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8 Crucial Social Media Tips for Every Web Design Business

Social media is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a good amount of time and effort to develop and needs a fool-proof social media strategy to implement to help your business generate traffic. But many customers are dependent on social networks to learn about the existing presence of a certain brand or company. It gives them an insight into their products or offered services and allows them to check out the reviews/feedback as well.

Social platforms can be an excellent means of creating brand awareness, attracting new clients, improving sales, and developing loyal relations with existing or potential customers. When implemented effectively, social media can be one of the main driving forces prompting the triumph of your organization.

Below, we have prepared a list of 8 crucial social media tips every web design business should implement.


Implement consistent page branding

It is essential to set up a consistent and organized social media presence on all your platforms in order to establish trust and loyalty with existing and potential customers. No one enjoys coming across poorly designed logo and header image or an uneven smattering of images that don’t fit the theme on the various social media platform.

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When you give all your profiles and pages a clean and consistent branding, it promotes a positive image of your business. A feed flooded with different inadequately edited images will make you seem unprofessional and disorganized in the eyes of a potential customer, and they won’t wish to return.

Go for a simple and sophisticated look so your feed appeals to your clients. Depending on the post, using a constant branding technique and style attracts more traffic and helps to build trust.

Craft profile descriptions carefully


The profile description portion of your account is the first thing any viewer looks at — use your chance well.

The first impression is always constructed after taking a peep at any individual or brand’s biography. It is important to understand that these sections are usually character sensitive, so you be picky about the information that is added. Using a keyword, doing a little Search Engine Optimization research and a dash of humor can cook up an ideal bio description. Begin by describing who you are and what you do, then including bits like the industry you are in or a track-worthy hashtag could lead to making your business more searchable on that specific platform.

Take note that your profile description matches on all your social accounts, even a small mix-up could cost you a client or more and that is a risk you cannot take. Regardless of the character limit, keep the content similar and relevant to your business.

Display reviews

Before following a business or brand most people observe their user reviews to decide whether they’re worth following or not. Displaying positive client reviews creates a good impression of your brand and assures them of your quality and service. It acts as solid proof of your work and sponsors a loyal community of followers of your business.

Use social media listening tools


The easiest way to learn about the happenings and highlights about your industry is by paying attention to the social media trend surrounding it. Equipping yourself with social media efficiently can help you to keep an eye on your competition and get on the same wavelength as your clients.

A quick and resourceful way to go about this is by following all the relevant hashtags you can find. Keep watch on what hashtags top businesses in your field use and implement them on your social media channels. Find out what your most loyal customers are currently into, what areas can be improved, and what business strategy have you not tried.

Social media listening tools like Keyhole, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite are popular social media monitoring software that assist in tracking activity across social channels so you’re aware of the changes in traffic if you implement a new technique. Such Digital Marketing Services can highlight areas for businesses to improve and modify in order to help them grow and achieve a wider audience.

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Share work samples

It is great to give your followers a taste of what you can do every once in a while. Sharing work samples provides an opportunity for you to showcase your skills and talent. Offering readers, a glimpse of a special project you are working on or a client’s request can inspire engagement and assure them that you are what you preach. Once they begin sharing it with their friends and family it would help you in attracting potential talent hunters and even lead to collaborations.

Tag third party content

Including articles or posts from others relevant to your industry adds a fresh change to the normal vibe of your feed. Be it in the form of a shout out, tagging other organization on a post or sharing their content; when you acknowledge another’s work and effort it leaves a good impression on followers and encourages companies to tag you as well. It is a give and take world, so doing something nice and getting a shout out in return can be beneficial to your platform. It is important to cultivate a good network around you to engage new followers and ensure that they stay.

Drive traffic by sharing original content

Content Marketing Plan

One of the most successful methods of bringing organic traffic to your website is by creating and sharing original content on your social media and website. Some people opt for blogging as an effective way to attract audiences since it helps to build a constant fan base, as long as you regularly post new content. Also, by sharing the blog posts on your social accounts followers can like and share your content with their friends, thus driving in fresh traffic to your platform.

Similarly, creating SEO optimized videos that describe your business and its services can also assist in climbing the ranks of YouTube searches and attract new followers. Posting a snippet or a sneak peek of the video on your social media platforms with a link to the full video in the description can help generate traffic and create a buzz about your business. Overall, video content is said to attain more engagement than graphics.

Create a fun contest

A creative and fun way to engage users and give back to them is to host contests on your social accounts. Social media plays a key role in enhancing your marketing efforts and attracting new audiences, and this is a great way to get customers to interact with your brand.

When you give something of value to your followers you get brand engagement, new followers, and likes and shares. The format of such contests could include:

· Video contests — Video contests can quickly cause viral growth for your business or brand and are an effective method to grow your followers and increase traffic.

· Photo contests — People enjoy sharing their photos and this type of contest helps to create a good amount of buzz around your business and attracts new audiences as followers share your posts.

· “Best comment” contest — This could be an answer to a question, a caption, a product name or anything that gets them typing a reply instantly.

· “Like to win” contest — A winner is picked at random from whoever has liked a selected post.

In Summary

It is time to connect with customers and grow your follower base by allowing them to interact with your business. When you begin using social media as a means to expand your business, you are bound to attract new clientele and bring in traffic. As long as your channels are rich in content and follow a certain consistency, there will be a good amount of buzz surrounding your platforms. Start implementing these tips to turn your start-up into a legitimate enterprise with a widespread following and a bright future.

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