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How to Improve Your Outbound Marketing Strategy

Outbound is dead. 

Have you heard this? Surely, you have. Still, that’s not the truth.

First of all, outbound is not dead, it simply changes its face. Secondly, if you analyze the market and what professionals do today, you will see that 62% of professionals believe that outbound is profitable. 

Ready to start? The article below will show you how to improve your outbound marketing strategy and provide a few tips that will help you succeed with outbound. 


Outbound Marketing Benefits

Today, quite a number of marketers think that inbound wins the fight “Outbound vs Inbound”. Still, let me prove that outbound marketing strategy is important and worth your time and effort. 

  • Your leads may have difficulties but they still do not realize it. You help people face their problems and immediately provide a solution. 
  • Before reaching out, you do research and analyze whether people will need your offer or not. So you know who you will get to your list of leads. Consequently, you won’t spend time and effort on uninterested people
  • Compared to inbound marketing, outbound gives you an opportunity to get qualified leads from the very beginning. Thus, your approach becomes more human-like and beneficial.
  • For example, cold email campaigns allow you to get in touch with a large audience, not individuals. Still, when performed correctly, your approach remains highly-personalized.
  • Need to see how many people have opened your emails? Not a problem. Want to find out how many of them clicked the link inside an email? Easy. Have a desire to learn who you can send a follow-up to? Here you go. Outbound marketing strategy allows you to measure the results of your campaigns
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How to Start Your Outbound Marketing Strategy

The first step is the hardest. Implementing outbound marketing may be difficult if you don’t know where to start. Let me help you: 

Step 1. Learn what your offer

I know, it sounds a bit… Stiff. Still, depending on the niche you are in (either B2B or B2C), you will have to use different promotion channels, methods, tools, and technicalities. 

Moreover, you need to know your product or service you provide from A to Z. With its clear understanding, it will be easier for you to release your outbound marketing strategy.

Step 2. Analyze your alternatives

Time-consuming, but you need to do this. Without this analysis, it may be difficult to be in all glory. To win more clients, analyze your competitors and their methods of promotion. This will give you an opportunity to improve your own strategies.

Step 3. Discover your audience

Who are your potential clients? What does your audience look like? What do they need? What pain points do they have? How do they make a buying decision? What solutions do they need? How can you help them? 

When you have answers to those questions, you can create a buyer persona image. It will help you organize your further outbound marketing strategy.

Step 4. Formulate your marketing message

A marketing message is what your clients see and what pushes them to buying from you. 

At this very step, a buyer persona image will help you create it right. In your message, include the customers’ pain points and your solution. Make the message clear and easy-to-understand. And remember: your marketing message is not about you, it’s about the addressees.

Step 5. Choose marketing platforms and tools

Special automation tools let you search for email addresses of your leads in a matter of minutes, others support you in social media posts analysis, others let you schedule email campaign sending and post publishing. Analyze the market and choose the ones that suit your needs and budget. 


Outbound Marketing Tips

Once all the previous steps are done, you’ve analyzed the market, you know your audience, and you’ve chosen outbound marketing platforms, it’s time to learn how to do it right. 

The tips below will help you with the issue of where and how to find leads for your business. 

Tip 1. Visit events

Events are great for developing your business. Webinars, conferences, workshops are the best places to implement your outbound marketing strategy. There, you can find potential clients and grab their attention. Just come up and start a chat. Show your interest, ask about the person’s needs, and steer your conversion in the desired direction. 

Tip 2. Use social media for lead generation

Social media is a mine of leads. If you are in a B2B niche, LinkedIn will help you most. For B2C, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are best. Be professional and don’t be too salesy: test the waters first and prove that you’re a reliable person. And then… Charge!

Tip 3. Advertise on social media channels

Targeted ads are probably the most profitable type of outbound marketing as they help you gain only targeted leads. Professionals use them throughout social media. 

There are special platforms for each social media channel: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Yet, you need to pay for each platform and the price may be too high.

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Tip 4. Research before you get in touch

Once you have a buyer persona image and know where to search for your potential clients, find them. Found? That’s not the end. Analyze them in detail to make sure every fits your buyer persona image. Examine their social profiles to get more information to help you build bridges with them.

Tip 5. Be personal

No one loves to be just another brick in the wall. Professional communication is all about a personal approach. Whether you are writing to a person on Instagram or send an email drip campaign through Gmail, address every recipient individually. Use their names and positions, appeal to their feelings, address their pain points. Your imagination is the limit! 

Tip 6. Be on time

Want to always be on top of mind? Great! Still, how can you remain the best email marketer if you send cold emails early in the morning while your clients’ working day starts at midday? Your emails will be lost in the abyss of inboxes. 

There are only two things you need:

  • Know when your potential clients want to hear from you
  • Have the tool to schedule posts sharing, email sending, etc. 

Tip 7. Send cold emails

Believe in the power of cold emails? Here are a few points for you to remember: 

  • Send only personalized emails to not turn into a spammer and damage your sender’s reputation
  • Mince your words: avoid spam triggers, use emotional activators and power words instead
  • Use a bright and clear CTA at the end of your email
  • Do not be too promotional
  • Avoid manual work and send auto follow-ups

Tip 8. Avoid manual work

Whether you prefer social media or email marketing, do not do it manually. There are dozens of social media scheduling tools as well as email marketing automation platforms that will help you save time. Find the ones that fit your budget and needs and get benefited!

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United we stand, divided we fall

Outbound marketing is beneficial and profitable for your business. Depending on your niche and industry, you can choose the most suitable for your business method. Still, two heads are better than one. In your case, the more heads you have, the better it is for your business. 

Do not limit your channels to one only, combine inbound and outbound, make social media ads and cold email campaigns work together, let cold calls and newspapers help you grow your clients’ base and grow profit!

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