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Photo Editor for iOS Users

The morning begins not with coffee, but with the review of the feed on Facebook and Instagram. We all strive for excellence and want people and important for us events to look perfect in the photos. But even the best cameras cannot compensate a lack of experience, so the pictures are not always successful, and it’s impossible to turn back time.

There are programs in which you can easily improve the quality of images and turn ordinary amateur shots into beautiful, stylish and effective professional-grade photos. Modern photo editors are easy in use. To master one of these applications, you don’t need to be a photographer. Modern mobile photo editors are developing so fast that they can completely replace the traditional means of processing photos very soon, at least for amateurish purposes.

iOS Graphics Design Editor

In a situation when the photo editors market is close to saturation, developers are forced to look for new directions for the development of these services – otherwise, there can be serious difficulties with the promotion of new models. However, a universal recipe has already been found. Many experts believe that one of the priority directions for the development of compact photo editors in the near future will be the expansion of a set of built-in functions that ensure maximum ease of use and obtain the optimal result practically without user intervention. Ideally, the camera owner will only have to press the right button at the right time. Minimal manipulations, maximum comfort and a huge number of auxiliary capabilities that allow editing and transferring images “in one touch” – perhaps, that’s how you can formulate the concept of a new round of evolution of simple photo editors.

On App Store, you can find a lot of different photo editors. Some of them will be good for adding inscriptions and various masks or templates, others will be able to change the usual picture almost completely due to special filters, and others combine all of the listed above functions.

iPhone Photo Editor

If you are looking for a simple photo editor, pay your attention to Polarr, which is a powerful multifunctional graphic editor with an advanced set of tools for high-quality and comprehensive editing of images, pictures, and photos.The main Polarr features are:

1. Simplicity. Even if you are a beginner in photo editing, with help of the built-in tutorials it will take you no more than 5 minutes to understand the key functions and to get the most benefit of them.

2. Quick face editing. Automatic face recognition adjusts the focus to provide maximum clarity and optimal face-working out (if they are too light or dark with the initial settings). With the help of brushes, you can give a tint to your lips or brightness to your eyes without much difficulty.

3. Local settings. Details play an important role. In order to lighten or darken, blur or sharpen some local areas, it is not necessary to apply filters to the entire photo, just make local editing.

Apple Photo Editor

4. An impressive variety of filters and templates. The application allows the user to work with a variety of filters, divided into categories – private, modern, film, art. If none of them suits you, then you can easily create your own.

5. Perfect lighting. Automatic lighting analysis detects and removes all the flaws so that the edited photo looks even better than reality.

6. Artificial intelligence. Polar, as a real pro, will always give you tips and advice in order to make your photo flawless.

In general, the Polarr graphics editor is pretty simple to use, has a convenient and intuitive interface, and the built-in tool complex will allow you to apply all your imagination and turn a regular photo into a real piece of art.

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