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How To: Free Traffic from Social Media

How Social Media Can Change Your Business

Social media has the biggest growing platforms in the world right now. Google has been existing since 1998 and still is the biggest search engine to ever exist but we can all agree to the fact that social media is becoming a bigger influence on this new generation.

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Viral coefficient

Going viral is almost everyone’s dream. If your company goes viral you make more sales because more eyeballs are looking at you. Social media has taken branding to a whole new level because it’s easy to reach everyone around the world no matter where you are. Also because of all the content, you can bombard your fans/customers with, such as promotional videos or exclusive discounts and events coming up.

The Biggest Platforms

Brands all over the world know how profitable social media is because their whole fan base is right there in front of them. Franchises like Mcdonald’s and Nike use social media the best by even having influencers promote their products. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most used platforms for promoting your business because such a large number of people and influencers use these sites. Youtube has recently also joined the big boys club and has become a marketing surface for so many companies and franchises.

Social Media Marketing

Social network

Monthly Active Users:

  • Facebook 2,230,000,000
  • YouTube 1,900,000,000
  • Instagram 1,000,000,000
  • Qzone 563,000,000
  • Weibo 376,000,000
  • Twitter 336,000,000
  • Reddit 330,000,000
  • Pinterest 200,000,000
  • 160,000,000
  • Tumblr 115,000,000
  • Flickr 112,000,000
  • Google+ 111,000,000
  • LinkedIn 106,000,000
  • VK 97,000,000
  • Odnoklassniki 71,000,000
  • Meetup 35,300,000

Why Is Social Media Such A Big Influence

If you are watching this from your laptop/computer open up your mobile phone right now. I bet you at least have one social media platform as an app and that some of you probably haven’t opened it in months. Social Media is a place to share your thoughts, your dreams, your memories, your experiences, and your skills. That is why everyone uses it! You can do whatever you want with it whenever you want.

mobile marketing

Americans check their phone on average once every 12 minutes – burying their heads in their phones 80 times a day, according to new research. Also, a study was done by a global tech protection support company called Asurion discovered that the average person can’t go 10 minutes without looking at their phone. We can all pretty much agree that it is to check their social media accounts.

Why Do Companies Need To Take Full Advantage Of Social Media?

  1. Drive Targeted Traffic: Whatever your company serves as a product or service there is a large group of people on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram that are interested in it.
  2. Social Media Boosts Your Sites SEO: When Google crawls websites it knows which ones are still relevant versus those that are just hanging out. By consistently having traffic driven by social media your websites “heart” is still beating, therefore Google knows you are still worth ranking on the SERP.
  3. Social Media Marketing Helps You Understand Your Audience: By interacting with your audience you can understand their viewpoints on your product/service, their reviews and what do they use it for or how often do they use it.
  4. Being Active On Social Media Builds Relationships With Your Audience: As I said previously the average person can not manage to not be on their phone for more than 10 minutes. What do you think will happen then if you are not posting for a full month?
  5. Social Media Ads Allow Targeting And Retargeting: The reason why social media ads have a huge advantage over any type of ad (billboard, radio, newspaper, etc) is that the same person you showed an ad too 2 days ago can be retargeted. Let’s say he watched your ad for more than 2 minutes or that he clicked on the link. The conversion rate blasts through the roof when this plan is put in place correctly.
  6. Social Media Is Key To Customer Service: We get it your building is beautiful, you offer free drinks to customers, you even have a game room for kids. None of that matters if you have very bad customer service online. Customers expect to have their problem analyzed and fixed in not more than 20min-24h depending on the issue. Social media is your chance to maybe clean up your reputation of slow response.
  7. A Strong Social Media Presence Builds Brand Loyalty: A report published by Texas Tech University found that brands with active social media profiles have more loyal customers.
  8. You Can Directly Find Potential Customers Who Don’t Know Your Brand: You can easily find people that have questions about something in particular or that are looking for help in something. Because of that easy access to these people you can pitch them with an ad or a solution that will show them how your company can help them.
  9. Social Media Marketing Will Get You More Sales: 70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired customers through Facebook and 84% of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions.
  10. The ROI On Social Media Ads Are Unbeatable: By boosting the right social media posts, you can bring in a lot of traffic at a fraction of the cost of targeted Google ads.

Free Social Media Traffic

How Can I Get Free Traffic From Social Media

Method #1:

  1. Create a Facebook page, LinkedIn account, and a Twitter account
  2. Join as many groups related to your industry as possible on Facebook (ex: dog business = dog lover groups)
  3. Follow and Add as many people on LinkedIn as you can.
  4. Follow relevant people to your business on twitter and try to grow your following as large as possible
  5. Every time you have a new article post it immediately on all your platforms
  6. Share all your articles into the all the facebook groups you joined with a good exciting short description/caption
  7. Post consistently good content to keep your followers updated

Tip: Don’t just post just because of the sake of posting. Post good relevant content with high-quality images/videos even if it means just posting once a week.

Method #2:

  1. Go to Buzzsumo
  2. Search relevant content to your business or relevant to your most recent article
  3. Click on “view sharers”
  4. Email all of them and present them with your new updated article on the similar subject with more information

Social Media Marketing


Therefore, as you can see, social media is a great marketing tool for all business big or small. By building your brand and your following on all of these platforms you will be getting free traffic to your website on a daily basis.

With the rise of technology, people are more likely to be looking for a business online than in the newspaper or on the radio. All of these platforms are free because all of there revenue comes from the ads on their platform. Social media ad spends doubled from 2014 to 2016 going from 16 billion to over 31 billion.

So let’s take full advantage of this growing era of social media and make sure to hop the money train before it’s too late.

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