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The Free Advanced Keyword Research Tool

Free Keyword Research

What are keywords?  These are the actual words people will type into Google search or any other search engine to help you discover the most relevant website available on the Internet and help guide you there.

Okay, so know you know what keywords are.  Well, take it one step further – Keyword Research is the key to solid free website traffic from the search engines.  Keywords are crucial to online success and like the seeds of a tree.   When setup correctly and used widely, your website will flourish.  Fail with your keywords and your website will collect dust online.

Keyword Research as defined by Wikipedia:

Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research actual search terms that people enter into search engines. Search engine optimization professionals research keywords, which they use to achieve better rankings in search engines. Once they find a niche keyword, they expanded on it to find similar keywords.

Of course, Google has their own keyword research tool – The Google Keyword Planner  But, this tool can be quite cumbersome and take hours to learn.  And, there are a few others to help you find these valuable keywords in which to build an effective professional website that grabs the targeted traffic (website visitors) that you’re after to increase your profit revenue.  But, again, there is a learning curve and many are limited with what they will reveal until you sign up for their “Pro” package – or whatever the case may be.

Regardless, a basic understanding of keyword research is crucial to website traffic.  Learn to do this correctly and you can pretty much write yourself a check.  You will have mastered what most entrepreneurs are missing.

The Best Online Keyword Research Tool – Free to Use

Introducing the best online keyword research tool available:  Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a culmination of several technologies that the other search engines use with more accurate and helpful data not done by anyone else.

What You Get with Jaaxy Free Keyword Research:

Jaaxy free advanced keyword research

Spy on Your Competition

Not only will Jaaxy help you setup an initial website and optimize it for website visitors within your niche (targeted traffic), it will also help you discover how competitive certain keywords are so that you don’t waste time on them.  You will learn what keywords are going to be most profitable.  The key here is to find keywords with good traffic (searched for a lot with Google Search) and low competition (not many websites that have the specific information searchers are looking for.)  Jaaxy will provide you with this information in seconds!  Try it out – FREE!

Free Competition Keywords

I highly recommend simply trying Jaaxy out – then, if you like it, you can upgrade from there.

 Don’t just roll the dice on your keywords – find out now what search terms are going to bring you the traffic.

Best Keyword Research Tool

If you’re building your next money-making website and don’t know where to start – Jaaxy can help uncover the best niche markets that aren’t over-saturated already.

best niche keywords

You could spend hours or even days accumulating a list of highly converting keywords.  Save time, money and frustration with Jaaxy.

Creating Keyword Lists

Test out Jaaxy today and discover the secret tool expert entrepreneurs use to gain that competitive edge.

The competitive keyword tool