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5 WooCommerce Practices to BOOST eCommerce Store Sales

The demand for WooCommerce plugin in the development of the e-commerce store has increased very much due to its easy and smooth compatibility with any website. Nowadays, this free and open source plugin of WordPress is the favorite choice for e-commerce vendors to develop the best store for their business. A WooCommerce product table in the database eases the retrieving of the product information.

Today, we will discuss 5 WooCommerce practices that will help you to reform your eCommerce store in the best manner. Let us have a look at them.

  1. Make Detailed Product Descriptions

eCommerce Store-detailed product descriptions

One thing you should definitely do for your e-commerce site is to create detailed and clear product descriptions that help the users to understand the purpose of the product very easily. Make sure that you make clear the purpose of using the product in the description otherwise your product won’t get sold high.

The title of the product description should be clear and concise and the features of the product should be included in the description as well if possible.

The images of the product are mandatory to be included. It is easy to understand something quickly from the images that’s why the product images can give some more idea about the working and the look of the product.

The images should be of high-quality and should not get blurred out when they are zoomed. You can contact any photographer to take the snaps of the product professionally. Also, the images should be taken from all the angles so that the users get the clear idea about it.

You can also think of uploading videos of the working of your products so that the visitors can get a clear idea about your products.

Make sure that the product description conveys the information that you want to give to your visitors about your products in a concise and subtle manner.

In this way, you are making the successful path for converting the visitors into the customers on your e-commerce site.


2. Securing an E-commerce store is a must

eCommerce Store-security

Yes, the security is the major concern in today’s world and so your website must be fully secured in order to win the trust of your customers. The private information of your customers is in your hand and so it is your duty to protect it at any cost.

Nowadays, people are able to differentiate between the secured and unsecured websites and that is why you have to make your e-commerce store fully secured in order to bring more and more potential customers to your site.

Many people are still worried to purchase products online due to the online frauds taking place every now and then. Here, the SSL certificate comes into the picture as it will help you to protect your e-commerce store from the dangerous threats of the hackers and the intruders.

The WooCommerce store should be regularly upgraded and the plugins and other features should be updated on a frequent basis so that the hackers are not able to enter the system and steal any private information through any loopholes. The database containing the WooCommerce product table must be properly secured too.

It is the responsibility of the e-commerce store owner to protect the private information of the customers such as the address details, contact information, credit card information and other personal data. If you take care of the security of the personal data of the customers, then they will be able to put trust on your store and come again and again to your website for purchasing more and more items.


3. Have excellent search engine optimization strategies

eCommerce Store - SEO

It is very crucial to have very good search engine optimization strategies so that the products of your WooCommerce store appear on the very first page of the search engine result pages.

It is not difficult to get a good ranking in the result pages of the search engines if you follow some of the excellent strategies that can help you out.

You have to know the keywords that can help you out with getting a very good ranking in the SERPs. The trending keywords should be used and also you have to monitor the keywords for which you are getting the customers on your e-commerce store. The keywords should be included properly in the product description as well as the product title.

Proper research has to be done for the keywords and there are specialized tools available online which can help you out with this task. You have to know the likes and dislikes of your customers so that you can serve them with those products that actually they are expecting from your store.

You can even start writing blogs for your store that will make your customers aware of your newly launched products and about their features. Keep a habit of writing these blogs on a regular basis as per the taste of your customers and also include the relevant keywords in them to keep their ranking higher.

You can optimize the loading time of your site by properly managing the WooCommerce product table. Writing such blogs, press releases, and articles for your products will attract more and more customers to your store and also increase its brand value.

Try to promote your products more and more through the digital marketing platform to increase the reach of your products in the global market and it will eventually help to attract the attention of the search engine bots and create a good reputation of your WooCommerce store.


4. A refund policy will be good for your store

eCommerce Store Refund Policy

A clear refund policy on your products will provide great confidence to your visitors to try out your products. As you have given them the chance to return the products if they don’t like them or don’t find them appropriate for their use, more and more potential customers will try to trust you and it will help to increase the reach of your products in the market.

Many e-commerce stores are keeping this refund policy as it is in the favor of the customers. A 7-day return policy is very popular among the top e-commerce vendors of the global market. It provides a flexible approach to the customers in purchasing the products as they don’t have to think of wastage of money if they don’t find the product suitable for their use.

Now, as the e-commerce store owner, you have to be clear in all the terms and conditions to avoid any arguments with your customers. You have to clearly mention that on which products will the refund policy work and on which products it won’t work. Also mention clearly that in what time-period the customers have to return the product in order to claim the refund.

Make sure that you stick to the refund policy from its beginning till its end. If you stop the policy in between then it will put you in a trouble as the customers will be disappointed with your service and it will create a very negative impact of your e-commerce store in the market. It will eventually result in the decrease in the number of customers on your site and ultimately the sales will fall down.

Sometimes, it happens that the products shown in the images are different than the actual product that it is delivered and that causes the return of the product. Make sure that this is not the case with you and ensure that the product gets delivered carefully to the shipping address without any damage.


5. Create elegant landing pages and make the navigation smooth

5 WooCommerce Practices That'll Reform Your eCommerce Store-5

The beautiful landing pages on your WooCommerce store create a very good first impression before your customers and create a positive impact motivating them to do some shopping for themselves. No one loves a badly designed website similarly a bad-looking landing page creates a negative impact on the mind of the visitor.

There are many different kinds of themes available which have attractive and elegant landing pages. You can easily choose the best one from them and make the look of your website great.

The navigation of your store should be clear and smooth and all the links should be well labeled for the visitors to understand where they will be redirected to. The route to the checkout page should be direct. The payment page should be loaded quickly and there should be no errors after the payment has been done.

If the transaction gets failed, then there are high chances of the customers abandoning the cart there only. This will eventually lead to a higher bounce rate on your store and will create a negative impact. The storage of the WooCommerce product table in your database should be perfectly done and it should be perfectly retrieved when any customer sends a request for them to be displayed on the page.

Thus, these were the 5 practices that you must follow in order to reform your WooCommerce store in the best manner. We ensure you that by following these practices will definitely help you to proliferate your business to heights. Also, make a habit of creating a proper WooCommerce product table in the database so the desired product doesn’t take much time to get loaded on the page.


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