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Affiliate Marketing without a Website? – How to in 2019

Gone are the days when using a website was the only affiliate marketing method. Today, there are so many affiliate marketing methods at your disposal and some of them do not even require you to have access to the internet, let alone having your own website.

No Website Affiliate Marketing

Are you hearing of affiliate marketing without website for the first time? Are you looking for more ways to do affiliate marketing without a website? This article is just what you need!

First, a Re-run of what Affiliate Marketing is?

In the early affiliate marketing years, the whole idea was not so clear even to the spear-headers. Some years later, however, dropping the rocket science notion behind it revolutionized everything. A new definition was put across defining affiliate marketing as one of the simplest ways of making money online which did not require you to worry about inventory management, customer complaints, shipping or even returns.

Today, there are so many affiliate marketing campaigns that you can participate in. You only need to choose one that aligns with your niche, apply for a personal marketing link, and then use it to get conversions from a target audience. The rewards are often too awesome with some of the campaigns offering you up to 70% on the price of the product or service you sell.

Affiliate Marketing without a Website How To

Affiliate Marketing without Website Tricks

Learning how to do affiliate marketing without a website means more revenue for you if you already own a site. It also means that you can bypass the hassle of setting up a website if you are just starting your affiliate marketing business. So, how exactly do you carry out affiliate marketing without a website?

Go offline

Even in the digital era, most people are still interested in traditional print material such as newspapers. This can be very useful for affiliate marketers. Just think about it- what if you advertised a bonus code in the local newspaper? People would be interested to follow up, right? As an affiliate marketer, you would only need to ensure that this bonus code is tied to your affiliate account. This way, traditional print might work as good if not better than digital means. 

Email Marketing

Email is proving to be a valuable marketing tool as the years go by. So, how do you go about email affiliate marketing?

Email Marketing - Customer Loyalty

The first step is to gather a list of email contacts of the people or companies you would like to sell your affiliate product/service to. Second, craft a non-salesy, eye-appealing email or simply one that has the ability to spark the interest of the recipient without sounding so desperate. On top of that, make sure that the email is not too long and that it clearly puts across the perks & the legitimacy of your product. Finally, forward the email to everyone in your list of contacts.

Why should you put an effort to ensure that your affiliate marketing email is eye-appealing? Experts in the email domain have proven that high-quality graphics actually reduce the chances of the recipient flagging off an email as spam without even reading it. If you do not know how exactly to craft a graphic affiliate marketing email, there are way too many easy-to-use graphic design tools out there with sample email templates that you can use.

You can start your email marketing for your affiliate with an easy introductory email template; like the one below:

Hey Brian,

I hope that this email finds you well. I know you are busy, so I won’t take up a lot of your time. The purpose of this email is to introduce myself, as I enjoy connecting with people who work in the same industry.

My company, XYZ Corporation, specializes in the production of plugins. I am a big supporter of your IT Company and keep close tabs on all your latest information.

If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to reach out via email. Of course, you can also connect with me via Social Media.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I hope we cross paths in the future!


Jane Doe

XYZ Corporation.

Social Media and Forums

Social Media Data

With social media, you can access people from all social circles across the globe. This makes the different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram some of the best tools for affiliate marketing without a website.

To do affiliate marketing through social media, you will need a follower-laden account on any of the available social media platforms.  You will then have to leverage your huge following by promoting your affiliate marketing campaign alongside your daily content. To get the social results, you can create real influencing posts, design images with image tools and can drive traffic by using social media paid campaigns.

If you decide to use social media platforms for an affiliate campaign, disclose to your followers that you will get a commission when they buy or subscribe to your products and services. This sure boosts the trust element not to mention that it is also a requirement by the Federal Trade Commission.

Besides social Forums are also a great way of getting a taste for affiliate marketing – all you need is your affiliate link, then start posting on blogs and forums with your affiliate link in your signature.

Here’s an example from a forum: Here you can see that how the forum member had placed their affiliate link.

Affiliate Marketing Forums

Videos and Podcasts

You probably have heard YouTube video creators giving shout-outs to third parties or encouraging you to click on product links included in their video descriptions. You guessed it right! They are using their video & audio content for their affiliate marketing campaigns. To create awesome content, you will need to find a free video and audio editing tool.

#1 Recommended Affiliate Marketing Program

There are several examples where marketers are not getting good response for their affiliate links and by including a video strategy lead increase conversions for links up to 80%.

It is confirmed by many top affiliate marketers that including video has convinced around 77% of their buyers to buy a product at least once. Thus, to increase the chance of link clicks, videos will remain an effective strategy.

Pay others to do it for you

What if you don’t have a huge following on any of your social media or video platforms? Does that leave you completely disadvantaged? Absolutely Not! Most celebrities and broadcasting channels will accept payments for promoting your affiliate link on their platforms.  

Commenting on reviews and viral social media posts

Affiliate Marketing Commenting

You can also leave your affiliate links when commenting on viral social media posts and published reviews. Someone might be interested to see the product or service that you are selling. Make sure that you do not sound spammy when using this approach because two negative things could happen; people might fear to click on your link or the comment might be brought down by the owners.

Getting a positive return on investment with affiliate marketing usually takes some time. These are just a few examples of how you can make it work without the hassle of setting up your own website.

All in all, the goal of affiliate marketing is to get your affiliate marketing link to the target audience- how you choose to do that is completely up to you. Just make sure that whatever method you use doesn’t violate the affiliate marketing program policies.

Moving on with the Traditional Method:

Traditional Affiliate Marketing

Though, we have covered the most uncommon affiliate marketing ways in this article, still the traditional way will be — having a website, optimizing it and bringing the top results.

Starting a website is also an effective way if you are an SEO guru. It is important to mention that websites can generate a passive income, which is hard to accomplish with most of the affiliate-marketing-without-website methods explained above. But still, you will need to employ one of the methods above if you are a professional affiliate marketing expert running multiple affiliate marketing campaigns.

Affiliate Marketing Make Money

Affiliate marketing always remain as one of the best ways to make money online. Which means having a website will be a constant source to bring in the income. With the effective strategy of SEO, you can optimize your website so that it attracts the target traffic, with bringing in more affiliate income to you.

Building a website will not attract the audience right away and you will not get instant affiliate clicks. But Don’t Worry, just make sure about how to attract the right traffic and the intentions of your site visitors. In addition to the website, you also need to be a skillful marketer and have to believe in yourself. Affiliate marketing is a bit slow process and there are times when people get stressed because of no results. Be sure that you are good marketer and learn the below things which can guide you towards the Affiliate Marketing success.

Affiliate Marketing Tips

1. Pro Tip – “Beat the Competition”

2. Research, Research and More Research

3. Choose a product that fits to your niche

4. Believe your marketing skills and believe in the product or company

5. Use tools to approach – there are many tools which you can use for email outreach and get benefits

6. One thing that never goes out of the league – “Word of mouth”

7. Content marketing is the core of affiliate marketing, so focus on that.

8. Tracking is important in affiliate marketing success. So, it is good to monitor your traffic sources and invest more time and money on them.

Attention of right consumers is the most indispensable part of Affiliate marketing. So it is highly recommended that you stay creative in your approach and get inspiration from those who are doing their best in the field. In the world’s digitization, Affiliate Marketing is one way to earn extra income and turn it into a major source of income.

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