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Hosting24: Is it the Perfect Definition of Affordable & Premium Shared Hosting Service?

When it comes to hosting your website, cost is the first thing that comes to mind. Everyone desires to have affordable costs for premium-quality hosting services. And it can be a challenge to find a web host that offers the best of both worlds. This is where Hosting24 stands out from the crowd.

Premium Web Hosting

Hosting24 seems to tick all the boxes if you are looking for a premium hosting service at affordable prices. This review explores what this web host has to offer and at what price, and whether it meets the definition of affordable, premium hosting service provider or not.

Shared hosting plans are the most popular web hosting packages and Hosting24 offers 100GB bandwidth and 10GB of storage space to start with. And when you consider the plan price at $2.15/mo, it seems just the perfect start for any website. 10GB of space is more than enough for an average-sized site.

And starting from just $3.49/mo, the web host offers plans with unlimited resources.

What Do their Shared Hosting Packages Offer?

Hosting24 offers hosting solutions for both beginners and advanced users. The shared hosting packages are perfect for beginners who need one-click script installers and affordable prices.

The company offers Linux shared hosting packages, which is the reason they are able to keep the costs down without affecting the service quality. And as your needs grow, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan with more resources.

The key attributes of this web hosting provider include:

  • Easy scalability
  • Some unique features
  • Powerful hosting servers & latest technology

The web host also provides domain registration services. A free domain checker allows you to search for the best domain name for your site.

The main advantages of choosing its web hosting services are as follows:

1. Disk Space

The starting plan, ‘Single Web Hosting’ package, costs $2.15 per month and offers you 10GB of space to host your website and database. That is enough storage space for an average website. A blog with thousands of posts shouldn’t have any difficulty.

hosting disk space

But there is unlimited SSD disk space for the ‘Premium Web Hosting’ plan that costs just $3.45 a month and if you have multiple websites and databases and need free domain name and SSL certificates for your site, the ‘Business Web Hosting’ package is the perfect option starting from $7.95 per month.

If you have multiple websites or online stores, the Business Web Hosting plan is the perfect option.

2. Number of Websites

Whether you want to host a single website or multiple websites, Hosting24 allows you to choose a plan for hosting just one website or unlimited number of websites.

The Single Web Hosting Plan, as the name suggests, allows you to host just one website. If you have a blog, this may just be the perfect plan for you.

The Premium and Business Web Hosting plans let you to host any number of websites.

3. Bandwidth

100GB of bandwidth for a plan starting from just over two dollars sounds decent enough. And if you can afford just a little more, there is unlimited bandwidth on offer.

Host multiple websites having high-volume traffic and this web host can handle them with ease. Since this is a shared hosting plan, there is certainly a cap on how much the server can handle. Hosting24 offers VPS plans starting from just $8.52/mo that offers minimum 1,000GB of bandwidth.

Premium Hosting Plans

4. 99.9% Uptime

If anything else, the most important thing for a webmaster is to have their website up and running at all times. Hosting24 claims to have excellent uptimes by industry standards. Even with affordable plans starting from just $2.15/mo, their uptime is at 99.9%.

The web host has a monitoring system and any downtime generates an instant alert. They rely on an advanced datacenter that has zero network downtime. And the entire system is backed up by dual tech system architecture.

5. Free Domain

The Premium and Business shared hosting plans offer a free domain name. The domain name is available with annual plan. Hosting24 is an accredited ICANN domain registrar.

If you are going to host a new website, it will be required to purchase a domain name. This web host offers free domain name service when you sign-up for annual service.

6. Site Builder & Management

All shared hosting plans are offered with the most popular control panel, cPanel. And Hosting24’s Easy site builder simplifies the process of site building for everyone including beginners. The single-click script installer allows you to install applications including WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and hundreds others.

This web host also offers cPanel hosting services. Choose between the Silver and Gold plans that come with unlimited resources.

cPanel Web Hosting

7. Unlimited MySQL Databases

Host unlimited MySQL databases on your Premium and Business shared hosting plans. And if you have a single database, you can host it in the Single Web Hosting plan. Hosting24 offers support for latest MySQL version and there is virtually no cap on how many databases can be hosted.

8. Customer Service

When a web host states that they are on a mission to help their clients become the “most successful webmaster”, they are expected to put in some extra effort in not just their product offering, but also in their customer service.

And Hosting24 has even termed its customer support team as “Customer Success” team. It is available around the clock and all 365 days of the year. The contact modes include ticket system and Live Chat. There is also an elaborate knowledge base.

Those signing-up for Business web hosting plan have access to the ‘Deluxe’ live support service where you don’t have to wait in line.

The lack of a phone number is concerning. Usually, most web hosts will offer phone numbers, even if a toll-free number is not available.

9. Email Accounts

Having email accounts associated with your domain name makes a huge impact on your target audience. It is a sign of professionalism.

All shared hosting plans from Hosting24 come with email accounts. The Single Web Hosting plan supports just a single email account, but the other two accounts allow you to host any number of email accounts.

So you can create an email account for different departments – marketing, sales, accounts, customer service, and others without having to pay additionally. Reliable cloud SMTP delivery further helps ensure that there is not potential for blacklisting, thus guaranteeing reliable email delivery every time.

10. Security

If you are hosting an online store or a website where your visitors have to provide their personal or financial details, they will want to be fully assured about your site’s security systems. Having an SSL certificate can go a long way in adding credibility to your site.

The ‘Business’ plan offers free SSL certificate. However, if you are choosing the more affordable shared hosting plans, you can purchase SSL certificate for lifetime for just $9.99.

The security certificate not only protects your visitors’ data, it also plays an important role in your site’s search engine rankings.

11. Backups

When you host a website, backup is something that cannot be compromised upon. Hosting24 offers weekly backups on its Single and Premium shared hosting plans. That may not always be the most reliable option for those who host new content every day.

There are two options for those choosing shared hosting service from this web host.

  • Sign-up for the Business Web Hosting plan at $7.95/mo and get daily automatic backups
  • Pay an additional $1.29/mo for your Single or Premium Web Hosting plan and get daily backups

12. Free Site Transfer Service

Moving your website to a new host can be a headache. It is a big reason why many webmasters are stuck with their existing hosting service provider. Hosting24’s support team is always ready to help you with migration.

Unlimited FTP users are supported on its Premium and Business shared hosting plans and a single FTP user on the ‘Single’ shared hosting plan.

Premium Hosting Features

About Hosting24

Hosting24 has been in existence since 2005 and it has been consistently delivering ‘value’ hosting solutions. The digit ‘24’ in its name seems synonymous with its uptime of 99.9%, which is quite reliable.

Its shared hosting plans are quite affordable. In fact, they are the perfect definition of affordable, premium hosting. The company also offers VPS and reseller hosting services. Its VPS plans are also affordable and start from just over $8 a month. The point that the company is also an accredited ICANN registrar adds more credibility to its name.

Money –Back Guarantee

This web host offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and it is expected that there is some solid reason why they have this offer. The use of advanced server technology and the latest technologies available in the industry, makes their services highly reliable. The affordable shared hosting plans along with ample resources (backed by the reliable technology), mean that you may never have to ask for a cash-back. However, if you are still not satisfied after using their services, you can avail the money-back offer.

Thus, Hosting24’s shared hosting solutions sit perfectly into the definition of affordable and premium hosting service. Everyone from a beginner to an advanced user can find plans and solutions to meet their requirements with this web host. And the free domain service adds even more value to its services.



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