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Job Projections for the SEO Industry in 2020

It is estimated that by 2020, companies across the world will be collectively spending more than $80 billion dollars on search engine optimization (SEO) services.

SEO is a term used to describe the various tools, strategies, and services companies use to get their brand top-ranked on the search results from search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, or Google.

This means many things for the potential job seeker. One, there will be more demand for professionals specializing in SEO services. Two, new job titles that have never existed before will be joining the ranks of some of the most in-demand existing SEO related job titles.

Here are three SEO related careers that are expected to be in high demand in 2020.

Content Specialists

Content specialists is an area that encompasses a multitude of career titles such as a social media editor to a content marketing manager. Content specialists is a career pathway that will still be needed in the SEO industry in 2020.

Content Specialists

Existing duties of content specialists may include:

  • Conduct research
  • Write and edit content
  • Schedule batch due dates
  • Schedule social media postings
  • Manage press releases

Most existing duties of content specialists combine a variety of skills from marketing to technology to journalism. Most entry-level content specialists studied journalism, English, and communications during higher education.

However, as in most technology-based careers, it is the total skill set that determines the fit of the applicant as many content specialists work in more than one field. They need to strategy the content, create the content, as well as content marketing.

According to CMS Wire, during the course of the next few years, content specialists can expect to have to update their knowledge in areas such as voice search optimization, while brand ranking is expected to become even more competitive.

Software Developers

The career for software developers will mostly be driven by society’s unyielding need for better mobile software and application development.

Software Developers Jobs

The current software developer is responsible for building programs to help users complete a certain task. This task can range from entertainment, productivity, or management.

The expanding role of e-commerce is also another factor that is expected to drive up the demand for this profession. During the coming years, newer technology is expected to challenge software developers. For example, according to Yalantis, AI-powered chatbot development is one of the up-and-comer new technologies that is expected to be more widely used in 2020.

Web Developers and Designers

According to Independence University, the demand for web developers and designers is still very high. However, while the jobs of web developers and designers may seem similar, and smaller companies may even combine the two jobs into one posting, there are significant differences between the two careers.

web developer jobs 2020

A web developer is expected to:

  • Build the app or website’s core structure
  • Design the website while taking into account the web designer’s blueprint
  • Use framework programming languages like Java, SQL, and C+
Website Developers Jobs 2020

Whereas a web designer is expected to:

  • Design an enjoyable user experience
  • Use programs like Photoshop, and code with HTML and CSS
  • Edit the photos, video, and content of the website taking into account web page optimization

The year 2020 promises to be a year where the jobs related to the SEO industry is expected to be high.

Due to new technologies such as voice search, where the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to return with a single best answer, the need to rank in the top of search results is exceedingly important to companies competing to be the one answer supplied to consumers.

New and existing jobs that require SEO knowledge are exciting areas where technological expertise will be sorely needed.

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