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12 Surprisingly Effective SMM Methods that Will Blow Your Mind

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is important in any business. For entrepreneurs, utilizing different social media platforms can be a powerful tool that should be taken advantage of. There is a huge potential for sale increase and achieve other positive results when social media marketing strategies and methods are implemented correctly.

What are the benefits of a successful social media marketing strategy?

  1. Brand recognition

Your business’ social media accounts can be a great opportunity to increase brand awareness. They are a voice of your brand. They increase visibility and value for your business. Establishing social media presence and providing quality content can increase traffic to your site and attract potential customers.

  1. Increased conversion rate

As mentioned, it is a great way to convert readers to customers. Word of mouth, shares, likes, and comments are effective ways for readers to be convinced to buy your products and services and become loyal customers.

  1. Lower marketing cost

Most social media platforms are free and used by billions of people worldwide. You do not have to spend a lot of money to advertise your brand to increase brand recognition.

  1. Better customer experience

Interactions between the company and its customers are made easy with social media. You can provide a better customer experience through studying what your demographics want, like, and needs as well as the current trends in social media.

Why you need to get started now

All your competitors are already on social media. Don’t let them reap all the benefits! Get started now and start building relationships. Grow your business by growing the number of your online followers and readers. You don’t have to be afraid of potential losses because they are insignificant. It does not take a lot of time or a huge amount of money to create profiles. It is actually minimal compared to other advertising or marketing channels. All the hard work goes to creating great contents posted strategically and on a regular basis. You can also purchase Twitter followers from guides like this: 9 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers (2021)  


Social media is here to stay. The sooner you start the sooner you can reap the rewards and benefits to your business. The bestwritingadvisor can help you get started if you do not know how to yet as well as the tools you can use. And here are some surprisingly effective methods in social media marketing that will blow your mind.

  1. Research and read your competitors’ popular contents

If contents posted by your competitors are popular to your demographics, producing similar contents will surely be popular with your audience. It does not mean that you are just copying contents; it’s curating similar contents but adding a different flare.

You can use tools like SEMRush or Social Crewlytics to help you with your research. These tools can help you find keywords that are popular from the contents your competitors posted.

Social Media Research - Competitors

  1. Limiting your social media platforms can be tricky but it’s definitely helpful

There are countless of social media platforms today that it’s tempting to create one of each to establish a strong online presence. What businesses can do is to limit and choose three or four social media platforms to build the strongest presence. Choose platforms that focus more on your niche and chosen demographics. This will lead t a better chance of establishing a strong online presence that will benefit your business.

  1. Be more creative with your thumbnails to increase views

One secret to getting more views on YouTube is creating a creative thumbnail. The graphics should be clear, readable, and colorful to attract viewers’ attention.


  1. Utilize LinkedIn tags

Tags are used to find keywords or contents on social media. You do not have to send frequent emails to all your LinkedIn contacts; you can use tags instead and send all relevant information to your contacts from time to time.

  1. Advanced Search on Twitter can help you big time

Twitter has millions of users every hour that it’s sometimes hard to personally get in touch with prospective customers. What you can do is to use advanced search on twitter to get your customers to find you by replying to their tweet. You can respond to someone that needs your products or services nearby by using the tool. Twitter can give you a great number of leads for your business. All you have to do is to maximize the use of it to increase your sales.

  1. Post the best content

When you post great content on your social media platforms, you are building a strong reputation and building trust. Your readers will share your content and will recommend you to others. Your SEO rankings will be good and prospective customers can easily find you.

Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing

  1. An original photo must be included in your content

This works perfectly on Pinterest. Create a board on Pinterest that is specifically for your business. Include an original photo and include it in your content then pin it. It can easily bring visitors to your site and grow your business.

  1. Participate in live events

If you want to see and experience enthusiasm and excitement of other like-minded people, you should participate in live events. You can establish meaningful relationships and bring with you different ideas for your social media marketing strategies from industry experts and colleagues. Live events also include webinars. The energy of these events can reinvigorate your strategies and motivate you to work harder to achieve your desired results.

  1. Google+ reverse image lookup can help you build authority relationships

You can discover valuable relationships and find ways to build value within them through Google+ reverse image search. Use the photo of the most popular content or highly indexed content to find experts in your industry. It is a great strategy to build relationships with authors that Google highly recommends or thinks highly of. You might stumble upon opportunities that can benefit your business.

  1. Subscription strategy works

For social media and content marketers, subscription strategy is considered critical. Most of them use SlideShare to acquire subscribers. SlideShare is now owned by LinkedIn and has more than 100 million users per month. It can be integrated with most marketing systems. PowerPoint presentations using SlideShare can drive new leads.


  1. Build a connection with Twitter’s mobile users

A lot of people still do not know that you can create contents that target people using only their mobile phones. In doing so, you can connect with people even when they are out and if you’re lucky, they may be just around your business area.

  1. Get around the promotional email tab and connect with your subscribers on LinkedIn and Facebook

Sending out an email is a great way to remind your subscribers to visit your page or read new contents you posted. However, because of Google Mail’s promotional tab, your emails can be easily overlooked. To get around this, you can use Rapportive. Rapportive is a tool that displays your connections right in your Gmail sidebar. You can export your subscribers and send them a notification to connect so you can easily update them through email.

These 12 effective methods in social media marketing can greatly help generate new leads to your business, convert readers into customers, increase brand recognition and establish a strong online presence, build trust and relationship with industry leaders as well as your customers, and make your overall business a success.

About the Author:

Troian Robinson is a creative writer and photographer from Utah. She was born in Norway and moved to the USA at the age of ten. She has graduated from the University with a master’s degree in web design and got her second degree in programming. Her clear mind and wide imagination helps her to write in details and cover different topics.

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