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Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn Marketing

Discovering new methods for marketing your business is essential to guaranteeing constant growth and success.

Understand the concept, advantages, and process of LinkedIn marketing to recognize the importance of incorporating the process into your marketing strategy.

linkedin marketing for beginners

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn is a career networking, building, and sharing platform, allowing professionals, especially colleagues, employers, competitors, and customers, to connect across the world. LinkedIn is the premier professional networking site, containing over 645 million users. LinkedIn provides opportunities for professionals to create connections, access jobs, and promote their business.

LinkedIn marketing expands the potential of social media marketing for B2B marketing by specifically connecting businesses and professionals to establish mutually beneficial relationships.

LinkedIn offers powerful marketing tools and access to millions of connections to increase website traffic, generate leads, improve brand awareness, develop business relationships, establish authority, and attract quality talent to successfully grow your business.

Advantages of Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn marketing offers numerous advantages for growing businesses through professional connections.

Reaches a Target Audience

LinkedIn marketing effectively reaches your target audience to improve your marketing efforts. LinkedIn is singularly used by professionals for business communications, meaning your audience for B2B marketing is easily accessible.

Target Audience

Every member of LinkedIn is searching for products and services to advance their careers and business, so promoting your business on LinkedIn to influencers, decision makers, or executives means valuable consumers view your content.

Additionally, LinkedIn provides target advertisements for businesses interested in advancing their reach. Your business will develop a buyer persona by identifying important demographics, such as job title, company, industry, or experience, and use the information to create and share meaningful content with the right audience.

Reach the intended audience for your business’s professional products and services through LinkedIn marketing.

Increases Traffic

Increase traffic on your business website using LinkedIn marketing.

Increase website traffic

LinkedIn allows businesses to post and share content about their business, products, or services through status updates. Status updates geared towards increasing traffic include links to a business’s website. When a connection views the update, they can easily select the link and be redirected to a business’s website to learn more about the brand. In addition, businesses can share content in LinkedIn groups to reach a more specific audience.

Linked marketing increases your website’s visitors by sharing industry related news, products, and services.

Generates Leads

LinkedIn is an outstanding resource for generating leads. As previously mentioned, B2B businesses can easily reach targeted audiences through LinkedIn marketing. Locating a targeted audience assists in generating leads because you’re connecting with consumers genuinely interested in your business.

LinkedIn is responsible for generating 80% of B2B leads through social media, meaning LinkedIn is the best method for lead generation. Engage on LinkedIn by consistently listening, analyzing, sharing, networking, and responding to turn potential leads into loyal customers.

Affiliate Marketing Leads

Generate a significant amount of leads by marketing your business on LinkedIn.

Improves Your Reputation

Improve your business’s reputation using LinkedIn marketing. Establishing a quality reputation as an expert and trustworthy business is essential to earning customers.

The LinkedIn platform is created to grant professionals and businesses the opportunity to share their amazing achievements. Create content and update your profile to share your business’s success story to demonstrate your abilities and improve your overall brand. Additionally, ensure your employees obtain credible reputations to advance your business further.

LinkedIn assists entire businesses in improving their reputation by prominently displaying their success.

Cultivates Business Connections

LinkedIn is the primary resource for cultivating business connections. Obviously, LinkedIn is uniquely designed to build relationships between professionals from different job titles, companies, industries, and much more.

Growing your businesses network on LinkedIn can create long-lasting and mutually-beneficial business relationships. If you’re interested in selling a product, promoting a service, or finding new talent, LinkedIn allows you to connect with thousands of individuals relevant to your purpose.

social media and relationship building

Cultivate valuable connections on LinkedIn to market your business successfully.

Building a LinkedIn Business Page

Build a LinkedIn business page to receive the amazing advantages of LinkedIn marketing for your business.

Set Up a Business Page

Create your LinkedIn business page by selecting the Work icon from the navigation menu. When the sidebar appears, click the “Create a company page” option at the bottom and choose the correct page type for your business. Options include small business, medium to large business, showcase page, and educational institution.

A new page will load and ask you to provide important information about your business, including page identity, company details, and profile details. A preview of your page is presented on the right. If you approve of the initial appearance, click “Create page” at the bottom.

Afterwards, your business’s LinkedIn page will officially be set up and published.

Optimize Your Page

Optimize Content and Keywords - 750

Optimize your profile beyond the basic information to guarantee quality results. Tips for optimizing your LinkedIn business page include:

Displaying quality visuals, specifically logos and cover photos
● Improving your company description by creating a few compelling paragraphs about your business’s mission, goals, products, and services
● Inserting keywords relevant to your industry to boost accessibility
● Adding hashtags to your profile to improve search results
● Incorporating custom buttons or links on your page, potentially to direct visitors to your website
● Sharing relevant content to increase viewers
● Previewing skills, achievements, and work examples
● Displaying your information in multiple languages if applicable

Strive to create a 100% complete profile to enhance visibility by discovering methods for optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

Focus on Connections

Focus on building connections to effectively advance your LinkedIn business page.

A business page can be followed by LinkedIn members, granting them access to important information about your company’s products and services. Utilize your LinkedIn profile and your employee’s profiles to invite interested consumers to follow your LinkedIn page. Additionally, you can promote your business page on your company website or blog by creating a link or “Follow” button.

The more connections you earn, the more visibility your business receives. Successfully market your business on LinkedIn by developing a strong community of professionals and businesses.

Tips for LinkedIn Marketing

After building a quality LinkedIn business page, develop strategies for actively marketing your business. A strategically created plan allows your business to access the amazing advantages and successfully grow.

Marketing on LinkedIn

Consider recruiting a professional marketer possessing the necessary knowledge, experience, and skills to achieve impeccable results. Research LinkedIn lead generation services near you to get started.

Otherwise, review helpful tips to effectively market your business using LinkedIn.

Develop Engaging Content

Develop engaging content to capture the attention of your target market. Analyze your audience to discover the type of content they desire and utilize the information to create interesting posts covering helpful advice related to your industry.

Additionally, contemplate methods for optimizing your content to expand your overall reach. Guarantee your content discusses timely topics, provides important information, prompts action, includes hashtags, and contains strong headlines to craft the best content possible.

What is Content Marketing

Create engaging content to captivate your audience and grow awareness of your business.

Incorporate Visuals

Incorporate quality visuals into your posts to market your business. Linkedin posts with images receive 98% more comments than those without images, resulting in increased visibility and engagement. Develop graphics containing custom photos or post creative videos to receive more viewers.

Live videos are also beneficial tools for promotion. On average, live videos earn 24 times the engagement that a regular video does. Encourage communication by hosting live videos through LinkedIn, such as webinars, interviews, or events.

Add visuals to your LinkedIn business page to effectively boost your business.

Share Posts Across Platforms

Another tip for LinkedIn marketing is sharing your post across multiple social media platforms to receive even more traffic to your business’s website.

social-media-marketing-2020 SM

If a post is performing well on LinkedIn, share it on Instagram or Facebook as well and vice versa. Simplify the process by adding other social media accounts, such as Twitter, to your LinkedIn profile, which will give you the option to automatically share content on multiple platforms when you post.

Also, promote your LinkedIn business page on different platforms by including your account or URL in the biography section of your social media accounts.

Increase your business’s reach by sharing posts on multiple social media platforms.

Create a Marketing Schedule

Create a schedule for posting content to LinkedIn to ensure the maximum impact. The more you post, the more followers and engagement you receive, so develop a regular timeline for posting.

Once you decide the number of posts for each day, week, or month, discover the best times for posting. Research performed by Hootsuite learned that the best times to post on LinkedIn are 7:45 a.m., 10:45 a.m., 12:45 p.m., and 5:45 p.m., and the best day for B2B brands to post is Wednesday. Tools and services are also available to automatically post content to ensure everything is posted on time.

Create a marketing schedule on LinkedIn to receive the best results.

Measure Success

Lastly, utilize advanced analytics to measure the success of your LinkedIn posts and marketing efforts. LinkedIn offers metrics for monitoring your business’s progress and your audience’s preferences.

Regularly check the success of your LinkedIn marketing to adapt and improve for the future.

Successfully grow your business by learning about the concept, advantages, and process of LinkedIn marketing.

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