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5 Essential SEO Tips for Small Businesses

Today, there is no better playground for businesses around the world, than the internet. To make things interesting, it is a global business hub, even for small businesses like yours. It translates to so many competitors from around the globe, with the eyes focused on the same goal.

More so, if you have been an entrepreneur long enough to own a website, then you must have heard of traffic. You also know that making your business work via the internet requires that you generate a lot of it. SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is the route to rake in all the traffic you want. Yes, getting on the first page for relevant keywords guarantees a steady flow of sales and visitors to your site.

5 Essential SEO Tips for Small Businesses: The tips

1. Keyword Research

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The keys that unlock SEO victory are RELEVANT Keywords. To find yours, use efficient and easy keywords research tools like Google AdWords, SEMRush and Long Tail Pro. Your best keyword(s) is the one with these qualities:

a. Relevant to business
b. Generates good search volume, preferably medium to high
c. Has a low or medium competition

2. Spread the word

Once you find your keywords, let it get to work. What this means is, fixing it in the right places on your site to boost traffic. You should:

a. Add it to permalinks
b. Add to post titles, subheadings, tags, anchor texts
c. Regularly post quality and original content that contains your keywords

3. Fresh, quality and regular content

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Quality content is essential it when it comes to SEO. So for great SEO, concentrate on posting quality content that is original. The best content for your SEO ranking is one that meets the needs of your audience. Equally, it is important to make these posts regularly. This keeps your site fresh and makes search robots crawl over your website regularly, thus increasing your ranking.

4. Maximize Social Media

Because of the presence of more than half the world’s population on social media – it has become a vital tool for small businesses. One reason why businesses thrive with social media is that it provides an engaging and interactive platform.

The following things will help you to get the most out of social media:

a. An informative About Page, with relevant keywords, well-distributed
b. Regular posts of relevant content containing keywords
c. Posting of relevant images and videos

5. Backlink Campaign

The backlink campaign aims at getting your web link in reputable sites. This helps to achieve the most important SEO goal – Increase your Google search ranking and reach more audience. To achieve this:

a. Start with low hanging fruits like business listing and profile backlinks
b. Create contents that attract high-quality backlinks
c. Publish guest posts on relevant publications

SEO Tips - Backlinks

To maximize backlinks, make sure that the backlinks you get comply with these criteria:

• From relevant sites with high Domain authority and real traffic
• Have a mixture of “Do follow” and “No Follow” attributes
• The anchor texts aren’t over optimized

Additionally, you must pay constant attention to your keywords because keyword research is a continuous process – you may need to tweak it from time to time.

You may be able to handle your SEO yourself, but as your business grows, you will need experts who understand your local competitors better. For example: If your business is located in Melbourne, a Melbourne SEO services team will be better for your business than any general SEO agency.

Before hiring an SEO company, you should look out for their track record (verifiable expertise and experience), guarantees, options and customer service quality.


Author Bio:

Liakat Hossain is a content marketing professional at WebAlive, an Australian web design and digital marketing agency. He has been helping businesses grow by developing search and content marketing strategies since 2011.



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