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Cannabis Niche for Affiliate Marketing

The cannabis niche is growing in the last years, and you can earn money in this market without owning a product. Monetize your marketing power by guiding visitors to cannabis related websites and earn commissions for each visitor or sale on those websites. Or sell products via your own website, social media channels or newsletters via affiliate links. Affiliate marketing works exceptionally well in emerging niche markets like the cannabis market. There are many affiliate programs to get started.

Cannabis Niche – An Overview

Cannabis Niche Affiliate Marketing

The legal marijuana market is estimated to worth over 70 billion dollars by 2027. It is an impressive number if we consider that there is a lot of room for new businesses and entrepreneurs in this market. The same applies to the online world. 

While some blogs and YouTube channels already publish content in this niche, the competition is much lower than other alternatives. Also, the growth of this market will help many online businesses to increase their revenue.

The audience of the cannabis niche is extremely passionate. Most blogs and social media accounts have a lot of engagement through comments and shares. So, if a new marketer has an opinion on this topic, many people would love to hear it.

Affiliate Programs

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You can find a wide variety of affiliate programs that you can join and start promoting in this niche. The big marketplaces like Amazon and Clickbank offer different options. Amazon has plenty of physical products, while Clickbank includes guides and digital products.

Then, there are many affiliate programs that focus on only one product. You can use OfferVault that is a search engine for affiliate marketers to find different options. If you have already bought any products in this niche, you can visit their websites to check if they have an affiliate program.

How To Promote Your Affiliate Links In The Cannabis Niche

As an affiliate marketer, you want to figure out ways to promote products and make commissions. There are many types of affiliate marketers, but here are three common ways to get started.

1. Tell your story: Use a trusted source of cannabis information like Soft Secrets. Reach out to your prospects by offering original newsworthy guest posts or buy a sponsored post. This is one of the quickest and most cost effective methods to promote your brand.

Top Affiliate Programs

2. Start A Blog: There are many cannabis blogs because people love to read articles and learn about this topic. You can start a blog that makes reviews on products, publish news, give tips, and more. Your goal is to get ranked on Google for keywords in the cannabis niche and then promote products through your articles.

3. Create A YouTube Channel: Instead of articles, you can create videos if you have no problem to put yourself in front of the camera. You can make informative videos and add your affiliate links in the description below the video.

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4. Social Media Marketing: You can create social media accounts on different platforms, publish interesting or fun content in this niche, and build a following. Once you have enough followers, you can start promoting products. You need to check the rules of each platform before you share your affiliate links.

5. Online Advertisement: Mantis is a small but advanced digital marketing platform dedicated to the developing, legal cannabis industry.


The cannabis niche can be very fun and profitable for affiliate marketers who are already passionate about this topic. They will just write and talk about things they already know, and the opportunities for promotions are unlimited.

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JJ den Ridder: Soft Secrets is the leading source for cannabis cultivation, legalization, culture and entertainment for his dedicated and diverse audience across the globe. The key is to connect people through relevant and current information with the same interest as health, lifestyle and business opportunities that cannabis culture has to offer.

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