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Four Extra Things You Can Do to Promote Your Brand

You’ve gone through all the work to become an entrepreneur and put up the capital to make it happen, but now there’s a new challenge to overcome: competitors

Whether you’re a chef who just started a trendy restaurant or you created the next innovative fitness facility, unless you’re in a small market, odds are pretty good that you’re not alone. Other entrepreneurs share your same passion, and are striving to attain as many loyal customers as possible. 

This means that setting yourself apart and showing that you’re a cut above the rest is absolutely crucial. Consider these options for doing a little extra to ensure that you’re getting the recognition you deserve. 

Create Something New

Have you ever had an idea for an invention? Many people watch shows like Shark Tank and fantasize about creating that perfect new product that makes them a millionaire. But without the actual passion and investment of time and money to make it happen, this often remains just a fantasy. 

Solving a Problem in Your Industry

Here’s why you have an advantage as an entrepreneur– rather than someone on their couch fantasizing about a new product, you’re already in position to know what people need. As an industry leader who’s dealing with client issues on a daily basis, you’re in a better position than anyone to create that next revolutionary product or service. 

Example: Dr. Doneskey Creates The Silent Partner™

Dr. Jeff Doneskey has decades of experience as a dentist, and has branched out to providing treatment for patients who suffer from sleep apnea. For decades, the traditional treatment for this disorder has been CPAP, a mask that forces air through the patient’s airway while they sleep. 

Noticing that this form of treatment caused many problems among patients, Dr. Doneskey saw an opportunity– why not create a solution that’s more comfortable and affordable than the standard option? This led him to create The Silent Partner™, a vastly improved treatment option that’s been approved by the FDA. 

The Silent Partner

Note that it was his experience and deep perspective of the problem that enabled this ingenuity. What problems can you solve in your industry? The answer to this question may lead you to create the next popular product that sets you apart. 

Be Active on All Social Media Platforms

In the third quarter of 2019, Facebook attracted 45 billion active users each month. Instagram also has more than a billion monthly users. And although you may not have heard of TikTok, it’s rapidly rising in popularity with over 500,000 users each month. 

The key takeaway is this: being on one social media site isn’t enough. There are people who use one exclusively, and others who use some combination of social platforms. To truly get your brand out there, it’s crucial to be found on as many of these social media sites as possible. 

Business Page vs Personal Page 

It’s important to note that just because you have a personal profile on a social media site doesn’t mean that your business is also represented on there. Many social sites allow both businesses and individuals to create a profile, and they often provide added benefits for business pages. 

Example: Dr. Vu Kong’s LinkedIn Business Page

Although Dr. Kong has a personal account on LinkedIn, there is value in also using a business page for his practice. Not only is there a lot of marketing potential with a business page, but it serves as a valuable listing for SEO purposes. Ultimately, taking the extra time to ensure that you’re present on as many social media platforms as possible is worth every minute it takes. This simple step could lead to new customers and clients finding your business. 

High Point Dentistry

               For every entrepreneur, there is value in being found on all social platforms.

Being Found vs Being Active

It’s great for your inbound marketing to be present on as many social media outlets as possible, but to truly set yourself apart, you’ll want to become a consistent presence on these sites. Here are some ways to be active and engage your audience on social media: 

  • Post regularly with meaningful, useful information 
  • Join groups in your industry and get deep into business-related discussions
  • See what competitors are doing to make an impact on social media
  • Create a strategy with your social media posts to maximize your time and effort 
  • Strive to be known as an expert on your subject matter to set yourself apart 
  • Make meaningful connections and collaborations with like-minded entrepreneurs 

Make Media Appearances 

Establishing your brand across mass media outlets is just as important as being active on social media. Media platforms provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, with a focus on attracting a new audience.

From featuring on podcasts to appearing in news segments, there are a multitude of ways to get your business in the spotlight. The hardest part? Finding a way to sell your brand to the media that will interest a larger platform. After that, your brand is one giant step closer toward dominating the industry.

The Media is Your Friend

Entrepreneurs have the power to expand their media appearances into larger public relations and branding opportunities. Here are some quick tips that can work for any up-and-coming business mogul: 

  • Give interviews talking about your brand and experience as an entrepreneur 
  • Use media coverage as a credibility reference on your website
  • Make sure you’re searchable online– set up a landing page with your contact info
  • Share your appearance on social media and promote it through email and targeted ads
  • Write articles offering advice to other entrepreneurs

Example: Dr. Timothy Kosinski Tackles It All

Informally known as the expert of dental implants, Dr. Timothy Kosinski took advantage of early press opportunities and video blogging to establish a name for himself. Since then, he’s been featured on a number of podcasts, shows, and news outlets.

Dr. Kosinski’s widespread media presence set him apart from his competitors, while also helping him build a reputable dental practice. When looking for a dentist in the Bingham Farms area, Dr. Kosinski’s smile and personality are unforgettable.

Expert Advice

Start with local media outlets to strengthen your community ties.

Always Continue to Learn

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll be faced with new changes and challenges in your profession which can either make or break your brand. The secret to effective branding is simple– just completely master your industry. Easy enough, right?

It’s important to keep up with the latest trends and advances to build a strong, valuable brand. In order to successfully promote your brand, you have to become an expert in what you’re trying to sell. Even health providers like Dr. Helios Houenou take assorted course programs and stay in touch with colleagues to know what’s relevant.

The more effort you put into learning, the more you can give back to your consumers. 

Researching SEO Strategies 

Most consumers don’t go past the first page of search results, and a majority don’t look beyond the first few results on the page. Fortunately, search engine optimization (SEO) can be a powerful tool for entrepreneurs to gain traction and promote their brand. 

Implementing an SEO strategy can set you apart from your competitors, if done correctly. The first step is to research SEO strategies related to your brand, product, or business. This will not only further your expertise, but it’s an effective way to increase brand awareness. 

What to Think About

When establishing a successful strategy, entrepreneurs should consider these useful tactics:

  • Determine your audience

If you don’t know who you’re marketing to, your business is likely to fail. By defining your target audience, you’re able to pinpoint their needs and desires. This is useful for effectively promoting your brand toward a specific niche.

Finding out what your audience wants is key. Tools like SEM Rush allow you to research keywords and determine what people are searching for. This provides an opportunity to optimize your content to be relevant and include keywords in areas of high visibility. 

Web Traffic Volume

Keyword tools: a valuable widget for conducting brand research.

  • Define your competitors 

Before tackling big business tycoons, start small and determine who your local competitors are. Understand their marketing strategy, compare your businesses, and figure out what’s working for them– by doing so, you’ll be able to surpass them.

As an entrepreneur, being well-versed in your industry and the product you’re trying to sell is essential when marketing your brand. By combining all four tactics–create something new, be active on social media, befriend the media, and learn more– you’ll successfully promote your brand through transparency and expertise.

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