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How to Get Influencers to Link to Your Blog Content

Why would you need influential people to link to your blog content? How to Get Influencers to Link to Your Blog ContentBoth marketers and business people are acknowledging its great potential. Whether you have a blog or run a professional website, search engine optimization is fundamental to boost traffic.

In case you didn’t know this before, SEO needs to be targeted for your cornerstone content to appeal to influential people. Before launching your website, you should have your buyer personas properly laid out. Who is your target audience? Afterwards, your content should target those people precisely. The key to making your content attention-grabbing is to speak directly to people interested in what you have to provide them.

In this post, we will talk a bit more about how to get influential people have an interest in your brand and business. It all begins with content, but it doesn’t end here. SEO, call-to-action that entice, quality information are also part of the mix.

Influencers Backlinks

Why should you worry about SEO when writing content?

For your business to thrive in a world of advanced technologies, it needs an online presence. Having a website is not enough. Since the aim is to convert visitors into paying customers, you should start optimizing your content. Both SEO and influencer marketing can help. How do you boost awareness? How do you get people interested?

The art of persuasion in the digital world goes beyond sending emails to influencers and ask them to write a review of your product. First, you need a strategy. Second, you need to know more about the best practices of digital marketing. And third, you need quality content.

SEO comes first because it’s all about structuring your website correctly; afterward, you can move on promoting your content on social media channels where your target audience spends the most time. How can influencers help make your brand and business stand above the competition?

  • Influencers help increase awareness. When someone with a voice in your target niche speaks about your brand and business, they appeal to people in their follower’s list on social media. It matters because their expertise makes your product trustworthy.
  • Influencers are powerful people in the online environment; you need them because they can help hype your business by spreading the word around your product or services
  • Influencers are seen as experts in a certain domain. There’s an influencer for every industry. In the fashion industry, brands market their products around celebrities and bloggers because they know these people can help increase brand recognition.

A closer look at influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is booming. Once reserved for pop stars and professional athletes, now it has a more collaborative approach; an approach that may seem aggressive or controversial at times. Many brands turn to social media when hunting for someone to market their latest product.

Influencers are taking social media marketing by storm. Their role goes beyond promoting a product. Brands can use the feedback to refine and grow their target audience. In this case, micro-influencers might seem better than macro-influencers.

As opposed to macro-influencers, the audience of a micro-influencer is more targeted; triggering higher conversion rates. A micro-influencer’s social media channels have a more personal allure. The content published is focused more on who they are and what they do; not so much on what they advertise. Brands can use these people to their advantage by crafting more targeted campaigns; boosting engagement and conversion rates.


Boost SEO & hype your product launch with influencers

Influencer marketing is a highly-discussed topic that improves your chances of hyping a product or website launch on social media. When working with influencers that don’t know you and your new product, reach out with an offer they can’t refuse.

Give influencers a good reason to collaborate with you. Search for Influencers which have the right contextual fit with your brand and product. Talk to them about benefits and incentives involved. 92% of customers trust the recommendations of someone with a voice in a certain industry.

Partnering with influencers who are established in your niche helps promote your product both PRE and POST launch. With influencer marketing, you can make your new product seem more credible in the eyes of the customer. Harnessing the power of influential people helps boost product credibility. The more prospects and fans want to use it, the more chances you have to drive conversions and generate leads.

Should you pay influencers to help make your content go viral?

Unlike brands with no real presence on social media, your options are vast. By linking your website to social channels you can create awareness. People are interested, likes and shares are flowing in, and important people become curious in what you have to offer (or just say). The key to appealing to a greater audience is to build online relationships.

Influencer marketing goes beyond sending free items to famous people, and hope that they’ll use your product to take a photo on Instagram. For a blogger to write a review about your product, they must first like it. This means that the content you place on your website or social media to grab attention is equally important.

Influencer Marketing

How important content really is when chasing influencers?

A lot of brands don’t bother writing good content. They ignore SEO in the hopes that people will buy their product for the visual allure. Needless to say, they don’t. At least not anymore. Launching a brand these days goes beyond offline practices. Conventional banner ads and commercials have little value because an effective marketing strategy is now portrayed online. We live in a digitized world where people are constantly connected to the internet. Content matters more than ever because it helps give a voice to your brand and business in the online ecosystem.

Influencers – regardless of their niche – are drawn by top-tier content. Believe it or not, they do love quality storytelling because it lures them in. Rather than write a post about how great your new “social media monitoring” tool is, why not talk about why social media monitoring matters in general? When writing content for your brand, address an issue first. Then move on to offering solutions, so that interested people can connect.

Micro-influencers are not always hunting for your money. Some just want to strengthen their reputation as well. Why not help each other out? Keep in mind that Google is watching. No matter what you do, make sure to adhere to the rules and regulations of the search engine. Direct mailing can also be of assistance. Contrary to popular belief, email is still a great way of reaching out to influencers that truly matter to your brand and business.

The power of email is immeasurable when done right. Craft your copies at your target audience, and prospects – influencers included – will have an interest in what you can provide them. Don’t advertise. Provide useful information, and it will be enough to grab attention and increase interest in your product or service.

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