How to Affiliate Market

how to affiliate market

In this guide, you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing as a niche and how to start leveraging its opportunities – making the most of the affiliate market strategy!

How to Affiliate Market: The Strategy

Before we start, we must make one thing clear. Affiliate marketing is not about getting you rich overnight. It is nowhere near to easy money with magical tricks. The core principle on it works in a different way. How?

Let’s begin.

How to Affiliate Market: What is Affiliate Marketing

Firstly, we would like to define affiliate marketing as a niche. Basically, its definition is:

affiliate marketA marketing practice in which a business rewards more affiliates for every visitor or customer who is brought by its efforts”

Or to make it clearer, you can get rewarded as a publisher only when you help a business by promoting their products or services. After an incentive in terms of promotion has been made, every visitor that performs the call-to-action gets you money as a reward.

How to Affiliate Market: The Call-To-Action

And, what does the call-to-action mean here? It is the main action of the actual affiliate program. Whether a customer should click on it, watch or even subscribe and pay, the action can differ. However, if it is not fulfilled completely, the reward (money) will hardly come to your hands.

Affiliate marketing is certainly one of the quickest and cheapest way to earn money online. The technique of transferring digital visitors to the actual promotion has definitely been effective and many companies have settled their budgets for starting exactly with this method of promoting their products or services.

Everything with this method is simple – you link up a buyer and a seller, and you take the commission as a reward for the sale referred by you.

Now, you are probably asking: How will they know I brought the customer? Logically, this has an explanation as well.

In most cases, when you join an affiliate program and choose the product or service you are marketing, you will be given a unique affiliate code. This is actually the tracker which provides the company the information of who you have brought to the promotion.

As we said, in most cases the affiliate code is offered as a ready-made text link. In other cases, it can also take the form of a banner as a creative copy placed on a website. When this banner is clicked, it will redirect the visitor to the promotion, and you will get the desired commission for the actual ‘effort’ made.

how to affiliate market

So, the actual affiliate code can take many forms. It is the ultimate affiliate ID and the bond on your actions in referring as many people to the actual promotion. There are numerous softwares that track the affiliate actions (ex. WP Affiliate Platform), providing real time access to all of your actions, sales and estimated commissions.

Affiliate marketing is not about selling products all the time to make a commission. As we stated previously, there are various affiliate programs that use a great variety of payment terms.

Some of them are:
Pay per Click (PPC) – This is the program that gets you paid based on the number of visitors that you have redirected to your merchant’s website directly from the affiliate site. It measures the actual relocation to the new website, whether or not an actual sale has been made.
Pay per Lead (PPL) – This type actually measures the commissions depending on information. Therefore, if a visitor fulfills a form on the target site, he or she is a potential lead to the company that can target the person later. Only with giving the merchant such target, you will earn commission.
Pay per Sale (PPS) – The Pay per Sale program is a type in which the merchant pays you off a percentage of the sale price. The commission will come to you only after the purchase has been made.

How to Affiliate Market: WHY?

Now that you know the basics, you only need the motivation to get you further. Why become an affiliate marketer?

Firstly, you don’t have anything to lose. Without an investment except your time, you can always gain experience and in most cases valuable commissions. The affiliate marketing is a cost effective process in which you should not worry at all about the production cost or any other one. It is simple – the product or service is made, the visitors are over there. Your job is only to direct them to the product or service and make decent income. This is simply accomplished by putting up a website and driving website traffic to your advertisements.

Affiliate marketing is a incredibly huge trend in the global marketplace and growing daily. With using this online marketing method, you can reach to unlimited masses of people. Basically, you don’t depend solely on one target group. Like a real fisherman, it can either be a great day or a bad one.

To join the affiliate programs, you need no money at all. You also need no storage and shipping. What do you need? Two things – a computer and an Internet connection. The rest is pure magic, or simply – knowledge gained in the whole methodology.

Also, with the affiliate marketing you don’t need to care for the visitors you have directed. With doing your job, you will have no worries at all for customer support, dealing with various issues etc. There can be a lot of complaints about the product or service, but you are apart from them. Instead, you are the link between the both sides.

Finally, the ultimate benefit. You certainly know your actual income of your job. With affiliate marketing, you can continue working. It is not at all lengthy process. Instead, you cannot measure its effect, which is actually the income everybody wants – passive income. With only depending on your skill and knowledge, you can create a steady flow of income that will guarantee you the effectiveness of the affiliate marketing process, or in other words, making money in front of your computer without thinking too much.

In the next guide, we will teach you how to become a successful affiliate marketer from the actual experience that many successful marketers have gained with the methodology by itself.

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