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How to Find Copywriting Work at Home: 15 Best Sites To Find Writing Jobs

Copywriting is a decent way to make a living from anywhere. If you know where to look, there’s plenty of jobs to be had, and you don’t need an advanced degree (or any professional qualification, for that matter) to do it. To begin, you don’t even need to be a professional. There are easy ways to improve quickly when building a strong customer base. What is the issue? Wage disparities can be ridiculous.

You might assume that copywriting entails writing copy for corporations, but it entails much more. Copywriting is the art of persuasion. Emails, blogs, video scripts, commercials, white papers, presentations, product descriptions, and more, all need it. There’s a tried-and-true method for doing it properly.

If you’re new to copywriting, I recommend that you start tiny while looking for work.

Since a copywriting job always has a ton going on it, businesses want to employ and compensate more experienced copywriters.

That doesn’t rule out the possibility of having a few novices’ copywriting jobs to kickstart your copywriting career.

Thanks to an ever-increasing need for better copywriters, finding well-paying copywriting work is simpler than before.

Who are Copywriters and what do they do?

Copywriting jobs

Copywriters want to convince readers to purchase something or do something else that has to do with sales. You could write a bunch of emails to get viewers to sign up for a digital product, or you could write an infomercial video script.

 In copywriting careers, you’ll have to work hard to arouse people’s imagination and persuade them to take action. As a writer, you can focus on honing your selling and sales skills rather than on literary ability, grammar, or sentence forming.

Blogging or product marketing is not the same as copywriting. That’s how you make engaging material like the one you’re looking at right now. Don’t mistake me, there are other writings that firms and organizations compensate for, but don’t send it off, but copywriting is a certain genre.

Copywriters must build a portfolio. But one must not spend months creating content for a costly website.  No one is going to notice it. When anyone wants to see your performance, you just need to show examples. What is the simplest method? Add all of your posts as ‘publications’ to your LinkedIn Profile page.

How much do Copywriters earn?

Copywriting earnings

Do not be manipulated by the average incomes you perceive on the internet. According to MoneyConnexion, there is a great demand for copywriters in 2021. Although it’s accurate that copywriters at the beginner’s phase secure not a significant amount, if you commit to it and strive, you will get to six figures.

After a few months of hard work, you will make a pittance. To reach $100,000, it normally takes a year or longer.  Making a sufficient income online by business as well as independent copywriting positions is a result of a combination of proper networking and a ton of writing.

It’s not very hard to find a copywriting job. At first, you may earn between $0.02 and $0.11 per term. If you take the first job that comes your way, you’ll be on the lower end of the scale. Finding better-paying jobs takes some time, but the additional effort pays off in higher wages. However, don’t stay at a beginner copywriting job for more than four months. You simply must make some cash while gaining some street cred. And later on, progress to greater compensating freelance copywriting assignments.

Where to Find Writing Jobs?

You can now compose from everywhere and be compensated for your efforts. Online writing jobs that pay well are available in any city, whether it’s Chicago, San Francisco, or New York. Wise authors, on the other hand, know-how and where to search.

Rather than playing the social game and wishing for references, or creating content and wishing anything comes up on its own with time, certain freelance journalist websites post hundreds of freelance copywriting jobs at your disposal right now.

Set up job updates on famous writing websites to stay informed about the best writing opportunities.

Below, I have provided the top 15 freelance copywriting job-providing websites.

15 Best Sites to Find Jobs for Writing

1. Upwork


ODesk and Elance, two of the biggest freelance work sites at the point, merged to form an online freelancing website. Upwork, which currently has over 10 million freelancers, 5 million employers, and 3 million freelance career postings every year, is the outcome.

Upwork is a website for freelance writing workers. Upwork which specializes in freelance careers, makes it simple to search, train, and collaborate with the best professionals all across the globe.

This is a decent place to start if you’re looking for creative writing work, holiday card writing assignments, or medical writing ventures.

Depending on your account type, Upwork charges a nominal fee. This starts at 20% for the first $500 billed and declines to 5% after you reach $10,000 in lifetime billing.

Because of the complicated bidding system, new freelancers can find it difficult to make a good living at first.

2. Contena

They have a tool called a writing career finder that gathers the best freelance writing jobs from all over the internet. Then you should browse and dig through them to find the right prospects, whether it’s a full-time eBook writing job paying $7,000 per month or a blog post in the athletics field.

This saves you a lot of time compared to searching for work on a bunch of alternative websites.

However, their regular Updates emails save you much more effort by sending you the jobs that fit your standards, such as prices and category.

3. Contently


It’s another creative writing agency that links freelancers to larger brands for which they would otherwise struggle to find work.

To do so, they put in a lot of effort to test potential freelancers who enter their network and pick the best ones to invite to different employment opportunities.

To get started, you’ll need a strong portfolio, and you simply wouldn’t be able to be as involved in the job quest as you can on other sites.

However, the tradeoff comes with the chance to work on greater-pay campaigns with major brands.

As a result, this freelance writing website is ideally suited for professional authors looking to broaden their existing job search.

4. SolidGigs

SolidGigs is for you whether you’re dreaming of writing as a second job or if you’re a full-time freelancer with far too much on your plate that you don’t even have the opportunity to look for potential copywriting employment.

SolidGigs’ staff sifts through hundreds of freelance and work-from-home writing work pages and selects only the top 1-2 percent of positions.

They also offer workshops, models, scripts, and other tools to assist you in landing your first copywriting task.

5. FlexJob


FlexJobs is a good place to look if you’re searching for copywriting jobs that are versatile and suited to your personal circumstances.

You may filter positions on the FlexJobs platform by a variety of factors, such as location (which include work-from-home opportunities), investment of time, and very basic categories, such as copywriting.

Many of the work on FlexJobs are screened and verified, ensuring no fraud or low-paying gigs.

This is ideal for more seasoned freelance authors who don’t want to spend time sorting through garbage. However, if you’re just getting started and requirements to develop a portfolio, you’ll have a tough time seeking work that can help you do so.

Through their personalized career hunt, FlexJobs makes it simple to find the ideal job for everyone.

Flexjobs is roughly $14.95 a month or $49.95 a year.

6. Textbroker

Textbroker is a freelance writing website that works in a similar manner to a major agency.

They screen freelance writers for accuracy and grant you connections to their customers’ product descriptions and other writing work.

It’s absolutely free to sign up as a writer. All you have to do is check your U.S. citizenship and upload a writing portfolio. They’ll rate you on a scale of 2 to 5, and then you’re good to go.

You may also join a group of other authors to be contracted together, or have clients submit your work individually, all while Textbroker handles the payment and project workflow management.

Much of this is perfect for newcomers, but more seasoned authors would definitely want to look elsewhere due to the low compensation.

7.  ProBlogger

ProBlogger Jobs

Although the Problogger job board is mainly for authors, it does sometimes feature copywriting positions.

The reason for this is that the boundaries between editorial and marketing writing are being increasingly hazy. A blog post may sometimes be a well-veiled piece of propaganda, attempting to persuade a reader to take some kind of market move.

You’ll have no trouble seeking lucrative copywriting work on Problogger if you can skillfully strike a balance between editorial and marketing writing.

There’s no need to register, just look for a position that attracts you and submit an application. However, you can join their Candidate dashboard, which is free, to submit your cv, handle applications, and get work updates.

Since the jobs aren’t reviewed, you should do your own research.

8. Freelancer

You’ve to build a profile, apply for work, get recruited and paid via their website, and then repeat the process.

For experienced freelancers who can depend on their current resumes, reviews, and sales experience, it may not be quite appealing. However, it’s ideal for young freelance authors because it allows them to develop their resumes while still offering a chance to get paid despite requiring an amount of expertise.

The drawbacks are the fees. For your first eight bids per month, you’ll have to pay to register for work. You’ll have to compensate 10% on all hours and project fees billed by them.

9. Constant Content

Constant Content

Constant Content has assisted thousands of companies in finding freelance authors to produce all types of online content, including social media articles and product descriptions to blog articles and electronic books.

To apply for freelance writing jobs on Constant Material, you must first build a profile to highlight your knowledge and qualifications, then take a test and upload a writing sample.

If you are accepted, you will be able to contribute to ventures that attract you, work alone or as part of a group, and develop credibility that will lead to companies requesting to partner with you.

All in all, it’s an excellent place to begin to create a solid volume of work for you.

However, it does not encourage you to approach the businesses with which you work outside of their website. As a result, you will be unable to develop your own client relationships in order to extend your position or obtain recommendations.

10. Guru

It is another large freelance work marketplace. You build a profile, apply for positions, get hired, and get paid via the website. It is like Upwork

Their Guru WorkRooms support you in handling correspondence on all your tasks, as well as their regular job matches, allow you to spend less time looking for possible jobs and more time applying to, winning, and working on projects.

However, you would have to pay for using their website to find clients. Comparatively, they had the least amount of freelance writing jobs open out of the big three freelancing job sites.

11.  Writer Access

It is also a service that provides authors with the means to online freelance work.

Companies enter their forum to commission content ranging from guest posts to case reports, online articles, and email marketing messages.

You’ll begin by making an account and doing a writing exam, which will be graded by their team on a scale of 2 to 6.

This star ranking decides the types of tasks you can do and how much you can receive from their website.

If you did not receive the star rating that you think you deserve, you can always boost it over time by doing excellent work and receiving excellent client feedback.

12.  BloggingPro

Blogging Pro

Another free online Copywriting job portal is BloggingPro. It’s completely free to search for and apply to positions that you’re interested in based on work position and contract duration.

However, since there is no customer screening procedure in place, you must exercise caution in order to avoid being a victim of fraud. And you’ll apply individually to new employers, so there won’t be a single hiring process. Some may request a resume, others may request portfolio samples, and others may have a form of request that you contact them.

13.  FreelanceWriting

There’s no need to register. You must simply search their carefully curated list of available positions and sort by source, qualifications required, position (including work from home writing jobs), keyword, and date listed.

Another useful aspect of Freelance Writing’s website is that it has a list of writing competitions from across the web.

It is a website that includes jobs in copywriting, content writing, and blogging from platforms such as CraigsList, Indeed, and BloggingPro.

There’s no need to register. You must simply search their carefully curated list of available positions and sort by source, qualifications required, position (including work from home writing jobs), keyword, and date listed.

Another useful aspect of Freelance Writing’s website is that it has a list of writing competitions from across the web.

14. MediaBistro


It’s a good freelance writing jobs platform for those wanting to connect with media organizations directly.

Consider HBO, digital media outlets such as very well, and old-school newspapers such as the Daily Mail.

They also have a subscription program that gives you access to online classes that help you improve your knowledge, as well as resources that help you persuade editors and highlight your content, as well as rewards like tickets to business events and a complimentary LinkedIn profile review.

15.  ClearVoice

ClearVoice is another place to look at if you’re looking for copywriting work. ClearVoice has a lot of blogging writing work, but since they’re a packed marketing company, they still have copywriting jobs.


It will require a great deal of learning, dedication, and practice to become a competent copywriter. Understanding what types of copywriting turns readers into consumers is both a science as well as an art, so don’t pretend to be an expert straight away.

You’ll be able to apply for and obtain more valuable copywriting positions while you demonstrate your worth to employers or companies over time. If you believe you have a career in copywriting, you should devote your efforts solely to seeking and obtaining copywriting work.

Although many authors struggle to juggle a variety of remote writing tasks, those who want to concentrate can achieve greater long-term outcomes and Copywrite is more of a selling function than a writing function.

Anybody who can write can seek copywriting work online, whether they are remote or freelance. Now since you understand how to be a copywriter, go out there and submit applications for a few copywriter positions, set up 14-15 samples of your writing, and gradually increase your prices. You would be ready for business. Greetings to one of the world’s most enjoyable job opportunities.

About the Author

Alice Feltchhas been working with writing challenged clients for over three years. She’s passionate about blogging and writes web content for a variety of clients. She is currently dedicated to Online Jobs Academy as a gig worker, she understands the benefits and challenges of the industry. Blogging about education and career regarding ideas to grow is something that he loves doing. 

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