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Getting Started with the Top Affiliate Programs

Whether you’re here to discover the top affiliate programs online OR you’re a total newbie and just looking for information on how to start your first website and create a home-based business opportunity, you’re in the right place. Pure Residuals is not only the training ground or resource warehouse for the experienced, but also the total newbie (please don’t take that the wrong way, we ALL had to begin somewhere).

So, if you’re an experienced online marketer, you’ll likely want to skip this page and go on the reviews pages or the best of the Top Affiliate Programs available. Those new to online marketing or simply seeking to make money online for the first time, perhaps earn an extra paycheck, please continue on with this introductory page.

First, let me ask you a Quick Question:

Best Affiliate ProgramsWhat is it – the single most crucial aspect of an online business that is holding you back?Best Affiliate Programs Online

This question is actually from me, P.j., to you, directly. Think about it.

Is it the fear of trying new things?

Is it the fear of failing at something yet again?

I, personally would love to hear exactly what you think. Not only will it help this site be better, it will help me and other readers understand and Not feel alone. Feel free to comment below!

Perhaps, like many of us, your lack of success is seriously from trying scam after scam and being totally taken, but now, many of us have taken the bumps and bruises, learned and are actually making a nice income online. If you follow our guidance, I guarantee you will also.

Creating a SUCCESSFUL online business really only require a total of THREE things:

1   Your Own Website

No, not some website hanging off a major website that’s tagged with your name. A fully-blown professional website that is just yours and yours alone and you remain in full control of every aspect. You can change every graphic image, every typed word and every video.

2   Training

You will learn how to build this fully-featured professional website, how to market it effectively with your own advertisements and how to bring website traffic (customers) to it for your effort-earning revenue (money in YOUR pocket).

3  Expert Assistance

Having a successful online coach, mentor or whatever you wish to call them is simply just good business sense. Think of us as the Sherpas of the journey. We can’t do all the work for you, but we can certainly help guide you up the mountain. And, if you follow our guidance, you WILL survive and reach the summit.

What Do Six-Figure Online Earners Do?

online marketing trainingWell, they certainly didn’t sit around and have others work for them. They developed a business from zero and nurtured it until it became their online virtual real estate, cash generating machine. But, they learned through gaining knowledge, discipline and motivation. And, you’ll have to learn too.

Knowledge IS power and we’re here to help you gain the knowledge you need to break the 9 to 5 mold and succeed where others have failed.

It will take learning the mechanics of online marketing. Do you think Arnold Palmer just became a history making golf professional overnight? Nope, he had to study the mechanics of golf, practice, tweak things and practice some more. But, he improved each time and reached history making success.

And, Arnold Palmer’s success is a result of proper training and a solid foundation of knowledge and proper practice.

There are hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of so-called business opportunities online. It can be a daunting task to find the few jewels in the online marketspace that actually do work and won’t break your bank. Yes, there are many that can and do work, but require a ton of money upfront. But, there are far, far fewer that you can begin and earn a true residual (passive or recurring) monthly commission with very little or even zero money upfront.

Now, let’s be clear about one thing. Pure Residuals isn’t here to hype-up some already hyped online business or throw you a curveball in any way. Most of us have been down that road and lost a small fortune on the programs that we tried in the past. So, we’re not out to get anyone or make money off the efforts of others. That’s the sign of a real scam.  We are looking for like-minded individuals with a sincere desire to succeed and can think outside what the mainstream media is portraying as the only avenue to earn a living.

My dad used to say:

Best Affiliate Programs If you work hard and be honest, you will be rewarded.  Best Affiliate Programs Online

It’s just good karma.

We want to give you the most honest evaluation of every online business that works or those getting a lot of hype and stealing the hopes and dreams of innocent hard-working people.

Okay, again, with the myriad of programs out there and the mass media available via the Net and social media marketing, there is a huge amount of mass confusion and hysteria over what to try in order to make money online and reduce your risks. That’s what this site is all about.

Beyond that, we will show you the best online businesses that not only can earn you money, but can earn you residual income – month in and month out. Income that grows – not dependent so much on how much you sold that week, but actually grows monthly as you put in the work. Heck, you can even take a month off if you wish and it will simply remain the same incoming amount that month and then continue to increase when you return and make a few more sales.  The key to real passive, recurring or residual income is  doing the work once and getting paid again and again.

Well, lets not get in too deep with the commissions, recurring or otherwise. First, lets take care of a few basics…..

Pure Residuals wants to help you put together a FIRM foundation on your online marketing education. We’ll put you on the PROPER path to success

We also were on a very strict budget at one time or another and know what it means to begin with a totally new conceptual business that can grow and evolve, educate others and create an income for YOU.

So, what if you were able to EARN while you learn ?

What if you were just like Arnold Palmer, coming out of high school, making a monthly income WHILE you were perfecting your golf swing and practicing for the majors?

Remember the three vital things I mentioned above?

With our number top affiliate marketing program, here’s what you will receive without pulling out your credit card:

Live Support from Experts in the Online Marketing Arena

  • The ability to access me, P.j. Germain and other successful marketers (six figure earners) online each and every day.
  • The number 1 community of 10,000+ users that have been practicing and tweaking their trade for over 10 years
  • Live Chat Support
  • Online Marketing and Professional Website building discussions daily

Your Very Own Website

  • Not just one, but two fully featured WordPress website, fully optimized on state-of-the-art high-speed servers
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right from the start – Ready to Rock!

Perpetual Updated Current Online Marketing Training

  • Immediate access to begin your Entrepreneur Certification
  • Continuously updated training videos unlike any others online
  • Tutorials
  • Classrooms with live assistance
  • Instructor-led courses

This “bootcamp” of knowledge and education has been helping others Successfully build their first (and, for many, second, third and more) cash-earning businesses online. And, no, not just the upper echelons of management like so many scams on the Internet today, but people just starting out, willing to learn and put forth some effort.

You will receive ALL of what I have stated above and MORE for ZERO money, nothing, not a dime, not a penny.

Free Fully Featured Membership

While there are other Top Affiliate Programs out there, we fully stand behind and you can read our Wealthy Affiliate Review .

If you have any questions whatsoever about Getting Started with your new online business, please don’t hesitate to ask below!

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