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Off-Page SEO Guide – Gain Authority Like a Pro

Off-Page SEO Factors

Performing SEO for your website is a crucial thing if you want to acquire a great exposure and astounding results with high website traffic and eventual sales revenue. However, aside from optimizing your website you also need to think about the benefits that Off-Page SEO is bringing to the table.  Off-page SEO can help you brand yourself and build authority and trust which can give you massive and exponential traffic.

What is Off-Page SEO?

Simply put, this is an activity that you perform outside the boundaries of your web page and which was created specifically to further improve the way you optimize your website. This includes things like link building, social media integration or social bookmarking, among many other crucial factors.

What makes Off-Page SEO important is the fact that this allows the search engines to see how the world will perceive a specific website. This means that the site which gets references from multiple sites is more important in the online marketing world and thus it should be ranked higher. The same happens with social media or bookmarking websites.

Benefits of Off-Page SEO

If performed properly, Off-Page SEO allows you to increase your rankings, the page rank and it also has the ability to provide you with more exposure in the online world as a whole. With this technique you can also further optimize your website and make sure that you will have it future proof when it comes to SEO as well.

building quality backlinks


Backlinks are links created by other websites towards your own all so that you can increase your website ranking. This is a crucial technique that you have to use if you want a stellar exposure and great results. In order to access those you need to have a reliable anchor text formula that will allow you to create a safe set of backlinks which will help you access online results in an efficient manner.

What type of anchor text works right now?

Generic anchor text is suitable for most sites, and this basically includes a follow-up text like “click here”, “go here”, “Give this website a try” and so on. The idea here is to make sure that you create interest towards your site, something that will make people click it and generate conversions.

Naked link anchors are basically those that do not include anchor texts, just the link towards your site. This is a lot harder to convert into backlink because it won’t entice the user to pull the trigger, but on the other hand it will give you some extraordinary results.

Brand + keyword anchor is one of the most interesting aspects of link building, because this particular technique requires the usage of a specific that will rank in Google, all while allowing you to create a more diverse, branding ready and natural anchor profile. This is surely one of the best choices that you can make if you want a very high quality and astounding experience when it comes to off-page SEO.

anchor text links

You can also opt for image anchors, which are very useful for situations such as those websites filled with images that integrate their keywords and links in the ALT tags. This comes in handy quite a lot if used properly, so keep that in mind.

LSI anchors, also known as latent semantic indexing anchors are designed to provide a variation of your main keyword which is more than impressive in this situation. A good idea when it comes to finding the necessary LSI keywords is to either open up the Google suggest options in the search bar, or you can use any keyword planner including the one that Google offers. This will allow you to obtain some very good results at the end of the day.

Nowadays, after the Penguin and Panda problems, Google also allows partial match anchors that are quite similar to the LSIs, but the difference here is that you basically invent these keywords instead of opting for keyword research. This is truly important and you should totally keep the entire idea into account if you want to truly access the results you want. It’s a natural way of linking to another website and it does work quite nicely which is a major plus.

Percentages: Backlink Diversity Formula

If you want to get the best results from your off-page SEO, you will need to first make sure that you find the proper keywords. Once that is done, you will have to find the proper percentages which is a hassle on its own to say the least. Thankfully, we are here to help remove some hassle from this and offer you the desired list of percentages that you need right away.

Believe it or not, but Google actually wants you to create a brand, and that means that 50% of the entire links that you create need to be branded. They need to showcase your uniqueness and expertise, but at the same time they also allow you to obtain exposure, all while showing others who they are linking to. They are very important for your company in the online world, and that is definitely showcased by the percentage that you can see here.

Naked links have around 25% importance and this is why using them often is truly important at all times. They make the anchor text seem natural and not forced, so a whole bunch of your backlinks should actually be naked links. This is very important because it brings in front the uniqueness of SEO in all of its glory and the stunning results that can come from the entire experience as a whole.

20% should go to the generic anchors, because these also provide a sense of natural appeal, and thus they are necessary. Vary the content though because you need to make use of any word in the English language that’s not related to the keyword, as this will make the links sound better, natural and more appealing. Trust us, if users see this type of links, they will know it’s forced, so keep that in mind.

Click Here for More on How to Find and Use LSI Keywords

LSI or partial match anchors need around 5% most of the time, because they allow you to insert the keyword and increase the likelihood of getting amazing results. Remember that LSI keywords, while important, should not be overused, otherwise you will find yourself having to deal with a whole lot of issues such as keyword stuffing that will make your links seem forced and unnatural, something that has to be avoided the best way you can.

Anchor Text Variations Pecentages

Now, this is a simple general anchor text variation chart. We suggest taking it a step further and varying your backlinks even more.  Create a spreadsheet and double-check and ensure your links are appearing as you wish.  The more variety the better.

If possible, and if you can find space for exact match anchors, around 1% or more than that will do the job quite nicely. This will bring in front some unique, exciting results and at the end of the day the outcome will be well worth it.

If you perform anchor text cycling, you will be able to access a wide range of backlinks and obtain a great range of impressive results without having to deal with a lot of hassle in the first place, and that is the most important thing for sure.

From where can you get the best backlinks?

Believe it or not, it can be very hard and frustrating to not know where you can get the best backlinks out there, and this is why we have created a few lists with some of the best places where you can get high quality backlinks that will allow you to boost ratings when it comes to SEO, all while bringing in front the ultimate results. So, without further ado, here are some of the best SEO themed places where you can obtain the best possible links and which will provide you with a great ROI, not to mention that many of these are actually free so you won’t have to invest just about anything at all.


Top 10 Social Networks

1. Facebook

Obviously, if you want to invest in a good social network, Facebook is the most popular one, so you should definitely focus on it. This provides a great ROI and you can perform quite a lot of backlinks here, which is a major plus.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a very interesting, extraordinary social media website that focuses on fast, immediate promotion. It allows you to create solid backlinks if you use it, so don’t hesitate to actually give it a shot, you will be amazed with how good the results can actually get at the end of the day.

3. LinkedIn

What LinkedIn does is that it connects professionals from all over the world, but at the same time it does a great job when it comes to offering you a very good, high quality experience unlike never before. It’s designed with a stellar outcome in mind, and the best part about it is that you will always have the opportunity to access immediate results all the time, which is what matters the most.

4. Pinterest

The fact that it focuses mostly on images makes Pinterest quite different, but rest assured that this is one of the best sites out there. It has plenty of unique features and a great way to promote sites that you will love using it guaranteed.

5. Google Plus

What Google Plus does is that it allows you to share backlinks via the Google account, and that obviously means a lot for your overall exposure. It’s what makes the entire experience so amazing in the first place, and you will surely appreciate the great results that come from the backlinks on Google Plus guaranteed.

6. Tumblr

While the importance of Tumblr diminished in the past few years, this is still one of the most important sources for SEO backlinks, so you should always try to refer to it if you want immediate, high quality backlinks with a lot of exposure.

7. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social sites out there, so being able to create backlinks with it is more than impressive, and the results will come, which is a major plus. Remember to add this in the description as this is the only way to create a good, successful backlink on the site.

8. Flickr

With Flickr you can easily obtain amazing SEO boost, but pretty much like Instagram, this site is all about images so adding the link in your description and optimizing it properly will bring you the boost you want.

9. Vine

Vine started as a simple social site and it has managed to grow quite a lot in the past few years so it’s the perfect place to increase your audience with the great outcome that this can provide.

10. ClassMates

With millions of users on a monthly basis, this is the perfect place for backlinking and the results can be more than impressive, all you have to do is to invest some time into this to get the best outcome.

Top Social Bookmarking Sites

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites

Pretty much like social networking, social bookmarking is also great for ranking high in Google, and it does offer quite a lot of interesting opportunities for all sites and industries. This is why it’s a very good idea to check out this list with the top 10 social bookmarking sites that we have created here.

1. Stumble Upon

This is a cool site because not only can you add all types of anchors, but users will access them randomly and this means massive exposure as long as the topic falls under the interest list of multiple users.

2. Delicious

This is one of the most popular social bookmarking sites and it still stands in front as being one of the most powerful as well. If users save your site it can help a lot with Google, so keep that in mind.

3. Digg

Pretty much like Delicious, Digg, is a stellar site if you want to focus on promoting specific keywords with your backlinks. It’s also very professional as well.

4. Reddit

Reddit is a huge social bookmarking site and it does bring in front quite a lot of interesting moments that you can enjoy all the time. It’s more than exciting to be honest and it covers all industries and interests, something that’s very useful for all users.

5. Slashdot

Slashdot is focused more on the tech niche, but it still does bring in front quite a lot of backlinking opportunities which is what matters the most in this regard.

6. NewsVine

With NewsVine you will access all the best methods to promote your news and ideas with the help of backlinks towards your site, and this offers quite a lot of interesting options to improve your presence online.


With this site you can backlink without a problem, but what makes it unique is the fact that it caters mostly to professionals, so if you have a business that focuses on this particular niche, you will enjoy the results for sure!


FARK might not be as popular as other site son this list but it does bring in front a large audience of a few million per month, and that means plenty of opportunities to create stellar backlinks that work.

9. Folkd

Folkd is a popular solution for those that want to save online links here, so obviously it can do wonders as a link building solution too, which is very important.

10. MetaFilter

Targeted mainly towards the blogging community, MetaFilter is a website that focuses mostly on sharing the latest news, and as a result offers you one of the best methods to promote any website in the online world with a nice method of designing stellar backlinks as well.

Click Here for the Top 100 Bookmarking Sites

Article Marketing for SEO

Top 10 Article Marketing Sites That Still Hold Value

Just because many persons still consider that article marketing doesn’t really have a lot of value any more, that doesn’t mean it’s true. There are plenty of people that still use this as a perfect way to create solid backlinks, all you need to do is to find the best possible article marketing sites that will help you achieve success.

1. E-how

What this site does is that it provides you with one of the best methods to share a link towards your site without a problem. It’s very good and it brings in front a whole lot of space for articles that you can use as backlinks, just have them professionally written and that’s it.

2. Hubpages

Another great article site, this one is suitable for most industries, so you should totally take it into account, that’s for sure.

3. SeekingAlpha

If you have any good news related articles, then writing the article and posting it here will offer you a stellar way to link towards your site. It’s a very good method that you can use to promote your site properly and you can rest assured that it works masterfully, all you need to do is to write good content.

4. Examiner is surely one of the most popular sites for article backlinking since it focuses on plenty of industries and you will surely appreciate the way it is created. It’s a wonderful choice for good backlinks.

5. APSense

APSense is a social network and article site that combine together in order to form a unique, professional communication and interest group service which works amazingly well.

6. ArticlesBase

With a whole lot of topics to choose from and plenty of domains to cover, this is definitely a stellar site to focus on. It’s very good, reliable and well worth your attention.

7. E-zine articles

If you want good article marketing done properly, then this is obviously one of the best choices. It has dozens of categories to choose from, and aside from backlinks you can also stand out by creating helpful articles for people in just about any industry.

8. BiggerPockets

BiggerPockets offers multiple categories to choose from, all you need to do is to write, backlink and then you are good to go. It’s a simple site with a simplistic interface, and the results are more than impressive!

9. Large Article

Large Article has a massive article base, so combine that with amazing results then you will see how impressive the entire result base can actually be. If you want good backlinks, then this is definitely a stellar starting point.

10. Buzzle

Buzzle is designed in order to offer a great medium for information sharing, and at the same time it does offer plenty of backlinks as well.

Top 10 Blog Directories

Top 10 Blog Directories

Aside from article directories, blog directories can also come in handy because they provide you with a whole lot of interesting ideas that you can pan out and explore as you see fit. This is exactly where the need for a good blog directory comes into play, because this allows you to bring in front a wonderful way to generate leads, and one that can help take your site to new heights.

1. Best of the Web Blog Search

This is one of the most powerful sites in this regard and one that can bring you some really good results as long as you invest in it properly. Getting a good link from here is amazing and it will boost SEO for sure.

2. EatonWeb Blog Directory

EatonWeb Blog Directory is yet another powerful blog list that will help you boost your SEO, so you should definitely focus on it if possible, as it will help a lot.


This is a manually edited directory that brings in front quite a lot of interesting ideas and a stellar method of accessing the backlinks you need. It’s a wonderful choice if you want solid backlinks.


With you can get access to the blogs you need and create the backlinks that you always wanted, all in an exciting manner.

5. Blog Search Engine

For those that want fast and solid backlinks, Blog Search Engine still remains one of the best choices out there and it does manage to bring in front some solid ways to obtain the backlinks you want, which is really cool.

6. Blog Catalog

Blog Catalog features a whole lot of categories for blogs, which makes it the perfect choice for all types of backlinks. It’s definitely well worth a shot, so you should focus on using it if you want immediate results.

7. Globe of Blogs

With tons of cool features, Globe of Blogs is designed in order to offer you a wide range of cool results and it also manages to create astounding backlinks that will help a lot with Google ranking as a whole.

8. Bigger Blogs

Bigger Blogs has many blogs out there, and thus you should definitely try to use it the best way you can. It’s nicely designed, offers quite a lot of variety and some stellar backlinks that you can enjoy without any problem.

9. Bloggapedia

With many blogs and plenty of backlinking opportunities, Bloggapedia is the site that allows you to obtain some very good backlinks and fast as well. It has tons of categories so plenty of chances to get the links you want back to your si8te.

10. Spillbean

Spillbean is a very popular site and this alone makes it a good choice for those that like interesting blogs and which can provide you with stellar backlinks. It’s really nice and surely one of the best choices for great backlinks, that’s for sure.

Top Blogging Platforms

Top 10 Blogging Sites

Blogging sites are important for all those that want to create backlinks because not only do they allow you to obtain some really cool results, but they are designed with a lot of variety in mind, so you can actually get visitors from many mediums, which is more than impressive in this situation.

  • Wealthy Affiliate
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Posthaven
  • Ghost
  • Kirby
  • Medium
  • Svbtle
  • Postagon
  • Contentful

All these sites are very good if you want fast, high quality and immediate backlinks, but do remember to read the rules of each site individually, because they will bring in front some really good results all the time, which is truly important at the end of the day.

Top Document Sharing Sites

Top 10 Document Sharing Sites

If you want to create backlinks towards your site, many times you need to think outside the box and these document sharing sites can be the right solution. Used properly, they can provide you with a whole lot of bonuses and at the end of the day they will allow you with the necessary visitor boost that you need in order to get the best experience.

  1. Scribd
  2. SlideShare
  3. DocStock
  4. DropBox
  5. Issuu
  9. Twidox
  10. LiveDocuments

Cascading Link Juice

All these amazing sites are offering you a great opportunity to generate backlinks, and at the end of the day they will provide you with quite a lot of users towards your site, which is what you really need when you want to grow your site in the first place.  Additionally, there is a linking pyramid strategy that can cascade your linking power when using these websites in connection with each other.  This requires a bit more planning and organization, but can become a huge powerhouse of SEO power when done correctly.  For instance, use the Web 2.0 (social blogging platforms) with some decent unique content that contains anchor links to your primary website.  Then, back that up with Social Bookmarking websites that link to the Web 2.0 URLs only and not your primary website.  Double up on the social bookmarking sites.   This will create a cascading and synergistic effect on your final anchor links.



As you can see, focusing on off-page SEO is as important as changing the contents of your website. In fact, both of these tactics are designed in order to offer you the best possible results, and at the end of the day they will bring you a stellar outcome because they allow you to achieve the SEO boost that you need. Backlinks are designed in order to last for a very long time, so you should always try to ensure that you use only reputable sources in order to create them.

This is why using this website list we have here is very important, because with our help you will have the unique opportunity to generate amazing SEO potential and that can definitely do wonders for your site. Don’t hesitate and integrate these amazing off-page SEO tactics into your site right now, you will definitely appreciate the high quality experience that you will get in the end!

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Rajesh Jhamb

This is a very detailed Article, I must say.

you explained each and everything about Off Page SEO.

Where should we make backlinks, what should be the backlinks diversity, What are social signals. Everything.

I just want to add 2 things, which works for me.

1. Sitewide links
2. .Edu and .Gov Links

What you think about these?


Thanks for sharing this awesome Off Page SEO guide. I knew some of the things that you mentioned but there was so much I learned!
I will use this guide to help improve my website’s traffic and ranking!
How does backlinks work on Facebook? Do you share with your website to the public/friends and the likes go back onto your website?