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Increase Your Brand’s Ranking with 10 Social Media Optimization Tips

According to a report by Statista, the number of monthly active users on Facebook is 2.41 billion as per the second quarter of 2019. Imagine this many people learning about your brand.

You will surely generate many leads, which will ultimately benefit your company largely. This is just the statistics of one social media. If you can enhance your online presence and take your brand, whether it’s a clothing line or an assignment help service, you can imagine where your brand will be in the near future.

The most effective way to take your brand to billions of people is social media optimization (SMO). This blog will provide some great tips on how you can use SMO to improve your brand’s online presence.

Social Media Marketing

At first, let’s try to understand what social media optimization is:

Social Media Optimization

SMO is concerned with social networks and their proper utilization to make more people aware of a product or service or brand. The primary goal here is to drive more traffic to the website. Using different interactive communities like Facebook, Instagram, any forum, blogs, RSS feeds, etc. Proper SMO will help you to boost the visibility of your website and strengthen your brand. This will assist in lead generation and improves sales.  

Importance of Social Media Optimization in 2019

The outreach of social media has grown exponentially in the last few years. Buyers now check in detail before going for any product or service. And social media is a go-to platform for doing the same. Having an ineffective online presence can harm brands of any size.

In recent times, we have seen many changes to occur in different social media platforms. Not knowing how to utilize the resources effectively and measure the outcomes will lead to a total waste of the money allocated for social media.

It has now become essential, more than ever before, to understand which platform and activities are the best for bringing the maximum revenue to your company.  By identifying and examining the weaker areas in your social media strategy will help you to make improvements that will ultimately benefit your company.

By preparing an effective social media marketing strategy, you can make sure that you are spending your money in the right place. Thus, the performance of your website will also improve.

social media marketing strategy

Top 10 Social Media Optimization Tips for your brand

In case this blog has piqued your interest, here are ten tips that will work for your brand:

1.      Focus on the quality of the content- According to AdWeek, 61% of people supposedly unfollow brands that use irrelevant content. Also, if the brand is sharing repetitive content, 20% of people will unfollow it.  Hence, it is a must for social media marketers to understand how their content will become effective. It is necessary to focus on preparing a quality content that the audience can relate to.  Quality content creation is extremely important if you are aiming at increasing engagement with your audience. Also, it is equally important to be consistent with sharing content on social media platforms. A content which is interactive and visually attractive is likely to get more likes and shares.

Quality Content Marketing

2.      Learn who your audience is- This is the most basic thing you need to know before you can delve into preparing your social media strategy. You should segment the audience as per their behaviors and interests. This way, you can target a specific audience on platforms like Facebook. By getting insights into your audience, you will also be able to create content that is personalized and more relevant. Other than this, you can also define buyer personas and enhance your brand engagement, which will eventually improve the social media ROI.

3.      Play with keywords- If you want to increase the reach of your website and your business, you can consider playing with keywords. By using the correct keywords, you’ll be able to bring your targeted traffic to your website. You must learn how to systematically align your keywords in the content in order to get maximum exposure in your profiles on the various social media platforms. You can also use high-level keywords to get more visibility on the search engines. The keywords must also be used as per the competition in the profile and social media pages.

Longtail Keyword Research Tool

4.      Use social bookmarking to reach out to people- Social bookmarking can be defined as the action of submitting website links to various social websites. As the submitted links are displayed to all users, it helps to connect with different people and also to take part in active discussions. There are various sites that are good for social bookmarking, including Reddit, Digg,, StumbleUpon, etc.  You can earn quality backlink with the help of the web pages bookmarked on the above-mentioned sites. Quality backlinks can help you to increase the Google ranking of your website. Thus, your website can benefit significantly if you include social bookmarking in your SMO strategy.

5.      Concentrate on generation Z- Individuals of the age group 4-19 years old build the generation Z.  This group of people grow with social media, which has almost become a part of their everyday life.  It is important for marketers to comprehend that generation Z gives them an amazing opportunity to encourage brand loyalty at an early age. It is likely that an individual will spend a lot of time on a website if he/she becomes a customer very early. Therefore, it is very important to concentrate on this specific audience so that you can modify your SMO strategy accordingly.

Target Audience - Generation Z

6.      Focus on external inbound links- If you want to enhance your brand’s visibility, you need to use external inbound links. You can grab the attention of your website users by posting original, engaging, and high-quality content. This will help to promote your services or products.

7.      Integrate AI in your social media strategy–   A study by Statista reveals that the market of AR (augmented reality) and VR( virtual reality) is predicted to reach  160 billion US dollar in 2023. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a top social media optimization trend which has been in this position in the last year as well. From e-commerce sites to the gaming world, AI is used everywhere. The AI trend has also hit the world of social media. Snapchat integrated the Augmented Reality in a very effective way. This trend has now spread largely to all the other social media sites as well. A social media marketing manager needs to understand how to get benefited by this new technology and features of different social media platforms. You will also be able to personalize interactions with the help of AI.

Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

8.      Incorporate micro-blogging- Micro-blogs are quite small in size, as compared to the regular blogs. Usually, it consists of one or two sentences and shares a small message or data, articles, videos, images, etc. There are many sites for micro-blogging, such as Tumblr, Posterous, etc. You can utilize micro-blogs to create a trending and viral social media post.  With micro-blogging, you can provide your customers with important information in a short and crisp manner. You will also be able to increase brand awareness with the help of micro-blogging. It can also help you to bring much exposure to your website and social media accounts. Other than this, you will also be able to improve the domain authority of your website.

9.        Bring in influencers – Influencer marketing is a great way to bring extra exposure to your website. You should get in touch with a social media influencer to give reviews for your products and services. Thus, you will get the awareness you need for your brand. You should be very careful about which influencer you choose. The influencer must align with your brand’s company or service so that you can reach out to the right audience.

influencers and lead generation

10.  Track the results- One of the most important things that you need to do for social media optimization is to monitor and track your strategies. By checking your social media analytics, you can improve your efforts and plan a more effective strategy. You can get all the important data at Google analytics and at the respective social media sites.


Social media optimization is a great way to take your brand to a large number of potential customers. From the discussion provided above, you must have received a good understanding of what SMO is and why it is important for your brand. Here’s a little recap of the SMO tips you can use to improve your website’s ranking:

  • Prepare quality content
  • Know your audience
  • Use keywords
  • Focus on Generation Z
  • Concentrate on inbound links
  • Take advantage of AI
  • Use micro-blogging
  • Take help from influencers
  • Monitor and track the outcomes

Use these tips and soon you will witness the results from your SMO strategy.

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Ammie Jackson is a Social Media Expert and has nine years of experience in the digital marketing industry. She is also the author of a best-selling book on social media marketing. She has worked with many famous brands, as essay typer. In her leisure, she likes to explore new places in different countries. 

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