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10 Tips to Create an Appealing Facebook Business Page

“More consumers, more business.” It’s fact that if you can connect with a wide range of consumers, you will get an enhanced version of your business. In this technological era where most of the people spend their average 5 to 6 hours on social media platforms, then their focus must be on these platforms.

Social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more sound as a bridge to connect many audiences at a time. In this write-up, you will all information regarding Facebook page creation.


Whether you are thinking about setting a new Facebook page or you want to add some changes to the existing one, probably it is a smart move for growing your business. Because Facebook is used by about 2 billion active users in a month. Is it the right place to expand your services? Yes, grab the attention of millions of people by positing photos, posts, and updates at one shot.

If you don’t follow a comprehensive marketing strategy to create a Facebook Page, you may have less chances to generate leads and customers. It is easy to get the attention of users with attractive and appealing page with detail description of all services. Thus, you need to build a strong business page so that consumer can understand your products or services and can receive notifications about any updates.

Tips for creating a compelling Facebook Business Page:

1. Don’t choose personal profile to create business page

It has been noticed that many entrepreneurs and marketers choose to create personal profiles for expanding their business instead of an actual Facebook Business Page. When you go for a personal profile, you will lose the advantages of content creation tools, business analytics, and paid promotional opportunities. Also, a personal page will describe your details despite your business services which allow people to connect with you for personal engagement and become difficult to gain more customers.

When you are focusing on your Facebook page, do not go for creation of additional public or professional profile linked with your business page. First thing, it is against Facebook’s terms of services. When you are going to create another professional profile with same brand name or related name, people will connect with that profile but keep their personal photos or other posts private.

2. Select an engaging Facebook profile picture

The two important things while selecting or adding any picture to your business profile is familiarity and scalability. Because it is essential to create a long-lasting and appealing visual impression on people’s mind. Ensure to select a picture which align with your brand and glorify your business motto clearly.  Don’t be late to upload a picture for business profile to get worthy recognition.


A profile picture is what display in search results, visible at the left side of your Facebook Page, and the thumbnail that to be pictured next to your posts in people’s feeds. Thus, be wise to select your business page profile image. Keep one thing in mind that Facebook frequently changes dimensions of its pictures so work accordingly. For your clarification, visibility of page profile images comes under 170×170 pixels on desktop and 128×128 pixels on mobile phones. If you don’t have anything with this specification, you can go with your logo for better version of your Facebook page.

3. Add an appealing cover image or video

To engage your users and stick their attention to your page, you must have to add something appealing and attractive. Now, you have a good space to explore your business services and objectives. The dimensions of your cover photo is 820×312 for desktops and 640×360 for smartphones. If you choose to go with a video, keep it between 20 to 90 seconds.

It totally depends on your creativity and ideas whatever you choose either video or image for business page cover but avoid clutter. Your cover element should be interesting, something fun and appealing at the same time so that people scroll down your page and make more engagement.

4. Don’t leave your “About” section blank

To make your page more vibrating and informative, you need to explain your company profile and milestones. It’s true that visitors will get preview of this section when they land on your home page. Instead of previewing, they need to click on the about section to read the company profile and its milestones.

There are many options available on About section to copy and add content. Always choose to optimize this section for getting best alignment with your brand and include a general description, company information, and your story. If you include all required information in brief, your audiences will get sense of what your page demonstrates and can decide whether to like or not.

5. Understand the requirement of call-to-action (CTA) button

Make your user engagement more appealing by adding some advance features. Like, add CTA buttons such as “Book Now,” “Sign Up,” or “Contact Us” on your Facebook page to get understand the audience’s actions. You can also customize your buttons by linking it with destination URL or content which best describe the condition.

With the help of CTA buttons, you can drive more traffic to your websites or you can get more eyeballs on the Facebook page that you want to promote. This is an easy and effective method to drive traffic from Facebook page to your website.


See the above image to know how to add CTA button in your Facebook page. You have option to create and design your button as per your choice. To know how many visitors, you have in a day or a month, just use drop-down arrow on your button and get the insights.

6. Pop-up your timeline with photos and videos

Visual interaction is more powerful and alluring than other interactions. And when we talk about social media platforms, visual parameters become more important and buzzing for your growth. Most people spend their maximum time on social media to satisfy the hunger of some creative and attractive content or posts. Photos are the great way to capture and represent actual look of your brand. This time you should go for a video promotion by spending some healthy amount on your page. 

CTA button “Watch Video” on Facebook page provides a valuable reason to many brands for creating that page as it is emerging as one of the most convenient method to consume content. Social media channel’s newsroom has stated that people spend more time on watching Facebook Live video as compared to pre-recorded videos. So, you must not be afraid of what you are going to show your audience by adding live videos on your page, but be ready for working on these videos too.

Keep your timeline updated with attractive and related pictures and videos. This is an important step to increase user engagement in your Facebook Page.

7. Watch out your timing and frequency of your post

How frequently you post your content on your Facebook page and what time you choose reflects an important content strategy. If you show delay in posting your feed, that mean you are not authentic or reliable. How will expect trust from your audience if you don’t update your Facebook business page for several months? Thus, always post frequently because many people will wait for your feeds if you show great content to them.

You can opt for social media editorial calendar to make your easy. It will help you to build a schedule by which you can share your feeds and any updates according to season or general attractiveness. It may possible that you will need to adjust your calendar many times, especially when you are in early stage of creating your Page. This is because you have to check the performance of your updates in your Facebook Insights. When you have observed the popularity of your posts and understand the other analytics, you can handle your post frequency and can create the tactic accordingly.

8. Promote your Business page accordingly

Getting less engagement even completing all required steps? Don’t get panic! Sometimes, you can’t depend on content and posts. Once you have all essential things on your page such as unique username, about us section, attractive cover page, then this is the right time to get notified. Using promotional services by spending some amount is not a big task. You need to expand your reach so that people get know about your brand.

Have you heard about Facebook Ads? If yes, then it will be great and you should use these service for promoting your business services and products.

9. Arrange essential posts at the top of the page

When you are busy in uploading new content or videos on your Facebook business page, your older feeds get dropped down in your Timeline. But some posts sound very important and you want them to be in top position for longer time even after you have uploaded new updates. In this case, you can use Facebook “pin” feature to keep one post at the top of your business page. You can also choose this strategy to promote various things such as upcoming events, sale announcement, discounts, product launching, and many more.

In order to pin a post, open drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of a feed or post on your Facebook page and the select ‘Pin to Top.’ By doing this, your post will appear at the top of the page. One thing you should keep in mind that you can apply this tactic on a post at a time.

10. Don’t forget to measure your Facebook efforts

It is an essential task to analyse your effort to get the idea of where are you standing. You can use many tools to understand the user engagement on your page and diversion of users to your websites. Choose your Page’s Insights to get understand and track the Facebook-specific engagement metrics. By performing this step, you will get know the demographics of your Page audience and get aware of threshold value for demographics of people engagement with your Facebook page and posts.

Measuring your Facebook efforts will allow you to make useful changes on your Facebook content strategy so that you can focus on what works or what doesn’t. For more understanding, access your Facebook Page Insights through the tab at the top of your Facebook page.

Conclusion: Facebook business page plays important role when you require to boost your business reach. So, you have to understand how to create and make it more appealing to increase user engagement. I hope these tips will help you to build strong page and allow you to enhance your business services or products.

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Alankrita Singh is an experienced SEO specialist and content writer who works to provide content for education and personality development. Currently, she is working with to provide Assignment Help for students. For any assistance to complete your project regarding any subject, feel free to contact her at any time.

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