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Free WordPress All-in-one Marketing Plugin

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Free CRM WordPress

Inbound Marketing and Why You Need It

Inbound marketing is today’s way of engaging clients and attracting new customers to boost your business sales. The free WordPress Marketing Plugin comes with a free HubSpot Customer Relationship Management  (CRM) service that streamlines your business and generates inbound leads from clients.

Inbound marketing can be summed up as the creation and publishing of enticing search engine optimized content. This, in turn, attracts customers as leads and those leads are then converted into sales. Establishing long-lasting customer relationships is key to your continued business success.

Inbound Marketing Hubspot Methodology

With marketing plugin tools it is now easy to follow up on sales with strong technical support and powerful ‘Call-To-Action’ strategies (CTA’s). The free WordPress Marketing plugin offers an all-in-one software solution that any member of your team can use easily without any prior tech knowledge. Another key feature for success is web design, be sure the check out: MangoMatter Media

Benefits of WordPress Marketing Plugin:

Hubspot WordPress All-in-One Marketing Plugin

1. Create Leads with Social Media Posts

The WordPress All-in-One marketing plugin makes it easy for your team to publish great SEO contentand follow up the response in analytics. This easy-to-use social media integration tool allows you to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and Google + platforms. Schedule your posts to go out at fixed calendar times or save them as drafts for future ‘On-the-Go’ use. You can change scheduling to send the same post out on different social platforms simultaneously or at staggered times.

2. Follow Leads with Automated Ease

Leads are the rainbows that lead to your pot-of-gold conversions. Whether they are likes and comments on your social media posts, responses to pop up boxes on your web pages, live chat queries, direct contacts, leads can be followed up on to drive and close in on prospective deals. The WordPress all-in-one marketing plugin provides you with access to more comprehensive analytics of your social media campaigns. You can see who interacted with your campaigns, access their social profiles and company details and collate that data into your contact database.

The Free WordPress marketing plugin also enables you to send a series of targeted automated emails to prospective clients leading them to purchase. The automated emails can then be specifically tailored to your clients personalized needs by accessing analytic data from client interaction history.

2. Turn Leads into Conversion with CRM

The WordPress All-in-One Marketing Plugin includes a free Hubspot CRM service. This includes a contact database which gathers your clients personal details, preferences and online interactions into one central location. This data can then be analysed by the HubSpot CRM and grouped into lists. These lists provide the data that will enable your company to target your clients’ needs appropriately and effectively.

Customer Relationship Management Hubspot Free

3. Closing Sales and Growing Relationships

The tools provided by the free WordPress marketing plugin help to close sales and ensure that your relationship with your client blossoms, especially after their order has been completed. You can enhance your valued clients’ level of satisfaction by employing the easy-to-use drag and drop marketing plugin tools to communicate with your customers by:

  • Sending personalized emails with helpful information about the products they are interested in. You now have this knowledge because you have collected it in your CRM contact database. Introduce new services, fantastic products that may attract their attention, bulk- package deals or special offers.
  • Automated emailing: Queue your marketing emails in a series to send to your prospective customers one-by-one, gradually leading them towards a closing agreement.
  • Offering online technical support via live chat or automated chatbot technology. Chat windows can be popups that appear when a cursor hovers over certain piece of text or they can be small text windows in the corner of your screen. Initiate a timed-in chat with customers while they are searching your site to help improve their experience.
  • Creating feedback surveys and reviews with the marketing plugin form tool and automated follow up emails. Ask for customer reviews which you can then post to your site and use as valuable feedback to improve your services and add to your client’s data.
  • Reaching out on your social media platforms with the HubSpot CRM Facebook and Instagram integration software. Create your own customized Facebook and Instagram posts and follow up on their activity. CRM analytics can inform you which posts are attracting which clients to which particular services or products you are offering. The information can be added to your integrated CRM customer database. This will enable you to identify your client specific needs and more precisely tailor your services to them.
  • Pop up Boxes and Banners work well because they are dynamic and attract your potential customers’ attention. They can also offer product or service information, advice, support or sale offers. The WordPress All-in-One Marketing plugin allows you to quickly and easily click and choose from drop down banners, pop ups that slide in from the left or the right or customized forms.

4. Save on Time & Staff

The beauty of having your marketing tools integrated into an all-in-one marketing plugin is that you get to close your deals in less time with less work involved. There will be no longer a need for constant web support to create and manage your WordPress marketing campaigns.

Too often precious leads are lost due to staff handovers, where one team member has left the company or is away from the desk. The free WordPress marketing plugin ensures that handover situations operate seamlessly. Any staff member can access a client’s data and pick up on a lead and follow it with live chat responses, emails or social media comments and messages.

Free CRM for Small Business

Time to get Marketing Streamlined!

Now that you know the benefits of this amazing marketing plugin, it’s time to Download and get Streamlined. Click Here to install your free version of WordPress All-in-One marketing plugin and get your business growing in 2019!

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