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How to Improve SEO: Tips for Ranking on Google

Ever wondered what it takes to increase your Google rating? A good SEO strategy can take you to the top of charts quickly. With companies battling it out to get the topmost position on search engines, using SEO tips can help you get a significant boost. Following are some SEO tips that can ensure a better ranking on the Google search page.

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1. Use keywords

Keywords lie at the heart and soul of SEO rankings. SEO algorithms stress a lot on the keywords used in the webpage. Having a healthy amount of primary and secondary keywords boost your rating on Google by multi-folds. But be cautious. Using only one keyword repeatedly can do only a little. Use more related secondary keywords to boost up the process of your Google rating growth.

Also, using the right length of a keyword is necessary. Using short-tail keywords(1-3 words) can attract a lot of competition. Use long-tail and specific keywords to reduce your competition and hence, increase your chance to appear in top-3 Google searches.

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2. Metadata

A meta description is a powerful tool to increase your Google rating. Metadata is the data shown below the title of your website on the search engine. If not provided with metadata. Google picks up the first few characters and puts them in the metadata. As metadata is the first impression of your website, having random metadata can degrade the user experience.

SEO also rates metadata very highly as it is a crucial tool in User experience. You should have metadata for every webpage. Metadata should also contain keywords to give users a better idea about the website. If you try to add vague and false metadata, it can increase the bounce rate of your website, which, in turn, will reduce your rating drastically.

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3. Content is king

Content is the ultimate hero of any SEO activity. If you have engaging and informative content, you will quickly jump to the top of the Google rating. Engaging and informative content holds the visitor to the website, reduces the bounce rate of the webpage, and SEO algorithms will take you to the top.

Having engaging content also helps you to get more visitors. Suppose your content is engaging and someone accidentally lands on your website. In that case, they might like your content, and you have a new regular visitor.

4. Update regularly

SEO is a set of algorithms where constant updating will lead to continuous scrutiny and mostly better performance. 

If your content is good and all other SEO parameters are in place, the website’s ranking on Google will increase for sure. Adding the latest features/data means that you will have a better user experience, further boosting your website to the top of the Google search page. 

5. Add alt tag

Adding images to your website helps in increasing the SEO scores. But, Google can’t read the pictures. To tell Google about the image and what it contains, you should always have an alt tag in place. With an alt tag, you give an alternative name to the image, which Google will read to identify the image content.

As Google now knows the image, it will rank your site higher. Using correct words in the alt tag also helps Google align your whole website with the image. This alt tag also improves user experience whenever they can’t load the image.    

6. URL is important

URL is one of the least talked about SEO-enhancing tools. With time, Google has started to take the URL into consideration for SEO purposes. Having a random URL can lead to a lower-ranked page. You should have one-word keywords in your URL to make it more SEO-friendly.

URL is the address of your website. Having a lousy website address can mislead people from landing on your page too. 

Following the above tips, you can enhance your SEO ranking on Google rapidly. You may also look out for SEO services Melbourne to assist you in your journey of online marketing.

Have we missed any SEO tips? Comment  them below.

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