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How to Promote your Affiliate Links on Social Media

Promoting products and services through affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn passive income for influencers and entrepreneurs on social media. Through an affiliate program for a particular company, Instagrammers can promote that company’s products or services to their followers.

Affiliate Links Social Media

Anyone can take part in affiliate marketing, but to earn a significant amount of money, one has to successfully encourage their followers to purchase the products or services they are promoting through their affiliate links.

Best Practices for Affiliate Marketing

While affiliate marketing is an effective way to earn money through social media, promoting these products and services on social platforms requires a dedicated effort with content creation, audience building, and marketing affiliate links. Read on to learn the best tactics for promoting affiliate links on social media.

1. Share Your Blogs on Social Media

Content creation by way of blogging is one of the most effective ways to encourage your audience to visit your affiliate links. Share these blogs through Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and the like to better promote your links. While this content doesn’t need to be created around the link itself, the links should fit seamlessly in the content. This organic linking makes it easy to disguise the link as a natural part of your content.

These organic ads are known as “native ads”. These native ads are consistent with the style, voice, and look of your platform. With creative copy that cleverly promotes these affiliate links, brands and influencers can reach their audience more effectively than any traditional advertisement would, as native ads are viewed 53% more frequently than other ads.

Affiliate Link Promotion - Native Ads

Instead of outrightly promoting the products in a naked link on your blog, creating native ads shares these links with your audience only when it is natural to do so. In this way, these native ads read more as a way to meet the readers’ needs rather than sell them something they have no interest in.

2. Promote Affiliate Products in Your Posts and Stories

While all the content on your social media platform shouldn’t be centered around affiliate link promotion, it does pay to have a few posts here and there promoting the products themselves. These posts should focus on the products you’re linking to in an authentic way. For example, posts that reveal the effects of certain products or demonstrate how to use a product are excellent options for promotional content.

Promote Affiliate Links in Content

Similarly, these posts can also be promoted in your stories on Instagram. As you share videos and images of particular products or services, encourage viewers to swipe up to follow your link.

3. Create Shoppable Content

Shoppable posts make it easier for influencers and entrepreneurs to share affiliate products in their content. These shoppable posts allow users to shop directly from the content on Instagram and Facebook. As visitors scroll through these posts, a shopping bag or “Tap to View Products” message will appear in the corner of the content. When they tap the image, they’ll see product details.

This shoppable option is a perfect way to promote affiliate links. When users click through the linked image, they’ll be taken to the company website for the particular product where they can then checkout.

4. Gain More Referrals Through Instagram Growth Service

Instagram growth services like Kicksta allow brands and influencers to grow their following organically, which will ultimately improve the number of referrals made through their affiliate links. Kicksta clients watch as the service attracts more followers to their Instagram through their “liking method”. This method acts as a way to bring engaged followers to your profile after receiving likes from your account.

Get Real Instagram Followers

As a result, more users will visit your Instagram and follow the link in your bio. This organic growth in Instagram followers will ultimately result in a larger audience for your affiliate links as well. The more active followers you have, the more people will see these links and make purchases.

5. Use Promoted Content on Instagram and Facebook

Promote your affiliate links through ads on Instagram and Facebook. These promoted posts will boost your content around your affiliate product for a few days or hours. Create an ad around the product you’re linking to and create the advertisement through Facebook. Add in the affiliate link to connect visitors to a landing page, product page, or shop. By starting small with just a few days of exposure, you’ll be able to test this method to determine how well the promotion works.

Promoted Affiliate Links through Social Media

6. Use Relevant Hashtags

Just as brands and influencers should use hashtags to promote their own posts on social media, relevant hashtags should also be used to promote affiliate links. With proper hashtag research, you’ll be able to target the right audience with your posts that will then connect with the links in your posts or on your page. These hashtags should relate to each product you’re linking to, making it easy for the right people to find the products they’re interested in.

Affiliate Promotion - Hashtags

7. Include Multiple Links in Your Bio

Including an affiliate link in your bio on Instagram is another way to attract more attention. However, if you’d like to promote more than one product, consider using a site like Plann, Linktree, and other sites to link to all of your affiliate products. These sites allow you to use one shortened link in your Instagram bio. Once visitors click through the link, they will be able to access all of the other links you are promoting.

Link Promotion Instagram

This option makes it possible for Instagrammers to share their website, store, blog, and any affiliate products they are promoting. Having one link connected to multiple sites takes all the hard work out of having to update the Instagram bio link with every new post. Moreover, this practice keeps followers up-to-date with your latest products and services that are being promoted.

Through affiliate marketing, influencers, entrepreneurs, and the average Instagrammer or Facebook user can earn more money and grow their business through social media. Though affiliate marketing doesn’t become instantly profitable overnight, with dedication and an excellent plan for marketing in place, you too can benefit from affiliate linking on your social media platforms.

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