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Growth Hacking: How to Manage Your Online Reputation

Reputation Builder:

An easy way to build your Online Reputation and GROW Your Business

In the digital era, no one is protected from criticism or negative reviews anymore.  It is obvious that everyone has the right to express their voice or share some words about your brand and believe me, They Will!

You can have a stellar branding strategy, but the reputation that follows you is the fuel to rocket past the competition and allow massive growth.

Growth Hacking via social media sites is an incredibly powerful venue, but along with that comes more and more reputation exposure.  Positive or negative, a reputation can either enable a company’s revenue to soar OR conversely drop it into the basement and threaten total closure.  Having a solid reputation is crucial to business success, especially for any online business that has the power to reach millions each day.

Growth Hacking Reputation Management

There are a bulk number of review sites that allow users to share their experience about your offerings that includes:

  1. Did they like your product/service?
  2. Are you satisfied with it?
  3. Would they recommend it to others?

Growth Hacking and Reputation

Potential customers can (and do) quickly change their purchase decisions when they see bad reviews, negative posts and comments. If your online reputation is bad, no one would want to associate with your company or buy products/services from you. A brand’s reputation can make or break the company. A positive online reputation builds loyalty and increases customer confidence in your brand and product, ultimately driving sales and bottom-line growth.

FACT: 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.Click To Tweet

(Source: Forbes Dec 2015.)

Improve Your Online Reputation with – Whitespark’s Reputation Builder

Your reputation precedes you – online. Thanks to the Whitespark’s Reputation builder you can make sure that your online reputation is positive and instills a sense of trust in potential clients who are searching for a product or new service provider on the internet. It helps you to gain more positive reviews, catch negative feedback and gather testimonials with ease. It allows you to keep track of your current reviews and nurture new ones, so you build a glowing online reputation that keeps attracting customers to your door.


  • In-depth customer reporting
  • Analytical dashboard which helps to track leads and client activity
  • Integration with website – give client easy access to review the sites
  • Online review notification system which helps to notify you anytime when you get a review



  • Target review sites that have an impact
  • Simplify the process for your customers to leave you online reviews and feedback
  • 100% scalable, web based and even works on mobile devices
  • It also includes testimonial widget, email support, and advanced reporting feature.
  • Smart filter that sort negative and positive feedback instantly and automatically
  • Keep a record of all feedback given and contact of customers
  • Let you manage everything from one single place

Benefits of using Reputation Builder:

Reputation builder can give you more control over your business’destiny, more loyal customers and more power with a simple yet inexpensive solution.

It Boost your SEO dollars: Google has become the first place for customers before deciding where to spend their hard-earned dollars. Whether it’s a brand, a service, a product or a person, there’s no shortage of information to be found online. If your business shows up with bad reviews you will definitely lose your customers. Reputation Builder uses a special SEO friendly strategy that helps your business rise in search engine rankings and boosts your SEO dollars.

The testimonial Widget: It is the most awesome feature of the reputation builder which enables you to highlight the most favorite or best feedback to the website or social media. So that when the customers search for information about your company or brand they will read some great words that you want them to read.

Handle negative Reviews before they go live: When a customer is not happy with the purchase he/she is more prone to post a negative feedback. Whatever the case may be, a negative review can divert your potential clients and decrease your sales. Reputation builder feedback system filters the negative reviews and provides you an opportunity to make it right before the review goes live.

Of all executives, 87 percent rate reputation risk as more important or much more important than other strategic risks their companies are facing.Click To Tweet

Collect hard-to-come-by positive Reviews: According to a marketing survey, it was revealed that happy or satisfied are less likely to post a review as compared to the angry customers – which makes the situation even more challenging for companies. Reputation builder makes this job easier. It influences happy customers to leave feedback so that you can build an impressive collection of positive reviews.

Reputation builder is Easy to Use: Let’s be honest, nobody wants to spend his significant time in managing complicated or sophisticated software. On the other hand, reputation Builder is very simple and doesn’t require any specialized skill. It is automated, easy to use and allow you to spend more time in developing your business rather than managing the customer feedbacks. All you have to do is just add customers email addresses and name into the dashboard and the system will take care of the next activities.

It is affordable: You don’t need to spend huge sum of money to avail this tool. Probably one of the biggest advantages of this reputation builder is that it is affordable and is specifically designed to support smaller businesses.

More referrals and repeat business: Reputation builder can help you to identify who are your regular customers, promoters so you can take extra special care of them and help them to spread the word about your brand or business.

Growth Automated Review Process

Save your time with Reputation Builder: As a business owner or entrepreneur, you have to wear different hats. Who has enough time to keep looking for reviews, email marketing campaigns, sorting through all the feedback and follow up notifications? Don’t worry, because reputation builder has it completely automated. It saves your valuable time by automatically sending the reminders, emails, notifications, follow up messages, thank you responses and much more.

Other Benefits:

  • It is completely secure and protected.
  • It can help you drastically GROW more business and provide valuable feedback.
  • It is also mobile friendly, so your customers don’t have to switch on the old desktop systems to access this.

Get set up with this robust automated reputation management solution and add this solution to your growth hacking strategy and you will start receiving more online reviews, customer feedback and testimonials with ease..!


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