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11 Quick Tips for Better Affiliate SEO

Want to improve your affiliate site and get more organic traffic for it?  Of course you do.

Affiliate sites can still be a great form of passive income if you can get them set up correctly. These tips are ideal for people looking to improve their affiliate site to increase visitor numbers and in turn commissions.

  1. Check Your Content

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It’s no secret that keywords on their own, won’t be able to get your site ranked. As a matter of fact, all of the content on your site matters. This means that you should create highly relevant content for every page that relates closely to the keywords. By doing so, you will create a site that is highly valuable to your customers.

  1. Blogging

When it comes to creating content, a blog is a fantastic way to get your site ranked as well as get more people back to your site on a regular basis. When building your blog, you should closely think about the topics that are relevant to your products and services and talk about them on your blog

  1. The Importance Of Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is basically content that is always relevant and doesn’t expire, with time. This is the type of content that you don’t have to worry about since it will never become irrelevant, especially if you have pages with this type of content that are ranked for many months and years. This content is great for securing rankings for difficult keyword terms and will help to bolster your site according to Digital Monopoly, a Perth SEO service provider.

Evergreen Content Marketing

  1. Pay Attention To Your Competitors

If you aren’t very experienced and are a relatively new affiliate, then you may be unsure of which keywords to target and how to do so. In order to learn, you should look at your competitors and not copy their strategy, but use it for inspiration. By looking at your competitor’s sites, you will learn about how to use keywords and the different strategies that work in your niche.

  1. Social Media Marketing

It is widely known that social signals can help to improve your site’s optimization. There are many ways to generate social signals, but one way is to create profiles or pages on various social media platforms. One example is a workout enthusiast that creates a page on Instagram in order to share pictures of their fitness journey.

Another example is people who like to do interior decorating or even sewing and they create profiles on sites like Pinterest and Instagram. As a result, you should do further research on your particular target market and find out which sites they use in particular.

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Once you’ve found these sites, you should create accounts on them and post relevant posts and pictures regularly. Whenever you create a new blog post, you should post a link to it from your social media accounts. However, it is critical that you don’t be extremely self-promotional, every day.

It is important that you also have social share buttons on each of your blog posts so that the people who read them, can share them with their audience.

  1. Create Your Own Community

When you have social media accounts, you can use them to create and build a community on these social media platforms. By doing so, you will create your very own forum and you will be able to increase engagement with your brand as well as your site.

This is extremely easy to do since you can link to previous posts to answer any questions your users may have. Also, you can even turn your social media community into a traffic source for your site.

  1. Create And Build Your Email List

There are many ways to build a community online and another way is to build an email list and do email marketing. This is particularly effective in niches where people are always looking for tips, guides, advice etc.

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In order to create your list, you can start by creating a resource that people can download for free. One great example is that of an ebook which contains answers to burning questions that your audience typically has. You can even give away white papers, discounts and even case studies in exchange for your audience’s email address.

Once you have people on your email list, you can use this list to continue educating your users, promote your products, promote your blog posts, social media posts or accounts etc.

  1. Be Sure To Publish New & Interesting Content On A Regular Basis

Now, the rate in which you create and publish new content will depend on the niche that you’re in. However, you should never take longer than a week to post a new piece of content or share something with your audience.

Once you do this, it will ensure that you remain at the top of the search engine result pages. By creating this content on a regular basis, it will ensure that you get to use lots of long tail keywords within your content as well as in your meta tags. You should also use your keywords in your alt tags for your images.

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When you focus on publishing high-quality content on a regular basis, Google will continue to reward your site with high rankings and traffic. Once you get your social media followers to also engage with your content, this will lead to only better results. In order to learn more about building an affiliate marketing website, be sure to check out

  1. User-Created Content

You should always be aware of the fact that the internet is a great resource for the majority of consumers. They use the internet in order to find out information about particular topics, get reviews, buy specific products and services, talk to other people and much more. As a result, this makes user created content, extremely important.

This type of user-created content is basically reviews, blog comments, posts etc, that are created by other people or users. So, be sure to share these on your site and on your social accounts since they will help to build a lot of trust in your brand.

  1. Promotional Reaching Out

Be sure to focus on creating amazing content, and then promote it heavily using link building strategies.

Lastly, you should make sure to reach out to other website owners and bloggers within your niche. You can invite them to check out your content and share it if they think it would help their audience. This is a great way to generate backlinks.

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  1. Load Time For Your Website

The site speed of your site is extremely important, for your users and search engines. Be sure to boost your site speed by using Gzip compression, W3 total cache plugin, CDNs, expire tags and file entity etc.



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