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Best Ways To Get Dofollow Backlinks 2021

What differentiates popular, traffic-heavy websites from the inconspicuous and small ones? Although there is usually more than one answer, in prevailing cases, the determining factor of a website’s popularity is how often it gets links from other resources. Or, another way of saying it, how many dofollow backlinks it gets. 


In layman’s terms, backlinks are referral links that a website embeds in its content. It can vary from being a source or complementary material, advertisements, or guest posts. Backlinks are easily the most impactful denominator of a site’s success. It contributes to the SEO side of things and the website’s overall efficiency, possibly increasing the traffic you get overnight.

Backlinks and Their Role in SEO

Evidently, the effect that backlinks have on a website’s visitor count is hard to underestimate. But the main question that many people face at the start of their journey is – “Where do I get backlinks?” and “What kind of backlinks do I get?”

Monitor SEO to Increase Traffic

In general, SEO proves to be quite challenging to manage, especially from the outset. Simply because of the magnitude of tools and methods, one can go about approaching it. And when it comes to backlinks, most of the time, they are not the primary SEO instrument that gets attention. Most probably due to the reality that to start building up backlinks, you need at the very least to have a semblance of content already being set up. With that being said, you can begin molding a plan of your backlink strategy from the get-go, which will help you to acclimate better in the long run.

Misconceptions About Backlinks

There are a lot of things that most people get wrong about backlinks. One of the most prominent ones is that every single link has the same value and authority. This is simply not true and has been debunked by Google many times. So, how does Google qualify what backlinks get the highest rung? 

SEO myth

To say that the algorithms that Google implements are convoluted would be an understatement. Long story short, Google cherishes backlinks from websites that are trusted and in high regard. For the sake of the example, let’s assume that two sites link to you; one is the New York Times online resource, and the second one is The New York Times’ link will be worth more not only because of the traffic that it gets but also because of the authoritative status that Google labels it with their hazy algorithm. 

What it means for you is that when you are on the hunt for backlinks, ensure that the backlinks you get are not going to become a hollow decoy, worth nothing. Most of the time, you can check the approximate value of a website’s authority with SEO tools like Ahrefs.

Dofollow and Nofollow Backlinks – The Difference

Another thing that welcomes confusion is dofollow and nofollow links. What is the main difference between them, and what kind of links you should get? 

In all honesty, you should not clutter your mind with nofollow links. Strictly speaking, the initial state of a link is dofollow, meaning that if the link’s status is not changed manually, it will remain the same dofollow link. This is great since the only link you need is dofollow one.

SEO Tips - Backlinks

So, what’s the purpose of a nofollow link? Although there is no intrinsic value to nofollow links, they might still bring about a needed change for your website. Firstly, it should be noted that most nofollow links come from social media channels, comment sections, forums, and so on. Although nofollow links are hollow in the sense that they won’t affect the Google ranking you higher and SEO overall, they are still links that direct traffic to your website. There are still people clicking on those links and being transferred to your site. Therefore, don’t relinquish nofollow links completely and when the opportunity emerges, treat nofollow links in the same vein as regular dofollow links.

How to Get Backlinks?

Now we approach the pith of a problem. How can you get backlinks? We can trace two potential ways of gleaning backlinks.

The main struggle is getting the process going. It’s much easier to start getting organic backlinks after the initial base of at least 100-200 backlinks are in the bag. To get those 100-200 backlinks, you can go the route of guest posting. Guest posting is an excellent choice as it will allow you to actuate this initial phase. Find a website that accepts guest posts, write a captivating piece of content, preferably with a great variety of imagery to boot, and link your website. 

It might not be viable to get those 100-200 backlinks exclusively with guest posting, but it is still an effective method of igniting the first fuse of backlinking. 

The second way is much more straightforward – buying backlinks. Many people are unsure about the legality of backlinks buying and tend to be on the fence about it. However, if the service you are buying backlinks from is a trusted one, there really should not be any problem. 

To get the best out of the bought backlinks, you should be careful in choosing the service you are about to have business with. Buying backlinks means putting a lot of trust in someone you don’t know; on top of that, black hat backlinks may even be detrimental to your website’s future as Google tends to blacklist websites that use exploits. 

There are superb services with a spotless reputation that offer quality backlink services. One of such services to buy dofollow links that we can vouch for is Linksmanagement


LinksManagement is an SEO agency with an uncountable amount of testimonials, providing one of the best SEO services on the market. What makes LinksManagement stand out among the competitors on the market is the collection of websites with high DA that will give you the most qualitative USA backlinks in the shortest time span without you ever breaking a sweat. LinksManagement strives to eliminate the worry that many people have when starting their own website, blog, or online shop – that is outreach — making the process of backlink-getting a breeze by offloading the burden of manual backlink strategizing.

Although LinksManagement and similar SEO services are not the be-all and end-all elements, they represent an invaluable help. They are indisputably helpful as the first stepping blocks of success. By putting just enough effort and utilizing all of the methods at hand, you will ensure your website’s bright future.

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