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How White Label SEO Helps Your Business to Grow

Are you running an SEO agency? If yes, then you should be prepared for that time when it might hit a wall. It could be anything, from lack of personnel to facing difficulty in executing tasks.


If this happens, your monthly revenue is likely to plateau. At this point, it becomes difficult to scale. But don’t give up yet. White label SEO can offer a turnaround.

What is White Label SEO?

Semantic SEO - How to

In most cases, people mistake white label SEO for outsourcing. The two aren’t the same. But the line between the two is thin.

For example, when you outsource, you hire a service provider to do the task for you. In most cases, you’ll do this because you don’t have the time or the resources to handle the project.

White label SEO allows you to buy a service that you don’t have and resell it under your brand name. It offers access to resources or materials which you can sell with your logo.

As such, white label SEO helps in getting things done with ease. It builds your expertise and grows your business revenue.

The White Label Formula for Agency Success


Remember, you’re an entrepreneur; your role and priorities should be focused on ensuring that your business remains afloat.

1. Be Upfront with the Value You Offer

Attracting and retaining clients isn’t that hard. It boils down to the value you offer. If they can’t get what they want, they will look for a different agency.

Marketing Value

Being upfront with the value you offer is the only way to attract clients to your firm. As such, you should be ready to inform your clients about what you are prepared to do for them if they hire you.

2. Diversify Your Services

You may want to develop your core competency in a particular area, but don’t make the mistake of putting all your eggs in one basket. Engage a white label SEO service provider and generate new revenue streams.


Find ways to complement your expertise with white label SEO services. For instance, web designing will only lead to one-time projects with no prospects for recurring revenue. Fix this by incorporating SEO services to your offerings.

Diversifying your operations is the first step towards scaling your agency.

3. Understand the Art of Pricing

‘How much should you charge for your services?’ That’s a common challenge faced by many SEO agencies.

Pricing Strategy

Well, the ideal amount should be thrice what you’re paying the white label SEO service provider. This way, you will have enough earnings to make a profit.

For your pricing strategy to be successful you’ll need to:

  • Set a reasonable markup. Don’t be greedy. Unreasonably high prices will send your customers away.
  • Choose your pricing model carefully. For a one-time project, go for an hourly rate. A long-term SEO project is best-served by a retainer model.


As a digital marketer, you’ll need to deliver results to your clients. As such, you need to know when to pass on the hat to the white label SEO experts; it ensures you get value for money.

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