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Biggest Local SEO Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid In 2019

In this day and age, especially in the digital area, it’s crucial to rank high in local search results. After all, local businesses need to stay competitive and well-known within their area to ensure that people see them online!

Sure, word of mouth or vibrant signs can catch attention. But with the thousands of people within your area online, SEO becomes a huge part of your marketing strategy. But we all know how confusing it can be, with many business owners making mistakes with local SEO.

2019 Local SEO

That’s why it isn’t only important to know what we should do, but the mistakes to avoid. This can help you figure out what you might be doing wrong and to replace the wrong methods with the right ones. So read on as I show you the four biggest local SEO mistakes business owners should avoid in 2019.

Biggest Local SEO Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid In 2019

So, what are the grave mistakes many business owners do with SEO? Here are the four biggest ones to keep away from:

1. You Aren’t Prioritizing Your Ratings and Reviews

When considering buying from a business, one of the first things you look for is what people think about them. These reviews and ratings play a huge role in local business success, especially now that many consumers review online!

Potential customers and search engines rely on reviews and ratings from businesses’ previous customers. This shows how legitimate business is, with people choosing you over competitors and search engines rank you higher.

So begin collecting and encouraging consumers to write positive reviews for you. Also, make sure to address any negative reviews professionally.

Local SEO Directory Listing

2. You Have no Local Directory Listings

When you want to increase your business’ visibility locally, you’ll need to begin adding yourself to local directory listings. With directory listings collecting all businesses and details in one platform, it makes it easier for searchers to find you based on incredible sources online.

Besides that, adding your business to directory listings provide more mentions about your business online. Search engines will pay close attention to this as they crawl the web. These listings signal you are a legitimate website and business for consumers within the area.

So make sure that you look for all online local directory listings and add your business and contact details. It’s recommended that you also look for directories about your niche and list yourself in popular, well-known directories.

User Friendly Website Design

3. You Don’t Have the User-Friendly Website

I’m not just talking about beautiful and accessible websites for desktop, but mobile phones, too! With the millions of people using their phones and mobile devices to surf the Web, you’ll need to adjust to their needs, too. Your website shouldn’t just be about aesthetics, but with the optimized design that loads quickly, is responsive, and loads fast.

With speedy and navigable websites for desktop and mobile users, search engines see you cater the best for its users. And if you don’t have the good layout and website design, then search engines won’t rank it as high. Furthermore, people won’t want to stay on websites that load too slowly or aren’t made for their devices, increasing your bounce rates.

4. You Don’t Have any New Content

As I always say, content is king when it comes to SEO. Not only should you be putting out content regularly, but to create enticing ones that bring in more relevant traffic.

SEO and Content Marketing

Interesting and original content is the key in maintaining better rankings not just based on keywords. It also signals search engines that your website is very much alive and active. Updated and new content your website is still relevant and focuses on distributing necessary information for those interested.

If you don’t focus on posting new and relevant content, then it’s time to do so now. Don’t only focus on keyword stuffing and posting content for the sake of it, though. Valuable and educational content will help you rise in rankings, getting you a spot on the first page when combining good keywords, links, and quality posts.

Wrapping It Up

Local SEO continues to be one of the crucial aspects to stay on top with your business in the area. With that being said, you have to learn what not to do to make way for what you should do. It will take some time and effort, but in the end, improving local marketing strategies will bring you success.

I hope this article on local SEO mistakes to avoid this 2019 helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and begin looking into any of these steps, may it be for Dallas SEO or any other area worldwide!

If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with local SEO, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.


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