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Send Automatic Messages on Instagram? Of course!

Again here looking for a trick to send automatic messages on Instagram? Great, because I’ll tell you how to do it:

It is true that Instagram does not allow you to send automatic messages to your new real Instagram followers natively. There is a very easy way to do it. If you stay, I’ll tell you everything.

The fashion business model in 2017 is the sale of info products (information products such as books, online courses, manuals, guides …) through automatic messages that are sent through email marketing tools.

The process of selling a digital product is analyzed with the conversion funnel. Also called conversion funnel, it establishes each of the steps that a person must follow until a certain objective is met: either buy a product, register on a website, or click on an advertisement. Within each of these steps we must send a specific message to the user to strengthen their decision and avoid abandoning the purchase process.

Social Media Marketing

What I just told you is nothing new to you, and you have probably already read a lot about sales processes, funnels or funnels of conversions, etc.

Normally, when a user registers on a website he does it to get something in return (we all know that if we give our email to a blogger, sooner or later we will get emails with offers that we just deleted). Once registered, the user expects to receive in the email the guide that they have promised and thus both parties win: the user receives a gift and the blogger, community manager or responsible for marketing of the web has an email to try to sell their products.

But what happens when we leave a blog and think about Instagram? At what point do I have to send a message to my followers? Will our relationship improve?

When a new user becomes a follower is interested in seeing your future publications, has your attention focused on your profile and is probably thinking about issues related to your sector. It is at that precise moment when you must send an automatic message to your follower to reinforce your relationship and create a link.


Keep reading, I’ll tell you more…

Social Networks

Benefits of sending automatic messages

We have seen that a good marketing strategy for blogs is to offer exclusive content to blog followers through a welcome email. Surely you’ve met thousands of times with publications like these, and when you find one that fits what you’re looking for it’s impossible to resist:

Thanks to the tool you are about to discover you will be able to offer exclusive content to your followers and strengthen your link.

The following image shows a sales funnel in which we can see that Instagram takes the first step of the funnel (yellow color) in which the user’s attention is captured, his interest is aroused and he is attracted to a new sales platform: online store , Blog…

Social Media Platform

Through email marketing tools, a conversation with the user is initiated, waiting for an action or interaction with our content (red color), to finally close the process by generating a sale or a lead (green color).

Online sales funnel

Holr, the email marketing tool for Instagram

Holr  is what you need right now. A tool with which you can automate messages, you can do the following:

  1. Set different types of messages to send.
  2. You can send them to all your followers.
  3. You can send them only to new followers.
  4. You will have tracking of the conversion rate of each account and message.

Have you already tried a tool to automate messages? Tell us your experience, we want to know how it went!


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