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6 SEO Tips to Improve Web Design

The usefulness of websites in modern business undertakings cannot be underestimated. In fact, it has become near impossible to make any profitable strides without being properly aligned on how to handle your business online.

It is nonetheless, easier said than done. Having a website is not enough and having the wrong structure and web design is even more harmful to your business. Many entrepreneurs, therefore, face the challenge of creating a website that fulfills the desires of their clients and achieves the ultimate goal which is to convince, win/convert and retain clients who come visiting.


However, with proper use of some SEO tips, you can greatly improve the designing of your website to ensure that it achieves the intended objectives. Here are some guidelines.

Ensure that your Site Navigation is Easy and Fast

As you design your website, give key consideration to how visitors will access various pages. Make it simple and easy ensuring that your visitors require little or no technical help at all.

If for instance, you are running an e-commerce site, make sure that once the visitor clicks on an item they are able to see as much information including price, mode of payment, varieties and so on. In other words, make your website very user-friendly.


Many visitors make a quick judgment to stay or leave the site depending on factors such as ease of navigation, overall design, cleanliness and speed of response.

Given that this is a good chance to hook them for a long-term business relationship, you must arouse the appetite of your viewers by making this point of contact sharp and attractive.

 Go for an overall responsive designing for your website

What does a responsive website entail?

One, it should take as little time as possible to load information once a visitor makes such a request by clicking on. Secondly, a responsive website should be easily accessible across multiple devices. This is particularly important today as more people around access the internet through smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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One of the easiest approaches, Creative Agency SketchCorp observes is to have your website use a single URL for both the mobile access and the main site. This essentially ensures that your channel links to a single URL, thus ensuring that all your backlinks are useful.

Be Careful about the Site Structure

The actual technical work that goes into building the website plays a vital role in ranking your website appropriately.

Site structure basically refers to the appearance of information on your pages including images and graphs.

How organized is information on your website? Is it systematic, orderly and items well positioned for easier access? All these elements cumulatively determine how much time your visitors will spend on the site and whether they will be impressed enough not to look check out other pages.

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Remember at all times that you are operating in a competitive space and any slight chance to retain your potential customers should not be taken for granted.

Key Words and Overall Content

As you craft your content, be very creative on where and how you place the keywords. Importantly, let the keywords be relevant to your business so that search engine crawlers can easily identify and pick on them when necessary.

Content Marketing

Actually, this calls for a deeper understanding of the nature of your clients in terms of their search behavior and what they are searching for online.

In the overall, content is the backbone of any website and the main determinant factor as far as the website’s lifeline is concerned.

Optimize your website with Social Media Links.

Today, every business that prides of online success makes a lot of effort to keep up with social media speeds. Even as the social media sphere consistently and quickly evolve, businesses have to invest resources to ensure that they keep their social media pages up-to-date.

The relationship between your social media pages and your website should be symbiotic. In this sense, your website should enable visitors to head to your social media platforms and vice versa.

Social Media Data

As you design your website, ensure that this interlink is done appropriately.

As a matter of caution, do not provide links to social media platforms that do not exist or are inactive. This is a common mistake and one that creates mistrust among your clients.

Make it interactive through Live Chats and CTA.

Over the last couple of years, web designers and businesses, in general, have adopted the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) on websites. This is specifically seen in the use of chatbots to interact and respond to queries raised by visitors. To some extent, these systems have been so successful that visitors leave the website without ever noticing that the responder on the other end of the keyboard is really not a human being.

Using such technological advancement gives you a chance to save on resources including time while you still have a chance to interact with potential clients.

Live Chat for CTA

It is also important that you have a Call to Action (CTA) plan on your website. Ask your visitors to either subscribe, enroll, or leave an address, call etc. This opens an interactive channel thereby giving you an opportunity to make more pitches.

At the same time, providing a live audio or video call-in system can also improve your interactive potential with visitors. Remember, all these provisions are developed as you design your website and it is thus important to give them aforethought.


Whereas web design is an important element of modern-day business, it needs to be carefully thought out and creatively implemented. Luckily, there are several approaches that can be employed to get the desired end results.

Businesses must also be keen on learning as the technology space keeps on changing and new things emerge every so often. This is particularly important because, in one way or the other, emerging technological advances will always have an effect on the way businesses operate.

Finally, learn from and keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. It is healthy!.

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