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Article Marketing for SEO

SEO Strategies – Article Marketing

Many people do not quite know what article marketing is or how it can be used to help their online website business grow to reach its full potential. As the name implies; article marketing is the use of articles to market your company or brand. Although, this is not as simple as it sounds which is often why many people do not do well when it comes to article marketing. There are some tips that you will need to keep in mind if you want to use article marketing as a part of your search engine optimization efforts.

Article Marketing for SEO

The first thing that you will need to create which is also one of the most important aspects of article marketing is the title. This is sometimes the most important part of your article because it is what is going to draw in the reader and make them want to read the rest of the article. Using catchy article titles such as “The 10 best,” “the 10 worst,” and “5 tips to help you succeed at…” are going to go a long way toward attracting the attention of the reader. You want to choose a title that is able to summarize the essence of the article within a single catchy title. Keep the tiles short sweet and to the point for the best results.

Article Marketing – BacklinksPage 1 Rankings

One good technique which you want to be sure that you use it to use backlinks within your articles; doing so is going to increase the success of your search engine rankings. You can backlink to other articles which you have upon your site as a way to keep the consumer on your webpage and engaged by the content which you have offered. It is also a great tool for search engine optimization because it will show the major search engines that your site is loaded with content which is relevant to the keywords; not only a single article. This approach will go a long way towards using article marketing to improve the results that you see by way of traffic an conversion rates. Anything that you can do that is going to help you move up the rankings of the search engines is something that you definitely want to pay close attention to.

Article Marketing and SEO

You also want to pay attention to the structure of the article and should keep the structure similar to that of content writing. This means that you will want to break up the content in any way you can which will make it visually appealing for the reader. You can do this in a variety of ways such as sub headers, bullet points or images. The key is to make sure that you do not place too much content on your website which tends to lose the interest of the reader. You also want to be sure that the paragraphs are short and to the point. Break up each paragraph by topic or subtopic in order to make the material easier to digest. And most importantly be sure that you live up to the title which you have provided. For example if your title is the 6 best tips for SEO, then you need to be sure that you provide the reader with those 6 promised tips.

Article Marketing – Resource Box

At the bottom of the article you will have the chance to offer your information about the product of service which you are marketing within the resource box. Inside of this resource box it is essential that you provide your name, the name of your company as well as the product or service you are marketing, a link to your site and your sales pitch for the product you are offering. You also want to be sure that use tactics which require a call to action so that the reader then will want to click on the link and follow through with the purchase of your product or service. Write out your call to action speak careful and be sure that it relates to the target niche which you are appealing to.

At the bottom of this resource box you want to add a short summary which lists your pertinent points as to what your article was about as well as why the reader needs to purchase the product or services which you are offering. Another key to making your article look legitimate and top quality is to provide an about the author section which is written in a third person format. It should be short and sweet while providing a general summary of the life of the author of the article.

Once you have created a quality article for marketing purposes the nest thing which is crucial is to now where you should submit this article in order to receive the best results. You want to choose an article directory which is going to allow you to receive the most exposure; therefore it is best to go with one of the top article directory. Some of the top article directories are IdeaMarketers, GoArticles, and EzineArticles; all of these article directories are popular choices which are often used for article marketing purposes. You may also want to choose an article directory which is specific to the target niche which you are marketing to.

While this may seem like a complicated and complex process which is going to be hard to master; it is easier then you may think. Once you have mastered the process you will be able to write these article with ease. The process will become second nature and you will be able to complete numerous articles in which to list on numerous article directories in order for you to receive the most rewards from your efforts. However, if article writing is not your forte then you may want to enlist the help of a freelance writer to write these articles for you. You can provide your requirements and specifications and the writer will provide you with a quality article which can be used for article marketing purposes.

Article Marketing for SEO

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