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How to Recruit a Professional Web Designer in Minnesota

Recruitment is a time-consuming process and needless to say, an expense to any business. For an organization looking for competent professionals such as web designers, you not only need someone who can practically show prowess in the field but someone who can also get along with the rest of the team.

Other than looking at the qualifications against your requirements, you may not have prior knowledge on how to run a successful recruitment process.  Luckily, there are intuitions in Minnesota such as Digital Exits whose sole responsibility and competence are in acquiring and managing the employees.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is the new and improved way that you can use to outsource human-related tasks such as recruitment of professional web designers. This article will guide you on what to look for in a qualified web designer as well as benefits of being part of a PEO fraternity while in Minnesota.

Characteristics of a Competent Web Designer


As surprising as it may be, empathy is a high defining quality of a web designer. Since the said individual will not be designing for themselves but rather, for the business, you need to ask questions that will dig out the candidate’s empathy.

Insight will help them relate with clients and be able to tell what they are looking for before they can put them in words. Great web designers know that the final work should be a reflection of the client’s unique taste and vision.

Comprehensive Interface

The difference between a good web designer and a great one is the type of interface that both come up with in terms of simplicity. It takes a professional to come up with a design that everyone can comprehend. As a result, they make websites that one can easily understand immediately.

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A Team Player

A good web designer spends more time listening than advocating for their personal preferences and tastes. The candidate should be ready to interact with other people who are likely less qualified and take up their opinions. It’s through a team effort that web designers come up with great designs for the greater good of the project. Although it’s good to share their ideas, a web designer should know that customers are always right even when they may not like their design plan.

Rely on Data Not Instincts

While instincts and empathy show that one is a sound designer, they should also be ready to take an extra step to validate their instincts through usability testing. In the design world, instincts remain just that until an action is taken to verify them. A part of being a great designer is ensuring that their ideas pass the usability test.

Knowledge of Modern Techniques

A good web designer should be aware of the latest modern techniques using various programming languages such as HTML and CSS to make websites that can load in the available web browsers. There are many guidelines, principles, and standards of making compatible websites today including the latest of w3 consortium standards.


Web designers are usually natural-born creatives. They work with the ideas given to bring out an original, sleek and clean page. Visual interfaces require a lot of original work to stand out from the rest. They must also be appealing. A web designer should, therefore, have a portfolio showcasing their creative side.

Why You Should Hire Through a PEO

Outsourcing the hiring process to professionals comes with perks that go further than getting the right fit for your organization. Below are the benefits you’ll get when you involve a reputable PEO company for your human resources, administration or accounting procedures.

  • Eliminating Costs

Most companies who are looking to involve PEOs want to reduce their costs directly or indirectly. Maintaining human resources department is expensive. You’ll need several people to run the department and invest in the required systems. 

PEOs eliminate the need for extra human resources personnel which saves on money that could go to salaries. In addition, it eliminates the need for additional costs on systems and paperwork. PEOs pool their clientele together when negotiating for insurance benefits, they, therefore, pass the benefits to you.

  • Focus on the Core Business

Human resource is a part of running a successful business, but it’s hardly the main business of the organization. Outsourcing the human resources tasks will, therefore, clear off time that you can focus on the central part of the company.

This reduces the paperwork that goes with the human resources department, and the time-consuming recruitment process.

  • Realize Operating Efficiencies

A PEO comes with professionals who are qualified in running human resources and administrative operations within the organization. They use the latest systems and bring procedures that ease the workload of the organization. They take care of mundane yet essential tasks that help an organization to operate effectively and efficiently.

  • Accurate and Timely Payroll and  Tax Management

You may have the expertise to run a business but not necessarily to file payrolls or file federal taxes. Besides, the two are recurring incidences that are time-consuming. Having the payroll taken care of by professionals will assure you of quality without the mistakes. Also, PEO files the taxes for your organization which helps evade hefty penalties due to lateness or incorrectness.

  • Reduce Employee Turnover

Employees usually respond to consistent and effective management. Lack of organization in human recourse can lead to uncontrollable turnover. PEOs know how to handle employees needs which include a self-service portal. They also bring benefits to the employees through insurance, retirement benefits and much more. Due to their connections and the number of clients they handle, they extend the offers to organizations without increasing expenses.


The process of hiring is expensive and time consuming for many small and big organizations alike. In a time where there are many self-made web designers, PEO companies can help you pick the right fit for your organization. Outsourcing the recruitment process saves you both time and valuable resources.

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