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10 Guaranteed Ways to Get New Clients for Your Small Business

Launching a small-scale business earns a small client base. Don’t be disheartened because starting small has its perks. After all, it allows you to build a close connection and develop a long term relationship with your customers. There may be times when you wonder about expanding your business to earn more clients, but this is easier said than done.

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As a business proprietor, surely you are aware that the customer base is the lifeblood of your company. And having a steady stream of new clients allows the business to advance and achieve your company vision. So how can you attract “new blood”?

We made a list of 10 foolproof ways to help you.

Leverage Existing Clients

Referrals from existing clients are among the best ways to get new customers. However, you can’t simply wait for your regulars to introduce their family and friends to your business because this might take a while. 

What you can do is implement referral programs to nudge them a bit. Start a “bring a friend” deals, “buy one get one free,” or give coupons and discounts for referrals. Putting up these activities will undoubtedly produce happy clients, which will increase the markup of your business.

Join Tradeshow Exhibits

The largest concentration of people in a particular industry usually congregates at tradeshows and conferences. Attending these tradeshows is an excellent opportunity to interact with the public, get potential clients, earn sales, generate leads, and network your business.

If you are new to business tradeshow exhibits, you will need professional help from reliable trade booths experts. You can check out Aplus trade show booth manufacturer for free design and estimate of booth displays.

Establish Your Website

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Consumers and business-to-business (B2B) buyers search for new businesses through online nowadays. This is an opportunity to create a new website for your company or improve an existing one. Your website should be encouraging and enticing to attract new customers. If creating or improving a website is not your strong suit, find a website design company and SEO expert to help you.

Use Online Reviews to Your Advantage

Does your product or service get positive reviews from new and old clients? Another suggestion is to promote the company’s good feedback by linking reviews onto your website. Obtaining social proof can be influential. Potential customers are more likely persuaded to try a new product or service if they see others praising it.

Let Social Media Help You

Social media benefits are too huge to ignore. Most business starters can handle Twitter and Facebook, but what if you are not reaching the target audience? 

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One way to tap into an entirely new group is to explore other social media sites, especially the ones where your regulars are hanging out. Joining other sites, like Instagram, Tumblr, or Reddit, will give you a high chance to increase your company’s online presence. 

Offer Discounts for New Clients

Introductory offers, like 20% off to every apparel, 60-minute voice lessons for $50, or $10 discount to first purchase, can lure curious customers in trying your products or services. Track clients that redeem the special offer, then target them with marketing messages that will entice them to keep buying from you.

Reach Out to Old Clients

Everything old can be new again, including past customers who have been inactive for a while. Check your customer contacts and reach out to clients that have not interacted with the company for six months or more. Approaching dormant customers with a special offer via mail, email, or phone is a great strategy to win them back.

Participate in Community Events


Most people like to support independent enterprises in their communities. Raise your company’s profile in your community by taking part in charity events and organizations. Sponsor local activities or organize a holiday donation event.

Partner With Complementary Enterprises

Collaborate with businesses that have a similar customer base to yours, but not a direct competition. For instance, an online maternity clothing store and baby products website could team up to offer deals and discounts to each other’s customers.

Make it Known to Your Clients That You Value Them

All consumers want to feel they are well taken care of and valued, not just someone who generates sales to your business. Hence, another way of attracting new customers is to show how well you look after your existing clients.

Most businesses, whether they are in goods or service industries, provide loyalty programs to their customers. This can be in the form of reward cards where clients can use them for redeeming points and discounts. Others offer huge discounts, free vouchers, and even free products or services for customers who have birthdays coming up.


Attracting new customers can be hard even if you are supplying quality products or services. Using these tips and providing excellent customer service will land you new customers and make your existing clients happy at the same time.

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