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How to Make Money with Digital Marketing

Landing a job is a difficult task in life today. Most of the countries both developed and developing are struggling with proving employment to its citizens. This has made it hard for many to put food on the table and having stable lives.

However, there is a new wave that technology has brought, and this is digital marketing. This is a platform that allows you to make money online anytime and anywhere. Did you know your phone or computer can generate income for you?

Make money digital marketing

With a click of the button, you are becoming wealthier, and poverty will be a thing of the past. Hence, it is time for you to make use of the gadgets and start earning online. This article is going to talk about digital marketing and how it works.

What is Digital Marketing?

This refers to the process where firms sell their products online.  The advancement in technology has made the world a global place.  About 81% percent of world populations are internet users. This is something most of the firms are tapping into as it is another market for them.

In the past, the marketing bit was left to the salesperson, who were limited in terms of their reach. Digital marketing has proved to be very important for these companies as it breaks borders. The online world is the new market for various products that the company offers.

If a business wants to improve its market share, increase sales, and remain relevant in the market. Digital marketing is the way to go.    

How to make money through digital marketing

Here are some of the ways that have proven successful for you to make cash online within minutes. Though, it requires patience and determination to understand the market. 

1. Content marketing

What is Content Marketing

This is the promotion of a product or service to create awareness to the public. It is a new form of advertising that has seen many firms drifting to it. The objective is mainly to generate brand awareness and attract the right kind of consumers. 

Most of the customers today would want to learn more about a product before buying. It has led them to Google information about the product. Therefore, here is a pattern that most of them follow before deciding to purchase the product.

  • Query searching: This is the phase in which the consumer wants to know what the product is about. It is usually a shallow search that involves questions about the brand.  
  • Research: It is the second phase where he or she pulls out various articles about the brand in question. At this point, they also evaluate the prices. 
  • Comparison: After reading through the article, then he or she compares the product to a similar one. It is what they refer to as an alternative product. The comparison also includes the prices and quality.
  • Buying: This is the final phase that the buyer decides on the product to purchase.

Most of the companies are looking for a person who can create unique content that would stand out. This will guarantee them good traffic and convince the buyer. Hence, you need to learn all the dynamics of the product or service before creating content about it. That means understanding the consumer’s mindset when it comes to the goods or services.

Content Marketing Strategy

The content then generates revenue for the firm, and you are paid for your services. Content marketing can be done through the following ways depending on the firms’ consumers. You may be required to create an article that is

  • Infographics:  not all the visitors that come to the firm’s website want to read what the product is about. That means you need to create a visual description of the goods or services being offered.
  • Blog posts: This refers to writing and publishing articles about the brand on the website.
  • Ebooks and whitepapers: it is similar to a blog, but it’s longer and more informative. This educates the consumer about the product in detail. It eliminates doubts that the customer may have in mind.

2. Website design

It’s also another platform for you to make money. However, it requires you to have technical skills to pull this off. Developing a website from scratch is not an easy thing since it requires patience and time. Most of the organizations and business are looking for people to develop for them these sites at a fee. Therefore, you must be perfect at it and deliver the desired product.

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On the other hand, you can develop a site and start promoting different brands on it. This will also earn you cash and make you the boss. Nonetheless, the website has to be well structured. That means the interface has to be user-friendly, has the right colors and images.

Plus, you must ensure the site is updatable to keep up with market trends and consumer needs. To learn this particular skill, you need to enroll for a course in an institution.  

3. Blogging

When it comes to this, there are no technical skills required, just your creativity. It requires you to be flexible and able to write an article about any topic. Most of them are usually about what is trending in the society.

Best CMS

Therefore you have to be up to date with the occurrences around the world. Some websites create a platform for you to interact with various firms. These firms would want you to write an article about their products or services. This marks your journey as an online entrepreneur.

There is also the option of writing creative and trendy blogs about a firm’s product. The content has to be genuine such that it attracts the consumer. This would then win the consumers trust and ask them for their email address. If he or she makes a purchase using your blog link, then you are entitled to a commission. This depends on the contract agreement that you have with the firm.  

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make Money with SEO

It refers to steps and process that makes a website rank on top in a search page. This is where you come in as a professional SEO writer. What the client would require from you is to optimize the web pages with the search key phrases and keywords.

It guarantees the firm’s website visibility and attracts search engine traffic. It generates revenue for you and the firm, as well. There are various types of SEO content writing that you can choose from and start working. They include

  • Guides
  • Product pages
  • List-making
  • Blog writing
  • Video
  • Slides shows

5. Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an essential tool in the lives of people today. Many have various accounts under their names. This could be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among others. Did you know that these accounts can be profitable?

Well, most people use these platforms to socialize and interact with friends, family or even funs. These people translate to followers. Therefore you can use the accounts to market a product or a brand and the follower will respond to it. Most companies are looking for individuals who have these masses in their accounts.

This assures them that if their brand is advertised on your account, it will be able to reach the masses. Plus, the advert about the product can be easily shared on other platforms. On the other hand, social media accounts have data analytical tools.

 The tools help you in building advertising and marketing campaigns. This creates awareness about a particular product or brand. Hence, it increases sales to the firm.

 Therefore the company has to pay you for using your account or accounts to market their products.  Some of the organizations will pay according to the number of views while others on a commission basis. 

6. Affiliate marketing

Free Affiliate Prgram

It’s one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. A firm pays you for referring a customer to purchase the product. The payment is on a commission basis whenever the consumer uses your link to order for the merchandise.

An example is Amazon. If you are an affiliate and a consumer purchases a product through your link, then you are to be paid. The payment is known as an affiliate fee.

7. Email marketing

GetResponse Email Marketing Free Trial

This is also an old form of marketing that has been there over the years. It has proved to be a convenient method of reaching the masses with a single click. Most of the organizations prefer this kind of marketing since it is fast and effective.

If you choose this kind of marketing, you are expected to send emails to people detailing the product description. This may appear to be an easy task, but it is not. The emails sent may end up unread.

For example, if the recipient sees the mails are too many, they will quickly brush them off. This can affect you one way or another. Some of the firms pay according to the emails sent while others according to the clicks. 

7. Mobile marketing

SMM - Mobile

According to the statistics, there are 5.13 billion people who own a mobile phone. Most of the people cannot do without a phone since it’s their means of communication. This translates to a target market that every firm would want to reach.

The evolution of mobile phones to smartphones has made it easy for the business to reach its consumers. However, it is a perfect way for local firms and organizations to market themselves. To be able to work in mobile marketing, you have to be creative in making captions and even sentences.

 There are various forms of mobile marketing that you can choose. They are  

  • App-based marketing

This is another mode of marketing. Developers help the product or service gain visibility in the app store. It can be done in the following way, through SMS, proximity, search, and in-app marketing.

Many firms and organizations are using all four aspects of app-based marketing to increase their profit margins. Therefore, you have to understand all the aspects to be able to stand out. This, in turn, generates an income for you.   

  • SMS marketing
SMS Marketing

It is an advertisement method that has been in existence for a long time. Small scale businesses use this platform to send messages to the customers talking about their products. It is an effective method of reaching the masses, considering most people have mobile phones.

  • In-game mobile marketing

The marketing refers to pop up ads that you see when using a particle app. For example, if you are playing a game online. When doing so, an ad shows up in the middle of the screen.

Once you click it, you are taken to another site where you can purchase or download the game. This is a form of marketing that can increase your income as the seller. Plus, it also makes the firm profitable.

  • Push notification

It refers to messages that pop up on the phone’s screen. This allows the user to see the message intended within a single click. It also proves to be an effective method of advertising.

  • QR Codes
QR Codes

These are codes that are developed and allow the buyer to scan it using their phone. Once they have scanned the cord, it takes them directly to the website. This saves their time of going through several searches to locate the site. 

If you are interested in this kind of market, you can partner with the organization to develop the codes. This requires them to pay for the services you offer.

8. Become a Notary

What should you do you if you can’t get a job or aren’t qualified enough to get a job that will pay your basic living expenses? You should invent your own job. It’s not as daunting a proposition as you might imagine. It’s easy to start a small business based if you can come up with an idea for a service that people will buy.  

You could, for example, become a Notary or a one-person digital marketing agency for local businesses. 

How to Become a Notary 

Although becoming a notary differs from one state to another, they all follow similar guidelines based on meeting all qualifications required by your state. 

First, fill out and turn in an application and pay your state’s filing fee, enroll in an accredited or approved educational institute, and pass a state examination. 

Second, qualify for your state’s commission certificate and pass a fingerprint and background check. 

Third, get your surety bond and file your paperwork and bond with a Notary regulator.  

However, since the process of becoming a notary varies between states, not all these steps apply. For instance, in some states you don’t even need to enroll in an approved school, get a fingerprint and background check, or get a surety bond.  

Once you’re qualified, there are many ways to market your business. For instance, you could join a large network of mobile notaries like Superior Notary Services, let everyone know you’re now a notary, and distribute collateral marketing materials, like business cards and brochures, at networking events. 

Besides these basic marketing steps, you can also market your business online by setting up a website and engaging with potential clients on social media platforms. 


The digital market is the best way for the business to go to. Technology has made it easy for them to reach masses with a click of a button. This increases sales, improves market share, and generate profits for the company.

Additionally, you also need to take advantage of such opportunities. Most of the firms do outsource digital marketing services. Therefore, you need to use your phone or laptop to generate cash.

Working in the comfort of your home is the best thing since you won’t incur extra expenses. This guarantees a huge profit gain. However, before taking up digital marketing for a firm or organization, ensure that you sign a contract.   This will safeguard your interest and that of the company. 

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