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How to Advertise on Instagram: Step-By-Step Guide

Instagram offers incredible opportunities to all sizes of  businesses to reach their audience.

Be that as it may, as an ever-increasing number of brands join Instagram, and the feed turns out to be progressively focused, it may be harder to stand out.

Envision having the option to arrive at the particular gatherings of Instagram users you need to connect with, draw in them, and convert them into customers.

Why use Instagram ads?

Since Instagram launched advertising on its foundation in 2015, Instagram advertisements have driven more than one billion user actions. What’s more, merely a year ago, it dramatically increased its sponsor base in a half year to 500,000 advertisers.

An overview by Strata in 2016 found that 63 percent of US advertisement organization experts intended to utilize Instagram to advertise their customers. It is a considerable jump from 34 percent in the prior year (when Instagram ads were not yet accessible to everybody), making Instagram ads one of the most popular social media advertising choices.


Types of Instagram ads

Instagram offers five ad formats:

  • Stories ads
  • Photo Ad
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Collection Ads

Every one of these ad formats is woven into clients’ Feeds and Stories, offering a non-troublesome user experience.

Instagram additionally offers various kinds of call-to-activities that can assist you in gathering more leads. We’ll incorporate these in the depiction of the advertisement format.

Let’s investigate every one of these ad types and perceive how they work.

1. Stories Ads

Instagram Stories Ads

Call-to-Action Buttons

  • Apply Now
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Call Now (video only)
  • Download

Instagram Stories Ads are full-screen ads that show up between users’ Stories. With 500 million Instagram users seeing stories every day, you can reach a massive crowd with your advertisement!

With Stories advertisements, you can focus on your audience and pick how regularly they see your ads. Stories terminate after 24 hours, and they’re the perfect arrangement for the time being offers and promotions.

Brands can exploit all Instagram Stories features, including face filters, video effects, and content to make fun and innovative promotions.

It enables you to make Instagram Stories ads that closely resemble your ordinary posts making a seamless experience for your users. The call-to-action appears as a swipe-up include that takes the audience legitimately to your website from your Stories ads.

2. Photo ads

Instagram Photo Ads

Call-to-action buttons

  • Apply Now
  • Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Get Directions
  • Learn More
  • Get Showtimes
  • Download

Photo ads enable brands to feature products and services through convincing pictures.

If you’re already making top-notch visual content, Instagram photo ads give you the platform to share it with considerably more people.

3. Video ads


Call-to-Action Buttons

  • Apply Now
  • Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Download

Instagram users love video.

What’s more, Instagram has observed. That is the reason they’ve made it simpler than at any other time for advertisers to use video for their brands.

4. Carousel ads


Call-to-action buttons

  • Apply Now
  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Call Now
  • Download

Carousel ads let users swipe through a series of images or videos (like a Carousel) with a call-to-actions catch to associate them directly to your website.

They do various cool things:

  • Highlight multiple items
  • share a multi-part story

5. Collection ads


Call-to-action buttons

  • Learn more
  • Purchase

Introduced in early-2018, Instagram Collection ads are a generally new expansion.

How they work is essential: When users see an advertisement from your brand, they’ll have the alternative to buy products straightforwardly from the ads.

They join the intensity of photos, videos, and direct-response marketing all in one incredible advertisement.

How to advertise on Instagram

There are a couple of various ways you can approach advertising on Instagram. Specific routes will include several tools and options than others.

Below, we’re going to walk you through two unique approaches to make an Instagram advertisement:

  • With Facebook Ads Manager
  • With Instagram

How to advertise on Instagram using Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ad Manager lets you create ads that run on both Facebook and Instagram. You could also customize audiences and other features and monitor how your ads are performing. Follow our step-by-step guide to setting up a Facebook Page if you do not own a Facebook Page yet, and you’ll have one up and running right away. Already got a Facebook Page? Great! Here is the way to connect it to the Facebook Business Manager:

  • Go to
  • Click Create Account.
  • Enter a name for your business, select the primary Page, and enter your name and work email address.
  • Move through the rest of the onboarding flow by entering the rest of the required fields.
  • Learn how to add people to the Business Manager.

Step 1: Link your Instagram Account to your Facebook Business Profile

Link your Instagram account to your Facebook Business profile

Click Business Settings. You’ll then be sent to a menu where you can click on Instagram Accounts.


Add your username and password, then click Next.

To authorize one or more of your ad accounts to use the Instagram account, check the box next to each ad account and click Save Changes.

Congrats! You just linked your Instagram account with your Facebook Ads Manager. The fun’s not over yet, though. Now, you’ll create your Instagram ad—which brings us to…

Step 2: Choose your Objective.

To start, go to Ads Manager and click +Create.

Choose the option to create a campaign through “Guided Creation” or “Quick Creation.”


These are two unique kinds of work processes that you can look over to assist you with creating and manage your Facebook advertisement.

  • Guided Creation: Go through the exact steps you should take to create a typical Facebook ad campaign. Guided Creation can be beneficial for newer marketers who’d like a bit more instruction.
  • Quick Creation: It gives you a chance to have more control in making your Facebook advertisement. In case you’re increasingly experienced and have built Facebook advertisements previously, you can pick this one.

For Now, Click on Select Guided Creation. Facebook Ads Manager offers a list of objectives.

  • Brand Awareness: Helps spread your brand to users who haven’t heard of you yet.
  • Reach: Shows your ads to many people.
  • Traffic: Clicks to your website or the app store for your app.
  • App Installs: Get the users to download your app when they see the ad.
  • Engagement: Increases the number of comments, likes, shares, event responses, and offer claims you receive.
  • Video views: Increases the number of views a video receives.
  • Lead generation: Allows you to gather lead data from users who click on the ad.
  • Messages: Get users to send a message to your brand.
  • Conversions: For sales and sign-up conversions on your website or app.
  • Catalog sales: Users see ads for products on your Facebook catalog.
  • Store visits: Helps direct users to brick-and-mortar stores you own.

Step 3: Identify your Audience

The next step is to decide who you want to target with your ad.


Facebook offers a very robust set of targeting options go far and past average statistic data like age, gender, and location. Infact, you can target your audience by whether they’ve:

  • Engaged with your content
  • Watched your videos
  • Follow a specific Facebook group or page
  • Subscribed to your newsletter
  • Downloaded your app
  • Visited your website

This enables you to make duplicate and messaging that particularly applies to your potential client.

Step 4: Select your ad Placements.

In the Placements segment, you can choose where your advertisement will show up on Facebook and Instagram.


Automatic Placements:

Your advertisements will appear to your audience. They’re probably going to perform best. It’s for the most recommend to run your ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

Edit Placements:

You’ll be able to pick and choose where your ad appears.

Step 5: Choose your Budget and Schedule.

You may pick a Daily Budget, which offers the most extreme every day spend, or a Lifetime Budget for an advertisement with a set life expectancy. You can also choose to run ads continuously, or just on specific occasions of day.


Step 6: Create your ads

Now it’s an excellent opportunity to make the real advertisement.

In the first place, you’re going to need to pick a Facebook page to connect you advertise with. Facebook won’t let you make an advertisement without a page.


Once you’ve done that, you can now choose one of five formats for how you want your ad to look.

Consider Each Point:

  • Choose your pictures or video
  • Craft your ad copy
  • Pick a payment option
  • Review your ad
  • Click Confirm

Facebook has a manual for Instagram advertisement format with every one of the particulars and design requirement you have to ensure your ads looks excellent. The Ads Manager additionally shows the specific configuration necessities as you select your images or videos.

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You can also choose a call-to-action button and the goal URL that individuals will reach when they click on it.

Click Show advanced choices if you need to follow a track conversion through a Facebook pixel on your site, or an application occasion. These alternatives will give you information about how your audience communicates with your business after clicking on your ads.

When you’ve clicked, Confirm, well done! You’ve recently made your first Instagram advertisement.

How to advertise on Instagram using the Instagram App

Instagram also enables you to advertise directly on their application. You promote an existing post on your Instagram profile.

If you have a post that is performing admirably and getting bunches of engagement, promoting it inside the application is a quick, simple technique to reach many more clients.

You’ll have to have a business profile on Instagram set up as of now to do this. However, when you do, you’ll have the option to promote any post on your feed effortlessly.

First, go to the post you need to promote then click Promote under the post. You just prompted to log in to your Facebook account for authentication. From there, select your goal.

You can also add a call-to-action button, similar to Shop Now or Sign Up. Whenever chose, this will show up below the image or video in your post.

Instagram can choose a default audience for your ad, or you can make a unique audience for the post by selecting targeted on interests, locations, and demographics.

Finally, Choose your spending limit and advertisement duration and hit Create Promotion. That is it! You can monitor the results of these in-application promotions in your Facebook Ads Manager, alongside the entirety of your other Instagram advertising.

Instagram Advertising Tips

Now you have all the specialized skills necessary to make an Instagram ad. In any case, incredible ads are an art, not a science.

Here are a few things to remember while making a promotion that draws in and delights users.

Know your Audience

An excellent social media ad is resolved before you even settle on the images or copy. That’s why when you realize you’re audience well, you’re ready to create messaging that connects with them.

That is the reason it’s so significant to know your audience profoundly and personally before you start promoting them.

Use Text Wisely

An image merits a thousand words—and that is something to be thankful for, you can’t utilize that much content in your Instagram advertisements. Utilize your inscription character check (2,200 for most posts) wisely, and remember your audience personas in mind.

Use Hashtags

If you are adding hashtags to an Instagram post boots engagement by 12.6% on average, also, a branded hashtag (one that is one of a kind to your company or campaign) can boost engagement and awareness.

You can utilize something like 30 hashtags on each post, however, consider the quality amount. Attempt hashtags that are app to your audience and well known in your industry.


You can split your interactions with users via social media into two classifications:

Receptive Engagement: When you react to comments, mentions, and direct messages on social media.

Proactive Engagement: When you make the first move and engage in with different users. It’s particularly useful for expanding the buzz around specific campaigns or product launches.

Make sure to do both as people respond and engage with your advertisements. This will build your brand and let individuals realize that you’re something beyond another nondescript brand.


Instagram ads can be beneficial whenever done right. Ideally, utilizing this How to Advertise on Instagram Guide, you will presently have the option to effectively create or promote Instagram ads that will accomplish their goals.

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