Internet Marketing Glossary

Despite the fact that Internet marketing is a lucrative venture, it can still be complex and mystifying to beginners and even to those who are acknowledged professionals in the Industry.

Online Marketing Glossary

For most people, the most difficult aspect of Internet marketing has to do with learning virtually all the register words used in the Industry. There are numerous terms associated with Internet marketing and this is because Internet marketing in itself covers a lot of aspects which includes but not limited to Affiliate marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Link building and many others.

However since we know it may be somewhat impossible to try and learn all the registers for Internet marketing at once, we have decided to make it simple by compiling a glossary for Affiliate Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. These terms are most of what you will expect to hear as a participant in this niche and so you will need to know them so that people do not begin to see you as a novice in the Industry.

You must bear in mind that we are only providing you with the most important terms used in these sub categories of Internet marketing and so the list is in no way completed as new terms are being released on a daily basis.