:


A dog is a man’s best friend. It is an entirely ridiculous notion that an organism of different species could ever become chummy buddies with some other species. Yet, it is still a well known phrase. Do you know why that is? It’s because dogs are known to be heinously loyal. They will never lie to you, never mislead you, and most importantly, never hurt your feelings. Their love and admiration will brighten up your day and make you feel relaxed instantly.

This is precisely what your blog needs to be like. It needs to be loyal like Tom was to Jerry. Your blog needs to become the auntie that all kids depend upon. In short, the content on your blog needs to be so full proof and original that no one would doubt your opinions. When the reader clicks onto your website, it should have accurate information. Sure your brand might not be the best out there, and that’s okay; the trick is to not mention another brand better than you.

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Direct the readers towards all the benefits they will achieve if they choose to align with you. Tell them about success stories. That other people have purchased from you and are very satisfied with their order. Another way to do this is to set up a team that will solely reach out to previous customers and ask them for their feedback. Let the customers know that you want to be a brand “for the people by the people and from the people.” It was even reported in a study that about 60% of customers return to the websites they purchased from simply since they were satisfied. This is where your blog will flourish.


As an e-commerce blogger, you must understand that many other blogs are blogging about the same subject. This means you have quite a lot of competition. This competition should help you reevaluate your website and everything you can possibly achieve. Is your purpose of selling the product? Is it a beneficial product? Start there. Tell the readers exactly what attributes you have accumulated into your product. How your product will provide them an experience, they might not have gotten from any other product. An amazing manner to convey your message is by PR generation. Filter out a list of individuals online that seem interesting to you. Check how many flowers they have. If the influences have a large following, they would likely import that following with them. Now here is the tricky part. Your product actually has to be great. So great the people you send it to for review will absolutely fall in love with it. Once the product becomes their favorite, politely ask them for a review to promote your product to others. This might cost you some money. But if the influencer has a loyal following, all the money you spent will be earned back exponentially.


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The next thing a blogger needs to be severely aware of is his users. Who are they? What do they want? Are there needs to be met? Are they happy with what you have to offer? Your following will determine where your e-commerce will take you. First things first, don’t come across as someone who is only hungry for money. Instead, take out the time to encourage the users to take creative pictures of the merchandise they purchase from you and then post them online. Mention those pictures in your blog, give them a shout out. Also, arrange competitions or lucky draws. For example, the best shot with our product will win a product for free. This will encourage others to take part in the competition. And will also increase the number of items you sell per week. It will also promote your product by others who aren’t necessarily influencers. Again, ask them what they would want to see next. Set up competitions where you give prizes to the most creative ideas. All of this will let you understand exactly who your audience is and what they want from you.


After identifying your audience, the next thing is to observe whether you fall into the broad or narrow spectrum. If you are an eCommerce blog that sells jewelry online, are you only ever interacting with young girls? What about the old aunties and uncles? What about the brothers and fathers? What about men who love to express themselves with jewelry? Adding creative titles to your product will drive a lot of traffic to your website. If you put in a title like “Brother’s favorite,” this will help young boys search for things they should get for the females in their lives. In short, use titles that will narrow the search time. This is also called Search engine optimization in professional terms. And it’s not very difficult. Just be aware of the latest trends and what needs to be included in your website.


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There are some things your blog should always have. It should always have enough information in case a client wants to get in touch with you. Make sure you always have an About us page in your blog. This will let the raiders instantly know what you are all about. Another trick is to always have a chat with us on dropbox. And remember to be responsive!  A good blog is always designed on the advice of multiple people. We strongly advise you to consult software designers and social media specialists while beginning your e-commerce. They will give you invaluable tips and tricks. For example, many will tell you not to use a cheap interface to design your website. They will tell you to invest in a better server. They might even advise you not to add too many advertisements on your blog at all. This will make your blog look cheap. And adding multiple advertisements just to earn a few extra coins will put pressure on your loading speed. Customers usually click off of websites that take more than a minute to upload. This means your e-commerce blog needs to be clean and pretty at the same time.


The best tip anyone could ever give you for blogging is that your vlog has to be absolutely beautiful. It should be aesthetically pleasing. And it’s not a lie. Many blogs on Instagram are so pretty that they instantly capture the interest of the user. This is one thing you should definitely invest in if you are looking for an eCommerce blog. You have to have an Instagram account. And it should be well designed. It should have a color theme, and the site must be updated regularly. Add colorful, inviting pictures of customers when you mention their review on the blog’s main page. This will definitely invite more customers.


Do you know what’s annoying? Clicking onto a website with the hopes of getting to the page or product, only to be redirected to make an account and or download other plugins. This is an instant drag. No one wants to spend multiple minutes downloading plugins and extensions. No one has the time. And mostly, the people viewing the website are only looking forward to seeing a certain item. But if getting to just view that item takes them the effort to download extensions like FLASH or JAVA, it will instantly sadden their moods and cause them to click off.

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Another thing to keep in mind is how the user views your website. What are they using? Most users view your e-commerce website by scrolling vertically on the screens of their tablets or smartphones. They do not prefer sites that have a horizontal scroll. Hence you should avoid that. And definitely avoid pop-up ads. There is nothing more annoying than having a pop-up ad shoved into your view just because you want to browse at a website!


You have officially taken your first steps into e-commerce. Now you have to make yourself available everywhere. For this reason, you need to invest your time into SEO blogging. This will truly make your e-commerce website flourish! The idea is to make sure you are among the top ten hits when people type into google to search for an item.

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Many e-commerce websites do this by paying others to make sure that they are the top ten results. Because let’s face it. If you are looking for best online valentine’s day leather jackets discount to gift your loved ones and google gives you billions of results in a fraction of a second, you will not opt for the 50th option. Oh no. chances are you’ll click onto the first few ones and call it a day. That is the same mentality you will be dealing with from your audience.


Every time you post a blog, you dive deeper and deeper into the internet. Every piece of content you post online will be viewed by multiple sets of eyes. What more is that you do not have to limit your commerce only to your blog. Every time you post a blog, share it on your other platforms as well. For example, share it on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and any other platform. Also, when your loyal customers register, keep in touch with them via email. Let them know of any upcoming promotion or product that they might be missing out on. Regardless of their platforms, your personal e-commerce bog will keep you a constant in their lives. So be as original as you can be. And find creative ways to market your items. Hire professional photographers and web designers. Tell them your vision. Make sure it creams of positivity. And yes, of course, make sure your blog represents inclusivity. Include pictures of not just models but all sorts of people. This will help your e-commerce blog connect with the audience in a way no other could. Tell your audience that your blog is for them and they are its inspiration. And that you celebrate imperfections. This is what will truly set your e-commerce blog apart from the rest.


Like any field in life, if you truly want to excel in e commencing, you have to do your research. So stock up on your snack because it’s time to burn the midnight oil. Understand that the act of e-commerce can truly flourish if you have a conceptual grasp on marketing. Many concepts of marketing will help you be able to flourish faster. For example, a study on the SWOT or PESTEL analysis of your competitors. See what they lacked. Here they could have improved and, most importantly, why they failed. Other than this, also look for books on effective e-commerce. We recommend you give ‘’E-Commerce: Get It Right”, by Ian Daniel a read. Also, find out online courses that will help you in your cause. Visit webpages that have a well-maintained blog, like New American Jackets. Be an E-commerce blogger who truly knows what he is doing.


Being an e-commerce blogger is beneficial. You must remember that people of today spend hours after hours online. They are exposed to so much information that you might not even be on their bucket list. Make sure when you add images and other documents to our blog, you always have them linked. The same goes for your Instagram. Have a redirect option available so that your audience can directly go to your website from your Instagram page. Make sure your products are always in stock. If they do run outreach to the customers and inform them via email when the product is back in stock.  That must we know. But it’s also a business, and like all businesses, it needs to be dealt with carefully. Lastly, do not forget to have fun in your blog. It’s yours. And that makes it your happy place. Give it a touch of your personality. Nurture it, and you will surely succeed.


William Clifford is a writer enthusiast. He has reached out to multiple audiences with his engaging pieces. William takes pride in teaching the craft of writing to everyone around him. All of his pieces will show you a part of his personality. His work can be found on New American Jackets website. And what more is that his writing style is incredibly engaging. All the information mentioned by William Clifford is always original and legit. Clifford has made it his mission to spread knowledge via his words, and so far, he has had brilliant success.

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